What watt hours per mile are you getting on your Model 3?

What watt hours per mile are you getting on your Model 3?

The model 3 is rated at 241 watt hours per mile, if I am doing my calculation right (75,000 watt hours divided by 310 miles).

In my driving so far, which has not been aggressive, I've been averaging more like 300 watt hours per mile. This means that my range is only 250 miles. Admittedly, in LA there's always lots of stop and go traffic, so I was not expecting to hit any sort of ideal. Regenerative breaking is on though.

Is this an an unusual spread relative to the EPA estimate? Are others getting better mileage and if so, what might the reason be?

This is my first Tesla and my first electric car,

efuseakay | September 11, 2018

Only 59 miles on my P+ that I drove for a few hours before dropping it off the next day for PPF etc. I think it was at 380 something. lol

jakeom3 | September 11, 2018

For all you folks using under 240 wh/mile would you please speed up and enjoy your fine performance sedan?! Do the math and you will realize you save maybe $1.82 in electricity per month by driving so slow and conservatively. Drive the finely engineered thing - you paid for it! :-)

efuseakay | September 11, 2018

Exactly my thinking. I am not longer going to be paying for gas. Electricity is so much cheaper, and you're not spewing fumes by enjoying the car.

NoFill | September 12, 2018

After 4000 miles I've found that good throttle control provides much better efficiency. Always yo-yoing from light acceleration to light regen on a long cruise can eat into your efficiency numbers while maintaining smooth throttle and allowing speed to build up on downhills rather than going into regen mode, returns much better numbers.

We have had the air conditioner on since delivery and are sitting at 223 Wh/mile after 4,200 miles.


Let the car roll! Say the road has a downhill followed by an uphill. If you regen all the way down the hill you will need to use more throttle to get up the other side. Come off regen before you approach the bottom of the hill and build up a bit of speed to use going up the next hill.

When in traffic, leave a greater following distance and anticipate slowdowns ahead by coasting into the slowdown, rather than driving at a constant speed and then using the brakes/regen.

lilbean | September 12, 2018

I’m at 217 now. :)

shank15217 | September 12, 2018

I'm at 223 right now, to above poster, keeping windows down and ac off will hurt your range significantly, Tesla's are very sensitive to drag. Never drive a Tesla with windows down if you want efficiently.

gmr6415 | September 12, 2018

I posted this under another title, but here is my experience on a 2300 mile round trip:

2300 mile round trip from Central Florida to the mountains of WV and back
Submitted by gmr6415 on September 11, 2018

I just did a trip of almost 2300 miles from Central Florida to the mountains of West Virginia and back in our new M3. I was in just about any traffic condition and situation you could imagine.

It was two people, two suitcases packed for a week and two medium sized coolers loaded to the max. Most of the driving was a good bit over 70 mph. This included a good portion of a day up and down the twisting and turning roads of the WV mountains on State Road 39 and State Road 92 (I felt like a kid at the go-kart race track). The regenerative braking through the mountains was great. I don't think I hit the brakes 10 times in 200 miles. The times I did hit the brakes was at intersections. I used to go through those mountains often in when I was in my late 20s. I drove a new 1985 Audi Quatro, and it did very well. I think the M3 did better.

The average for the whole trip was 236 watt hours per mile.

When I started out the car only had about 650 miles on it, and it was more up around 250 watt hours per mile on the early legs of the trip. As the miles piled on the watt hours per mile came down on each leg of the trip. One leg of the trip between Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC with a lot of rain and slower driving resulted in 177 watt hours per mile. That's only about 70 miles though, at around 60+ mph. I had to take a double take to make sure. We had just charged in Asheville, and when I plugged in the next morning in Greenville to go to Hilton Head Airport for another charge I took a look at "watt hours since last charge", and it was 177. Remarkable.

Coming off I-81 in TN headed toward Asheville I noted that we had 219 miles remaining in range. After about 30 miles of driving through the mountains I looked again and there was 223 miles of range remaining. I'm assuming the altitude of I-81 is higher than Asheville and even though we were going up and down the mountains we had enough regen to pile on some more miles. If you think about that's the miles driven (about 30) plus the 4 additional that racked up on the range or 34 miles of range added in about 30 miles of driving. I'm sure there were other factors at work too.

Nexxus | September 13, 2018


Are most of your trips short ones? If so, you'll use more power over the long run than if you have longer commutes. Longer commutes at the speed limits will let you average near the 240Wh/mi or less mark.

M3BlueGeorgia | September 13, 2018

After nearly 2,000 miles, we are averaging 242.
This is also suburban Atlanta in the summer. One long-ish trip and a bunch of 25 mile commutes, but also some short trips.
RWD with 18" wheels.
Keeping the internal temperature around 70F

stockbandit91 | September 13, 2018

234 at 9500 miles lifetime

199 this morning on my 40 mile commute, going 65-80mph, with A/C off, first time I tried A/C off and definitely a new record low for me.

hokiegir1 | September 13, 2018

We just hit about 12,600 miles and our lifetime has dropped to 266. That still includes the 800 mile round trip with 2 heavy bikes on the hitch mount (350 wh/m for that one). Since hubby broke his leg, we haven't been taking the bikes anywhere. I'm frequently averaging in the 200-230 range in city or heavy traffic interstate, where DH gets the open interstates and averages 270-280. I was surprised to have hit 199 for my commute this morning. I didn't think I'd done anything different.

And yes, we both do some spirited driving. I just get stuck in traffic, so don't get to as often. Stupid job. :p

Jlomb436 | September 13, 2018

My lifetime over 1500 miles is 275 on AWD. I do mostly highway and I will admit to have a heavy foot since it's new. I'm assuming that will drop over time.

rchriscoble | September 13, 2018

I must be doing something wrong. I have the P3D with the upgrades and getting 380-400 wh/mile. That seems pretty bad.

Ygor81 | September 13, 2018

232 with 6k miles. RWD

sroh | September 13, 2018

Many here would argue you are doing it right! The P3D is going to be less efficient to begin with. And since you got it, use it!

DesignArt | October 1, 2018

On a recent 6300 miles trip throughout the West, averaging between 65 MPH and 85MPH, 248 Wh/mi

kevin_rf | October 1, 2018

1600 miles, currently at 231... 80% highway/20% back roads.

In the morning it's at -20 whm when I hit the bottom of the hill. My commute home has varied from 220-260 whm depending on how heavy the traffic is, more traffic, slower speeds, better mileage... stop and go, doing 75 or higher, worse mileage.

kevin_rf | October 1, 2018

Forgot to mention AWD, non-P

gmr6415 | October 1, 2018

Just did about a 400 mile round trip of mixed driving with our LR RWD and the first leg of the trip was 200 Wh/Mi.

The average for the whole round trip was 206 Wh/Mi

I've had shorter trips of mixed driving as low as 193 Wh/Mi

Bighorn | October 1, 2018

Wyoming highway runs between 350-450 depending on wind. I’m at 270 for 20k miles.

maztec | October 1, 2018

My wife consistently gets 329 Wh/mi. I get 254 Wh/mi. We did the same drive this weekend, she went there, I drove back. I tend to accelerate/decelerate smoothly. She likes to let off and let the regen breaking take charge immediately. I think the main difference is that we use the car differently from each other.

djgarrett21 | October 1, 2018

~240 Wh/mi on my AWD.

My first 300 miles I averaged about 280 Wh/mi and it has gradually settled to about 240 Wh/mi.

My driving: 80% freeway 20% surface streets. Freeway usually @ 75 mph. I'm easy on the "gas" but am not afraid to punch it here and there. I use EAP most of the time.

JuJo0 | October 1, 2018

I only use Trip A's for actual trips. My Trip B has been accumulating since delivery (planning on keeping it that way to track lifetime Wh/mi), and my lifetime Wh/mi is 245 so far with 1000 miles.

afcop2 | October 1, 2018

My lifetime wh/mi for roughly 1,900 miles is 233.

Standroid | October 1, 2018

AWD, one month old (Saturday), 1,255mi, wh/mi=215

SalisburySam | October 2, 2018

Lifetime over 3000 miles: 249. RWD.

MarylandS85 | October 2, 2018

In 6k miles since late March, we are averaging 219 Wh/mi (RWD), contaminated by my wife’s driving style (she’s the primary driver for this vehicle). This is going to rise as colder weather approaches.

I also have almost 60k on my 2014 Model S85 RWD, averaging 281 Wh/mi.

I agree with those who say don’t worry about the few electrons you save. On the other hand, it’s fun to see how efficiently you can drive. Also, based on my above miles of experience, I’d say that at low speeds, it’s way more efficient to drive with windows down than with AC running. At higher speeds, it’s a wash.

shawncordell | October 2, 2018

I’m at 234 wh/mile with a Performance model. I’ve only had it a week though...

Iwantmy3 | October 2, 2018

Weather is a HUGE factor.
Last week, Mid 60's with sun. No A/C. I averaged 181 Wh/m on my normal daily commute.
This week so far (yes it is early) Mid 50's. Heat to 68F. Two days of rain. I am getting 304 Wh/m.
Really?!?! Wow!

ybbor | October 2, 2018

First month with my P3D+. 830 miles driven, 233 kWh used, 281 Wh/mi. I drive very conservatively.

Freeway driving seems to be most efficient...

deezeela | October 2, 2018

have been driving 2400 miles with 2 and half months, I am at 265 wh/mile.

My tips:

1. no sudden acceleration / break
2. with window down.
3. A/C uses most of the electricity. I use fan if possible.

jefjes | October 2, 2018

@Bighorn- 8,771 miles in 2 weeks! You da Man for sure! That works out to 228k miles a year. You'll be out of battery/drivetrain warranty in 6-7 months of ownership.

RMast | October 2, 2018

Better Tips than ^, also right at 2400 miles

1. ALWAYS sudden accelerate
2. Cruise with the windows down
3. Use A/C
4.....Enjoy life

P.S. I do ALL of that and more and am right around 300wh/mi (low days for my 70 mile daily commute are 270, and high 320), but bet my tesla grin is bigger than these guys above, enjoy the car unless you NEED to squeeze 300 miles out of the tank, if you got this car you aren't on that serious of a budget where electricity from 250wh/mi to 300 is going to kill you...

Bighorn | October 2, 2018

Passed 20k miles today around six weeks in

jefjes | October 2, 2018

@Bighorn- Wow! I love driving my car but I still think about things like longevity, tire wear, battery degradation, power bill charging it since I don't get free charging, etc., tempers my driving urges. I congratulate you on your ability to travel so many miles and relate to us new to Tesla all the experiences you've gained in those miles. You're a true asset to this forum and I mean that with the utmost sincerity.

RedPillSucks | October 2, 2018

getting somewhere between 235 to 250

czamara | October 2, 2018

My average over 9,600 miles is 251. I'm very happy with that, considering I drive with a heavy right foot and accelerate hard as much as I feel like (which is a lot).

cquail | October 2, 2018

Model 3 at 238 watts per mile after 17K miles.

Bighorn | October 2, 2018

Thanks. I’m going to tone it down now that I’ve firewalled my lead in SC visits. Don’t want to burn through my warranties, so will probably use the S more for road trips going forward unless it involves a border crossing and loss of 3G connectivity.

tbosman86 | October 2, 2018

I have a RWD with aero wheels 3,521 miles with an average of 189 wh/mile. Total of 666 kWh used. I live in Massachusetts. Winter is coming.

spgraff | October 3, 2018

At about 3400 miles, RWD, Sport Wheels and AC on I average 235 watts per mile (Wpm). That's about 319.15 miles of range.

cfscott | October 3, 2018

# Of Drives Miles Driven Rated Miles Used Wh/Mile Efficiency kWh Used Avg Temp Total Cost Time Spent Driving
221 2126.34 2373.65 246 Wh/Mile 89.58 % 522.97 kWh 86.98 F $ 62.54 2 Days 12 Hours 14 Minutes

This is our read out.

fskott | October 3, 2018

254 lifetime average, 5,400 miles. RWD, no EAP, always drive with AC on, at some setting, 18" with aeros removed, drive how I want, when I want, no hypermiling at all, mostly Standard regen (though I love the coast on Low). I guess that's an ok number.

Thunder7ga | October 3, 2018

I have a RWD LR Aeros OFF, and as of this writing I am 5 miles short of 8,000 miles. My car reports its lifetime Wh/Mi is 240.

Teslafan87 | October 3, 2018

Sadly my car averages over 300 Wh/mile after 1000 miles. My software thinks I have the 19" sports rims when I actually received the 20" performance tires which may have something to do with it.. I'm not sure really. I'm hoping this gets better because I only use superchargers and have to go twice a week at this pace.

12Brent | October 3, 2018

I'm at 8000+ miles and have a lifetime average of 196 Wh/mile. This includes a road trip from Denver to Sante Fe and back along I-25 going 75-80 mph. I enjoy the car, I took off the aero wheel covers, and I use maximum acceleration when I have an opportunity... not sure why my numbers are stills so stupidly low (earlier it was discussed that the thin air reduces drag enough to make a difference). However, "winter is coming"...

Bighorn | October 3, 2018

What tire pressure are you using?

nttesla | October 3, 2018

222 with 1250 miles on the car. AWD with 19’s.

12Brent | October 5, 2018

@Bighorn, I have them at whatever Tesla sets them to. In the morning, when they are cold, I've seen 42 psi on my tire pressure card. I think they get up to around 47 psi when it's hot out.

jdirik | October 5, 2018

RWD with 19" wheels. 1,700 miles to date and 245. AC always on.