What proportion of people on this forum own a Tesla?

What proportion of people on this forum own a Tesla?

I was wondering if this forum mostly consists of people who would like to buy a Tesla, or people who already own one. I'm guessing that it's the former. I'm in the first group.

buddyroe | October 28, 2014


Mike83 | October 28, 2014

2% ?

bent | October 28, 2014

If you look at any one member of this forum then you will notice that there are only really two possibilities: either he owns a Tesla, or he does not. It therefore follows that the correct answer is 50%, with a footnote.

The footnote has been redacted for space considerations.

lph | October 28, 2014

It is about that. Plus or minus a bit.

Dwdnjck@ca | October 28, 2014

Everyone except Brian H.

Red Sage ca us | October 28, 2014

I want a Tesla Coupe. Holding out for that. Hoping it has Falcon Wing Doors, dual motor AWD, and a 120+ kWh battery pack.

Homebrook | October 28, 2014

OK, so how do we find out? I don't, but I've owned stock since they bought the NUMMI plant. Does that redeem me?

Sin_Gas | October 28, 2014

Don't own one, stock holder, stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and own a Smart ED, with Tesla drive line.

Saving for a S85D or X.

Sin Gas

Jacqueline.gerhart | October 28, 2014

Mine is being delivered in Feb. For now, living vicariously through form (I know, my life must be that boring)

threemercers | October 28, 2014

Mine will be delivered in February !

Boredwithnames | October 28, 2014

My God i would love a Model S

But not going to happen for for at least 5 years.

Boredwithnames | October 28, 2014


I would be standing in the line behind you.

babstude | October 28, 2014

the original post needs a 3rd option - "those that have a vehicle on order" - which are plenty of us i would assume

Anemometer | October 28, 2014

I have completed the order form for a Model S, but not paid the deposit or officially ordered. Thought I'd wait until I have the money first. I did look at financing (in the UK) but with the deposit I was thinking of sticking down the interest would have been enough to buy half an i3. So decided to go that route for now - buy half an i3 and finance the rest, and then get a Telsa in 2016 when my new busines venture will have some assets to dispose of.

Ideally just after they do a facelift, 110kWh battery pack for the same price as the 85 and offering light metallic blue as a colour option and due to the higher battery output they add a second 470 hp motor at the rear and second 212 hp motor at the front, giving 1,382 hp total :-) Proper AWD with no diffs. And rear radars - though they won't be of much use, as nothing will be approaching from the rear. A more useful feature would be traffic crawl mode, supported by legisalation that lets you sleep as long as speeds don't exceed 155mph. Plus surveillance recording in 4 directions for reducing insurance claims and tracking who takes photos of your car.

And gets more cup holders. And not just black fabric. I don't like any leather, or black cloth. Another reason to get an i3 for now.

And everyone goes mental about retofitting it so their car doesn't look old and boring in drab colours (except for red or white) and has more range is safer and faster and can store more coffee cups and bags of nachos with seats that don't make yer bum sweaty.

JeffreyR | October 28, 2014

Taken several pictures w/ the ones at Santana Row + ride in a friend's w/ my Twins and an actual test drive. Does that count? My big problem is moving back to NorCal from the Gulf Coast. I need to save all my pennies. Real estate is losing value here and is booming in the Bay Area. If Galveston were working out I'd have a Model X on order now.

Okay I'll stop whining now.

Brian H | October 28, 2014


The coup(e) de grace is that they sell so poorly. Not happening.

Detroit SuperCharger | October 28, 2014

Not an owner, yet. Just a fan. No stock either, but that's because I have no stock in anything, yet. Looking forward to replacing my Escape Hybrid with an X though, ASAP! I'm hoping by then range is over 500+.

3seeker | October 29, 2014

What proportion will own a Tesla someday? Hopefully 100%!

Model ☰ | October 29, 2014

Mine will be delivered in 2017 (or maybe 2018 :p)


vgarbutt | October 29, 2014

Those in the forum that want a tesla, or have one = 100%.

I hope to be able to afford a model 3 in 2018-2019.