what paint protector is best and why?

what paint protector is best and why?

I am waiting to pick up my MS within the next couple of weeks and I hope the new update will be everything promised and more! (skeptical)
My question is which paint protector is best and is it worth the money for what it does for those of you Tesla owners with experience with any of these products as far as what will be the difference in the car's finish over time? There are all quite a lot more expensive than I had predicted. Worth it?

djmichaelmayhem | March 27, 2017

I wrapped my solid White MS in a Pearl White Avery wrap.

I like the wrap personally. the Ceramic coatings are great for that glossy look and water repels amazing but stones can still chip the paint. As it as on my other car.

I would recommend a clear film type of protection or a coloured wrap. My car has a few chips in the wrap but it hasn't got through to the paint yet. How true it is, I don't know but I read that the wraps and clear films help soften impacts from stones and debris

Loveemmabean | March 27, 2017

@mychol Do you mind me asking what you paid for the ceramic wrap?Does it help your car 's
look remain glossy?

djmichaelmayhem | March 27, 2017

My r8 is Ceramic coated and cost about $3k at the time. much cheaper now.
My Tesla is wrapped and cost around $2K. The wrap I picked is a gloss wrap and is 14 months old. I had a matt wrap before and found it to be way more maintenance. Gloss wraps are easier to maintain and you can even wax them if you really want to.

One thing you need to know is that a wrapped car CAN NOT go through a soft cloth car was. Hand wash only.

So in the warmer weather I wash the tesl by hand and in the colder weather I use Ecowash waterless car wash from Chemical Guys

djmichaelmayhem | March 27, 2017

Oh, and to do your whole car in a clear film may cost close to $5K

Gloss wrap's have a self healing property and even more so in the Clear film.

Ceramic coating is not a wrap. its a chemical that bonds to the paint. it is pretty scratch resistant and will remain glossy for a long time. My R8 was done in 2014 and is still quite mirror like.

SoCal Buzz | March 27, 2017

@mychol, does clear film mask any minor chips and abrasions on existing paint? For example, on the hood. Or can you see everything regardless? What type do you recommend?

vp09 | March 28, 2017

I bought two Model S90Ds a year ago, and looked into the paint protection seriously.

I decided, from all that was posted, to not waste the money.

djmichaelmayhem | March 28, 2017

@socal buzz i would assume theclear film would chip before the paint. that iss what i found on my wrap

djmichaelmayhem | March 28, 2017

sorry no it will not. they will show though. paint correction needed first

jwhite16 | March 28, 2017

I did Xpel Ultimate wrap for whole car except the back lift gate and back bumper. Cost was $3k. I also did Opti coat Pro Plus for $1200. In my opinion the Opticoat was not needed, and you get nearly same effect with just using Optium No Rinse car wash (i.e. my wife's SUV is just as easy to wash as my car is using ONR, and hers does not have Opticoat). The Xpel is worth its cost. I just took major rock damage to front of my car and had to get Xpel replaced for front bumper and for the entire hood. There was no paint damage, just a dent on the hood from one of the big rocks. Dent was removed, and Xpel replaced, and all covered under my insurance. My car looks new again with no new paint required.

Newampster | March 28, 2017

My '13 MS85 had Opti-Coat Pro, ceramic. Great protection and nice shine. I traded recently to MS90D and wrapped the full front to the doors, plus mirror backs, Xpel. Then did Opti-Coate Pro+. $2700

Run4Waffles | March 28, 2017

Depending where you're at, you can get a lot of road rash regardless of how much space you leave for a following distance. That is, unless you ride in the right lane going slowly. Then, what's the point of having of a Tesla?

I had discussed this with the DS and with service when we first got our Tesla. They talked me out of it.

After 14 months, we had the paint chips taken care of and put Expel Ultimate on the full front bumper, full hood, partial front fenders, rear view mirror, dogleg for the rear fenders and a strip for the trunk. I believe they put it on the headlights also. Then we had Ceramic Pro 9H and a top layer of Ceramic Light applied.

Expel has a 10 year warranty.

I did not use Opti Coat Pro as it will yellow Expel over time.

You want to have this done by a highly recommended detailer. They will also do any necessary paint correction prior to the application of the products(s).

And you want to treat the surface of the Expel the way you would with your clear coat/paint. Either wax it or apply a protective coating.

The Expel is also self-healing.

You can find more information here:

And here:

And here:

Goose | March 28, 2017

@waffles ... if you wrap the entire car in Xpel but don't apply opticoat is it ok to put the car through a brush car wash?

UBQP | March 28, 2017

For my black S90D I paid $12 for dark window film at Home Depot and added front bra, hood and front side by the wheel protection. It is static cling, does not harm the paint, and stays put with the help of some hidden tape. Worked very well on a recent 1300 mile trip. Also wrapped the side mirrors, but the curve is more difficult. If I could post pictures you'd "see" it was near invisible.

Boonedocks | March 28, 2017

Full body skin cover and CeramicPro multi-coat. I ONLY use touchless carwashes, and the one without wheel tracks. Just pull in and leave after 3-4 minutes. Then spray and wipe with your favorite spray of choice. Mine happens to be

carlk | March 28, 2017

If you really want to invest money full wrap is the way to go. Clearguard Nano is a real good one. I saw side by side samples between it and Xpel this one clearly looked better. I had partial wrap with it but the next time I will probably go for a full wrap. The part that has the film looks shiner even than rest of the car that is OptiCoat Pro coated, not to mention protection from scratches and paint chips.

S75RedRidingHood | March 28, 2017

If you are a do it yourself type, try to search for CQuartz and learn about how to apply it yourself. I got a 30ml bottle kit on Amazon for $50.00 and it cover the whole Model S. It has been 4 months since I took delivery and I have never need to wash the car; just hand wipe it with soft microfiber clothes.

Loveemmabean | March 28, 2017

Is there anyone out there in Teslaland that could recommend a good detailer that applies either Modesta(1st choice) or CQuartz (2nd choice) around Chicago that is reasonable priced and does a great job? Taking delievery in 2 weeks and would like to start out right w/o a huge extra cost. Thanks!

Jean-Claude | March 29, 2017

This article discusses a lot of the concerns owners have in regards to paint care as well as the different types of paint protection. It also shares the order of protection from the least protective to the most protective. You will likely find your answer there. Be prepared for a 10 minute read to understand the basics in preparation for some of the nuances of new car protection. Enjoy!

Jeff Barnes | March 31, 2017

As a professional detailer I can second some of the comments here. Ceramic coats really need to be done by a professional. This is going to set you back $1000+ depending on the process and product used. Alternatively, an inferior, but much cheaper do it yourself solution would be a nano glass solution like Mckees 37. For a home product the protection and glass sheen it provides is pretty good.


Jeff Barnes

Fonz19 | March 31, 2017

I used Xpel ulitimate clear wrap for both my Model 100D and S85 Best investment ever, My 2014 model S still looks Brand new call Elco at Tint and Wraps 505-615-8905 he has the best prices and QUALITY work

Run4Waffles | October 22, 2017

My apologies @Goose for not seeing your question. Even though you probably found the answer, I don’t want to ignore you asking the question. Even if the odds are you won’t see my post.

It is recommended NOT to go through a car wash or to use a high pressure wash. You risk lifting the film.

mikeTeslagoal | July 1, 2018

I wonder if there is any recommendations for a San Diego location for window tint and paint protection?
My car already has 3300 miles on it, and not sure at this point it is still of value for the pain protection with a clear wrap? Can I still do it?

Kj11856 | July 2, 2018

You can still get a wrap on the front. I used Xpel wrap. Just do a search for those dealers.