What will they want...

What will they want...

...for the deposit? Personal check, credit card, debit card, cash or barter? Goats, relations, vegetables... I could look into those and more.

NKYTA | March 26, 2016


ray | March 26, 2016

I've been told it's CC; they won't take cash:)

cquail | March 26, 2016

Credit card.

PaceyWhitter | March 26, 2016

blood | March 26, 2016

If you don't have a credit card, I am sure they will accept a personal check. When I bought my S, they accepted a check for over $50,000 which surprised me.

NKYTA | March 26, 2016

My wife wondered with PayPal was rejected by the spam filter...

NKYTA | March 26, 2016


stephen.kamichik | March 26, 2016

I spoke to the salesman at my SC and he said no cheques, only credit cards. I live in Montreal.

Red Sage ca us | March 26, 2016

Right arm, left furry, first born male child, and your eternal soul, PLUS tax, title, license, and destination fees!


A valid credit card should do.

dd.micsol | March 27, 2016

The contract of San Vanganza in blood signature. LOL. 1k easy cc charge.
Had to increase my limit for the model S-have since sold it, so I don't have it obviously.
I reduced my cc limit once I was done with the order/paid it off electronically same day.
Just saying if anyone here has credit limit issues.