What time is it? NAIAS TIME!

What time is it? NAIAS TIME!

Good morning,

Christmas is over and New Years has passed. That means, here in the great state of MI, our SECOND Christmas is about to start. That’s right on January 14th the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) opens to the public. I looked at the 2012 list of exhibitors and according to the site Tesla will be in the building. Logic dictates they’ll be showing off the Model S to the masses (long way to go to NOT have it here). Three things –

1.) Anyone from MI that plans on attending, or any other state for that matter, let me know. My wife and I are going Tuesday the 17th at 9 am. It would be great to say high to some fellow visionaries.

2.) I plan on bringing my DSLR to the show for some high-res pics of all the booths. Are there any particular shots that individuals would like me to get? I have an incredible zoom so even if they aren’t necessarily letting us go hands on I should still be able to get some pretty good shots. (Although I truly hope we’ll be able to sit in one at this event)

3.) Any questions we want asked? Make a list and I’ll be sure and bother, I mean… inquire with someone. I can’t guarantee I’ll get an answer, but I promise I’ll ask the question.

Schlermie | January 11, 2012

Although Tesla has been absent from some of the recent auto shows, the DID manage to make an appearance at CES, where many of the attendees were left smitten.

jbherman | January 11, 2012

lgagliardi + 1: I have blind spot notification on my A6 and love it. It has saved me numerous times in rush hour traffic.

Brian H | January 11, 2012

A downside with some of these features is that you come to count on them, and push their envelopes, too. Still a net benefit, but ...

I think aversion to paying for pricey aluminum and baked paint job bodywork is the best defense!

Jason S | January 11, 2012

Ah, Brian H works on the theory that the best way to keep from cutting yourself is to have knives so sharp that you don't get careless.

=) I have knives like that. But I also have really good stereo in the Model S so any help would be good.

Brian H | January 11, 2012

Personally, I steer way clear of any car I can hear music from, or whose driver is tapping and smacking his steering wheel. I figger his brain is in neutral: revving, but no traction.

haansberger | January 15, 2012

Found some pictures and info on the Model S displayed at NAIAS on . What I find rather strange is that they still display the Beta car. I would assume that 6 months ahead of delivery, they would do their ultimate best to display the actual product to potential customers. Or is this maybe what it's gonna be - the actual product ? Is it a sign that the interior design is not going to be adapted to all our comments on this forum ?
I for sure am looking forward to Alan's feedback on his visit to the show.

Teoatawki | January 15, 2012

I wouldn't read anything into that. We're not going to see any newer cars until the first ones make their way down the assembly line.

Mycroft | January 15, 2012

We won't see any new cars until the new Design Studio release. I think after Feb 9, we'll see some new cars at the stores.

The Froq | January 15, 2012

I still haven't see 2 usb ports in the front and a place to put my, not final release yet!

ViewAskew | January 18, 2012

Okay… I’ll start with the upsetting news. To my surprise and displeasure the Model S was NOT available to sit in. It was roped off and kept away from dirty little hands. Also, as I was afraid of, the booth was filled with pretty faces only. (And yes, even my wife commented on how pretty they were) The 2 girls working where very knowledgeable on any and all matters Tesla. Well, that’s being generous… they could handle all questions that related to items on the web site. Outside of that they had nothing else to offer. Apparently, the actual reps where only on the scene during the press week. Needless to say I got NONE of our questions answered.

Also, as a result of the vehicle being restricted, my shots were limited. I have some various angles but it’s not going to be as detailed as most would like.  You can probably find the same shots online. In all it truly felt like a fail from a learning experience.

Now, that I’m done pissing in cheerios. I have to admit the Model S is even more stunning in person. The lines jump out at you and the interior (what I could see of it) was gorgeous. Any doubt I had about the displays where completely removed. They literally make the inside feel tech yet still elegant if that makes sense. My wife was amazed. Having seen the vehicle here are some of my personal opinions.

1.)I know it’s probably not the final interior that I saw at the show. Having stated that upfront, I don’t think I like the wood grain accents. (or faux wood… whatever you chose to call it) The Model S on display did NOT have it and I think it tends to be LESS distracting when compared to the pics of those that do. Also, I think you’re going to want darker interior with all the bright displays. (again… my opinion) I can’t imagine driving with the screen at the highest brightness settings and coupling that with some glowing seats. It’s not going to result in a good look.

2.)I’m not getting the rear child seats and I think it’s a bad idea. The first negative my wife said was that just doesn’t seem safe. I’m sure they’ve product tested and done due diligence. I simply feel that if my wife even speaks for a FRACTION of the female population you’re not going to want to go that route.

3.)Front trunk will be used for nothing more than a few groceries. It’s not as large as I thought it would be. Again, who cares because you’ll have ALL THAT room in the rear?! Just don’t go into this thinking you can store your life in those areas. Not going to happen up front.

4.)Finally, it was a real head turner. Everyone stopped, looked, and enquired about the Model S. Typical comments ranged from, cool, to sexy, I even heard classy. To the eye I don’t think a single person that saw it was displeased. The biggest complaint was the thing that makes all of us desire it. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is afraid of a vehicle that doesn’t have some form of gasoline in it. LMAO!! They are so reliant on the concept that they can’t envision life without. Truly sad.

Well, with all that I want to say sorry. I really did have high hopes and wanted to come back here with loads of news and things to say. The major things that came out of this… a.) I’ve got new resolve and confirmation as to whether the 1.5 year wait for me is worth it. It is! b.) Not that I need a status symbol in life, I could care less, but owners will be gawked at for a LONG time when they hit the road. It takes your breath away to say the least. c.) My wife is so amazed she asked me if I was getting the Signature. When I told her no she asked me why and suggested that I look into upgrading. LMAO! I told her I’d have to think about that.

Take care

brianman | January 18, 2012

No need to apologize. Your thoughts are useful and we're glad you shared them.

Regarding the wife's response re: Signature... She's a keeper. ;)

Volker.Berlin | January 18, 2012

Alan, thanks for sharing! I understand your disappointment and I hope I will have a different experience when I get to Geneva in March... but it was still worth the visit, obviously!

Robert.Boston | January 18, 2012

For those itching to sit in a Beta and fiddle, I received this note today from my Tesla rep:

I do expect the beta to be there [at the Santana Row store on February 1]. It should be a black Model S with black interior with interior access and working 17” touchscreen to play with. The car will remain static in the store so there will be no test drives or test rides.

Larry Chanin | January 18, 2012

Likewise Tesla just posted on their Events web page that a Beta will be visiting the Dania Beach, Florida store from January 26 through February 5.


Brian H | January 18, 2012

Sounds like the first delivered cars will be even more of a sales boost than we thought.

As for the rear seats, there's a blunt response: "Safest seats in the car." Per Elon (I believe). Most drastic crashes are front-end, and facing back is the best way to get through those. Rear-enders are rarer and less violent, and the bracing designed to protect those seats is very robust: Elon has several kids of "that age", so was highly motivated to make sure of that. That should resonate with the protective sex. ;)

brianman | January 18, 2012