what will happen first

what will happen first

from the following list of items - please order them in the chronological order they will happen…

1. Model X beta will be available for inspection
2. Model X website will be updated
3. Model X design website will be made available
4. an actual battery swap location will be brought online and open the public
5. the Chadmo Adapter will be made available
6. the center console will be made available
7. XMAS 2014 will have come and gone
8. New years 2014/2015 will have come and gone
9. Range specifications for the Model X will be published
10. 0-60 Model X specifications will be published
11. the First Tesla Model S D is delivered to a customer
12. my Tesla Model S D will be delivered
13. the Apple Watch will be released
14. Software 6.1 will be released
15. the actual first release Auto-pilot software feature set will be disclosed
16. Someone's Model S D is found to eat tires at an accelerated rate
17. An actual customer delivery of a Model X
18. Tesla will realize they need a bigger battery
19. Tesla will not announce a retrofit program for the bigger battery announced in #18
20. Tesla will realize it's a mistake not to allow a retrofit for a bigger battery
21. The internet community will be disappointed with the cost for a retrofit of a bigger battery
22. Tesla will rethink the whole bigger battery retro-fit program and attempt to make amends with the community.
23. My 15 year old will be accepted to a college
24. My 15 year old will attend his first day of college

inquiring minds want to know. | October 31, 2014

I believe that there is a spelling error which makes the task impossible to complete. As the possible error is a non-word at this time, I am completely hamstrung. | October 31, 2014

Well....7 & 8 are the first up, probably in that order.

Remnant will turn over in his grave upon the proclamation of 16. I say that because I can only assume we will all be long dead by the time many of points occur.

vandacca | October 31, 2014

Right now, I would settle for a more concrete date on when they'll announce they have any kind of an update for the Model-X. If I don't hear Tesla mention anything of the Model-X within the next week, I'm going to scream (virtually, of course).

dortor | October 31, 2014

typo fixed.

ernie | October 31, 2014

A certain location noted for high temps...something on the order of the Planck temperature, or 1.41679 x 1032 Kelvins translating to about 2.538 x 1032° Fahrenheit [said location will freeze over].

Optimistically I might be wrong and my 8546 Reservation Number will be somewat less due to drop outs.

TonyInNH | October 31, 2014

When a certain species of animal known for their contributions to the breakfast menu begin to take flight.

TonyInNH | October 31, 2014

On a more positive note I just received an email stating that a supercharger just opened up near the Cape. Now if I only had something to plug into it!!! | October 31, 2014

Hint: check item 5.

This is a trick question.
Do I get to make a phone call?

If not, then the answer must be 19 because, having seen no announcement, number 19 has already occurred...

vperl | October 31, 2014

#5, put myself on list, was told positive things. Suggest, that the next time you visit Costco, you purchase big bag of salt. Purchase very large comfortable lounge chair and be happy.

XMikeX | November 2, 2014

That's 3 minutes I wish I had back