What weird things are you going to carry in your "SUV"? A horse?

What weird things are you going to carry in your "SUV"? A horse?

I saw a pic yesterday of a car in Russia which was host to a big bear who had his/ her head out the window (of the back seat I should add).
Because it was wearing a seatbelt and not breaking any rules the police allowed it to continue.

Out here in Australia I used to hear accounts of cockies (farmers) carrying sheep around in Rolls Royces.

We personally had a visit from friends on their way home who had a small horse in the back seat of their Ford Falcon car.

So we have heard all about your dogs, your mattresses, your lumber, plywood et al.
What are you going to carry in there that will make everyone cringe?

A guy I knew, Bob Jane, was a racing driver and towed his race car trailer with a Mercedes 600 Grosser, much to the mixed awe and disgust of other Benz owners.Even a tow bar alone was considered sacrilege to the pure and just. That was , like, the biggest Benz on the road, effectively a factory stretch limo.
(He also had it fitted with musical horns...) Now he owns the race track too. And 100s of tire shops.

ali | October 9, 2015

I think I'm the only Pakistanian getting his sig x, I'll carry my 4 wives, 3 sheeps, one camel (may have to fold 3rd seats flat) my 11 kids, my mother in law and one pig in frunk for protection.

But I'm not sure it's weird.

rbi | October 9, 2015

I suggest to swap places of the mother in law with the pig. For prtection.

primetime98 | October 9, 2015

Ali +1, it's great to see some sense of humor injected into the forum! I love this topic, while I have nothing weird to carry, I will make something up...3 little pigs, each in a blanket of course. See we don't need to be bummed about second row folding seats or tumbling stocks or unsure pricing. Tesla's new slogan should be the X where fun speculation begins!

Monkey | October 9, 2015

I'm so disappointed over the second row not folding flat... My plans of using the X as a hearse are now on hold until Tesla rectifies their error.

Tâm | October 9, 2015


If you run a funeral home, you should have the resource to convert a reasonable size vehicle into a hearse.

I was hoping Model X rear cargo storage should match or exceed Model S' length of 78".

People came back from the Model X Launch Event and reported it as 60".

On an average, a casket length is about 84".

Thus, you are correct, due to lack of length, converting a Model X into a hearse to fit a casket inside the vehicle's interior is quite an engineering challenge.

vandacca | October 9, 2015

Tesla has made a grave mistake not having a folding 2nd row. We should bury Tesla with complaints if a funeral home owner can't use a stock Model-X as a hearse.

Ankit Mishra | October 9, 2015

I see what you did there. You had to use italics to be sure, eh?

Tâm | October 9, 2015


Actually, EV is a very good idea especially if you walk behind a hearse in a funeral procession.

Ross1 | October 9, 2015

A driverless hearse.

An invisible chauffeur.

Maybe the dear departed could look to be driving himself to his own funeral.

Or get to create a holographic image to sit in the driver's seat.

Wouldn't need a full bed then for the coffin. Not if he is sitting up.

AlMc | October 9, 2015

No reason it could not be a hearse. AP allows you to program your journey to the cemetery/funeral home with immediate family members riding in comfort with nicely sculptured and ventilated second row seats. A beautiful glass trailer being pulled behind with the coffin.

Problem of 50-60" limited flat surface on the X solved! :)

Ankit Mishra | October 9, 2015

Where is vperl? He was planning to use his car as a moving slaughterhouse.

Mark35 | October 9, 2015

@Monkey, No reason it couldn't be converted fyi a hearse. If a Jaguar can, so can a MX. (Watch three movie Harold And Maude.)

vandacca | October 10, 2015

I think this thread had hit a dead-end.

ali | October 10, 2015

@rbi: I want to keep the frunk spotless.

@primetime98. Thanks. Can't wait to get my model x, I wonder if I'll be profiled ?


MyXinTx | October 19, 2015

So since this is about what will be in the cargo area of my X....

...It will be my Boys...

Ross1 | October 19, 2015

Hundreds of thousands of dollars on a mobile dog kennel?

Tâm | October 19, 2015


Some dogs only go first class!

MyXinTx | October 20, 2015

These are not just dogs, they are my Boys.

Fortunately they do not shed, so are welcome to join me on errands which they love to do.

SInce the 2nd row don't fold, I need to figure out a way to set up a platform so they can lay down behind me. Probably push the 2nd row back all the way and add a platform to bridge the leg space.

Combine it with a seat protector and the seats will look like new for years...empty nester

Ross1 | October 20, 2015

If you can't fix it with duct tape you can't fix it

Ross1 | October 20, 2015

Your boys? Sons?

Whatever do you look like?

Or is it on their mother's side?

Better post pics to reassure us.....

MyXinTx | October 20, 2015

LOL, I promise nobody want my ugly mug posted 4ever on this forum.

I hope you have the love of pets in your life.

Ever hear of ... "Lock your wife in a trunk for 5 minutes, then do the same to your dog...who is happier to see you when you open the lid"

Easy PETA, I am not suggesting ....

sharonconger | October 30, 2015

I haven't reserved a Tesla X yet, but have been doing some serious drooling. Love the FWD and the technology in the car overall. I'm just waiting for the technology to shake out a little in the market and also for the price to come down a little. But I am totally looking at this car as my new Hound-mobile in a few years. I have two retired racing greyhounds that I love to bring around with me where ever I can. What more elegant car to fit my most elegant hounds?!

Ross1 | October 30, 2015


Definitely not a kia.

A Bentley?

And they are rated to tow 3.5 tonnes (7700 lb)

thevangoghs | October 30, 2015

I was thinking of sealing the interior of my X and converting it into a big aquarium to hold exotic fish...Wouldn't it be beautiful viewing colorful fish thru that large panoramic windshield??

ronmerkord | October 30, 2015

Our Model X will be carrying a Catahoula and a Hovawart, in addition to the rest of the family, of course.

You might have to look them up.

SigX VIN 484

Ross1 | October 30, 2015

Obviously a cat of some sort.

Howling cat?

Rather cataphonic. From cataphora. As in Tesla phora.

You might have to look them up.

Ross1 | June 13, 2016

It might be relevant to join this thread to the M3 towbar thread