What to say to the relatives or how do I say NFW nicely

What to say to the relatives or how do I say NFW nicely

It's summertime in the great Pacific Northwest and time for the relatives to descend. I love talking about and giving rides in my (cherished) Model X however, I'm not up to letting someone else drive it. My husband has driven it only once, under supervision. Your advice on how to gently say no will be appreciated.

lilbean | June 20, 2016

I hope they don't ask to drive it. I haven't had any family members ask me to drive it. If they asked, I would just say no. Just say you aren't comfortable with anyone driving it. Refer to the news story about the car that drove into the nail salon.

dnphung | June 20, 2016

Blame it on auto insurance. Tell them they are strict on insured drivers.

socalsam | June 20, 2016

Very simple. The autopilot is configured to your settings and they haven't pushed out a programming update that allows others to drive it. yet. :)

Curious- why would you not want others to drive it?

karanmk | June 20, 2016

@lilbean. Oh yeah, that's a good one - the nail salon incident.
@socalsam. Good question. It's me.... I have all these scenarios going on in my head.

Triggerplz | June 20, 2016

If they ask to drive it Tell them it's too complicated to
Operate as they would have to know how the touchscreen works, and then hope they don't already have a S and know the screen..Also Tell them you got that new John Deere lawn tractor and see if they ask to cut the grass. :-)

karanmk | June 20, 2016

@Triggerplz You crack me up.....always!

rdainer | June 20, 2016

Nice? I'm not nice :) I say "I know I'm
Acting like a 3 year old but I'm not ready to share it yet"

Triggerplz | June 20, 2016

@karanmk just trying to help :-)

lilbean | June 20, 2016

Well, if they are in-laws, it doesn't matter how nice you are.

rdainer | June 20, 2016

Btw I'm
Not calling you a 3 yr old - I seriously haven't let anyone drive it

Johnn_hardy | June 20, 2016

Make an appointment at the Tesla showroom for an X test drive for them.

ernie | June 20, 2016

At the risk disagreeing with OP and other posters and also possibly adding contrarian to curmudgeon, elderly gentleman, ancient of days and other nom de plume's, I will let selected "relatives" drive the X under stringent observation...thereby bucking the trend. No, you may not take it around the block yourself.

ernie | June 20, 2016

Please amend to read: "At the risk [of]...etc." Please @ernie...proof before hitting "Enter".

Sleepydoc1 | June 20, 2016

How else are others going to experience the true joy of a Tesla? Instant convert if they drive it for even a minute around an empty parking lot. Instead of a Beamer in a couple years, they will by a Tesla. True, you could get them to the show room, but why take 45 min of my time to drive there, 30 min for the show and tell and another 45 min back. I'll let them drive it for a minute in a relatively safe setting, but only people I know and trust well. Heck, most people just sit up front and are satisfied, then I say look up and they almost forget to breathe.

rossRallen | June 20, 2016

Just say "no".

eric.zucker | June 20, 2016

I would say since it took you 4 years to get it, you're not taking chances letting anyone drive your precious car, insurance or not. It's so powerful, takes some getting used to, and you want to finally enjoy it, not risk having it in the shop for repairs.

Especially as it's so easy to organise a test drive at Tesla.

I've let a couple trusted and very close friends drive my Roadster, always with me as passenger. They know it's rare, hugely expensive, and that it cannot be replaced.

Ross1 | June 21, 2016

What part of 'no' do they not understand?

https://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=wnl7HDWduAU

Beautiful video of Lorrie Morgan singing it

Ross1 | June 21, 2016

Tell Lorrie I love her

https://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=LXFk9FKi6ik

jpboyerva | June 21, 2016

I have already offered to let my daughter and son in law drive and they both declined. On the other hand when my
18 year old grandson was unimpressed with the half hearted (to me fast) acceleration from a red
Light he said, "Grandpa I gotta take this thing for a spin so we can check it out." I gave him the appropriate living response "No fxxking way!"

eric.zucker | June 21, 2016

An appropriate answer to anyone asking to drive your MX could be:

"Over. My. Dead. Body."

or "You'll have to pry the fob out of my cold, dead, hands."

Claudedohrn | June 21, 2016

I let people drive it, with me in the passenger seat. I am not ready to let parking lot attendants drive it, valet mode or not. I am borrowing my son's car for a trip into NYC this week where I will have to turn over keys for parking.

tommcd1 | June 21, 2016

I simply got over this problem - it is just a car after all. I let both my son and daughter drive it - without using auto pilot under my supervision. I do provide auto pilot demonstrations. I will let friends drive it for selectively short trips also under my close supervision. My wife is almost auto pilot certified. The big advantage to letting others drive it is that it helps them understand why I have been such a tesla fanatic :-).

lilbean | June 21, 2016

My Dad declined my offer to drive it. That surprised me. My brother wouldn't even ride in it. He said the car was ugly and looks like a FedEx truck. I think he's just jealous. I have had zero requests to drive it. Most people just want to see the doors open and they're happy with that.

eric.zucker | June 21, 2016

Way too modern for my Dad. No CD player? forget it.

ir | June 21, 2016

You can tell them that the electromagnetic radiation from the front motor is strongest in the driver's seat. They could get cancer or become sterile...

teslagiddy | June 21, 2016

I understand your position. But after a year of not letting anyone else drive my S (spouse, valet, cousins, siblings, parents, in laws, etc...), now I let anyone drive it. My point: sooner or later you'll realize you X is just a car and it's OK to share. Might as well make it sooner.

ernie | June 21, 2016

@rossRallen...the JUST SAY NO campaign was almost a total failure in another of life's arenas. So far, I have let three drive it and would do it again...for them and a very few selected others. is JUST A CAR, but it is my baby and I am overly protective. I will never let a valet park son...yes. I am the guy who parks way away and walks to the store. Prefer not to be next to another car, but yesterday I parked next to a brand new Corvette. Trusted him/her.

karanmk | June 21, 2016

Thanks everyone! Many chuckles and laughs...just what I wanted. I'm just hoping no one asks to drive my X.

teslagiddy | June 21, 2016

Yes, It's your baby and you should treat it as such: when the first kid drops his sucker you sterilize it before returning it to him, when your second child drops it you wash it with tap water, when your third child drops it you wipe it off on your shirt...We're on our second child.

"I'm just hoping no one asks to drive my X." Few people will ask outright; you'll just see it in their eyes.

SUN 2 DRV | June 21, 2016

karanmk: Can I drive your X? I already know how to use the touchscreen.... :-)

SUN 2 DRV | June 21, 2016

karanmk: Just giving you a chance to practice your response... :-)

lilbean | June 21, 2016

How about... "Can I drive your X? I just got my license and I got 100% on the written test? Pretty please?"

Remnant | June 21, 2016

@ Johnn_hardy (June 20, 2016)

<< Make an appointment at the Tesla showroom for an X test drive for them. >>

Sound advice!

A reasonable add-on would be that your Tesla adviser indicated that to be proficient in driving a Tesla, anyone transitioning from ICE driving, in order to prevent serious accidents, is required to have at least 10 hours of hands-on training in controlled circumstances, because of the instant torque and special braking characteristics of these cars.

In fact, there are several threads in these forums illustrating the dangers of skipping such training, from the friend who totaled an MS while test-driving it, to the wife who accelerated into a wall while trying to park an MX, to the thief who halved a stolen MS and lost his life while trying to escape by driving the MS at rates of speed he could not control.

The reflexes called upon by EV driving have very different temporal parameters from those acquired from driving ICE cars. They must be imprinted in your neural networks by patient repeated use in practice, not unlike learning to fly.

Triggerplz | June 21, 2016

Just say O HELL NAW

lilbean | June 21, 2016

Yep! That's what I say T. Haha!

eric.zucker | June 22, 2016

How about simply saying:

N N N ooo
N N N o o
N N N o o
N N ooo ::

Some people don't get it when it too obfuscated.
Keep it straight, plain and concise.

eric.zucker | June 22, 2016

Oops, the 1980's fixed font formatting was trashed. try again...

N--N--N -ooo
N---N-N o---o
N----NN o---o
N------N -ooo ::

Sorry --

eric.zucker | June 22, 2016

looks slightly better.

Ross1 | June 22, 2016

No looks better?
Yes looks positively positive

aesculus | June 22, 2016

@eric.zucker: looks slightly better.

I see what you did there. :-)

ronmerkord | June 22, 2016

Wow. What a different perspective than mine. We let just about everyone drive our Signature X, evangelizing about the benefits of electric vehicles and no CO2 every chance we get. We let family members drive it, friends who are just in love with Teslas but can't afford one yet, and people that we run into at chargers. We spend a lot of time talking to people about how great the car is, and how we all need to switch over to EV's.

I've even had it at an Earth Day celebration ride and drive event, where we even let people off the street stand in line to drive it, with me in the passenger's seat beside them.

It's only a car, and this is about something way bigger than just a car.

SigX VIN #484 P90DL

lilbean | June 22, 2016

@ronmerkord: Wow, what a nice guy! That's amazing. I think it's different here in LA. People here think you are weird if you wave to them.

Sleepydoc1 | June 22, 2016

Thank you Ron. I was at a Tesla event and the S owners were all over it. They thought it was a demo car, but yet I had my name in there, my drink, my blue tooth, even a bag of stuff. They were way less respectful than the handful of random people I've let sit in it. The 16 yr old kid at the tire store (darn Sacramento pot hole! 1700 miles and bam) almost wet his pants when I asked if he wanted to sit in it. The FWD alone blew him away. Then I asked him to look up while sitting in the front seat. He was speechless. That yearning gearhead is now an EV fan.

I've only let co-workers (whom I trust) and good friends drive it briefly. My 16 yr old did 2 laps in a parking lot up to 30 mph. Wife has no interest (yet).

Remnant | June 22, 2016

@ eric.zucker (June 22, 2016)

<< Sorry -- >>

Good to confess, from time to time!

ronmerkord | June 23, 2016

@Sleepydoc1, yes, even letting people just sit in the front seat wins people over to EV's. I'm always surprised by people's response when I tell them they can sit in it. They are just blown away.


Triggerplz | June 23, 2016

@sleepydoc sounds you having fun with your MX..Enjoy... Last week I was on a street where people come stand around as cars cruise pass bumper to bumper at about 5 MPH, for half a block I rode with the FWD's open you should have seen the heads turning I don't if they were saying wow look at those doors or saying look at that idiot riding with the doors up, I won't do it again but I had to do it one time :-)

Red Sage ca us | June 24, 2016

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satchels | June 24, 2016

I'm actually shocked by most of these comments. It's a car. I have let everyone I know drive it and even try the auto pilot. I sit in the passenger seat and talk to them about it. they are all converts every one. They all want one of course. But I think it's awful stingy to not let anyone drive it. Do you really think they will just drive it into a tree? I have a restaurant and have let all the employees take it out while I sit next to them. Everyone is careful and excited. I have let at least 30 people drive it in the last month. It's a great way to share. Share people. Share.

Triggerplz | June 24, 2016


lilbean | June 24, 2016

No thanks! Not one person has asked. I'm all for sharing but if anything goes wrong, I'm the one who has to suffer taking the time and trouble to remedy any problems.