What silly thing to launch on the Falcon heavy?

What silly thing to launch on the Falcon heavy?

I originally offered the idea of popcorn, to break the Guinness book of records for most popcorn popped in a single moment if it failed. But,, if it succeeds I am now casting my vote for a Model S, the only thing I am not sure about is,, could it take the G's. Then return to earth in a splash down and become the new "SS", O the irony is just beyond math.

Ross1 | June 18, 2017

It might be the release of MODEL 3, universally.

eric.zucker | June 18, 2017

I can think of something, proven silly beyond any reasonable doubt, that's known under #45.
Can we offer him a one way ticket to Mars ? Or Pluto. Wherever.

UnshodBob | June 18, 2017

Maybe we could send him to Switzerland. :)

donmactesla | June 18, 2017
trx430ex | June 18, 2017

Was reading an article today about the robot on the barge to secure the stage after landing. After thinking about it for the day, would it not be easier to use 4 small "rumba" like robots to run out to the legs, mate to the leg,, then,, bam, 100.000 strength electro magnet to the deck. Flashing light turns green, is full lockdown, red light, no electromagnet. Then humans plug the Rumba's into main power.Then came up with magnetic ring around the "X", if the stage can go +/- that small a variance, it lands onto a electromagnetic lock of all 4 feet.

trx430ex | June 19, 2017

2 stage grab an lock safer and faster, then hand off to ground control crain. (no welding) It's logistics of safety times scale.

trx430ex | June 19, 2017

It does not matter what the legs are made of, it only matters what the deck and rumba's are made out of, and I am pretty sure that is steel.

Frank99 | June 19, 2017

No need for humans - four Roombas at the four corners of the landing area, and when they scuttle out, they drag a power cable with them so they have all the power they need to latch down.
I'm just not sure how much force they can hold with - is it enough to secure a first stage against 60 knot winds and/or 30 foot seas?