What you should know before ordering the Ultra White seats

What you should know before ordering the Ultra White seats

The ultra white seats are treated with a stain resistant coating. Such stain resistant chemicals frequently belong to a class of agents called poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) which have been associated with endocrine effects as well as links to cancers and other health disorders. Here is a link from the NIH website:

Not sure what exact chemical Tesla is getting for its white seats, but most likely whatever it is belongs to this class of substances.

Here's an interesting story in the NY Times about one example of these substances, which suggests how little effective regulatory structure there is to protect the public, and how companies are able to release new substances with little to no validation of their safety.

They do look nice, but I for one won't be putting my family at potential risk of getting testicular and kidney cancers.

vperl | January 8, 2016

Another one, stop the presses.

Redmiata98 | January 8, 2016

To quote a well intentioned regular "idiot"

Pbfoot | January 8, 2016

Well I guess someone had to replace Brian H as the annoying commentator. | January 8, 2016

Your entire post is based on conjecture. The only fact is that the seats (all the seats) have some sort of stain resistant sealant. "Frequently" is not the same thing as "always" so unless you have some basis for claiming that the sealant "most likely" is an PFAS, this is just unfounded FUD.

carlk | January 8, 2016

I'm lost here. How do you connect the ultra white seat to the articles you linked?

alex.sanders | January 9, 2016

I would personally suggest you keep your testicles off the seat...

jjs | January 9, 2016

Sage advice alex.sanders. Sage advice. :)

rdalcanto | January 9, 2016

Don't eat the white seats. Got it!

Triggerplz | January 9, 2016

And don't drive in the Ludacris mode with all the windows down and a White Tesla baseball cap on..

jjs | January 9, 2016

+1 rdalcanto - Make me laugh. Thanks.

elguapo | January 9, 2016

I think this thread belongs with the one highlighting the fact one shouldn't place their hands on he latch while the door is closing. Except that thread is common sense. This is bordering on the absurd. It's funny to read though.

Remnant | January 9, 2016

@ alex.sanders (January 9, 2016)

<< I would personally suggest you keep your testicles off the seat. >>

Wise advice!

It would even allow for truly affectionate gestures, such as kissing and licking them seats.

Mark Z | January 9, 2016

Oh, I am so glad I ordered leather; this thread gave me a good laugh. In California we can't do anything, anywhere without the negative health aspect being shoved into our faces. I am surprised we don't have a touchscreen message about that every time the car is started.

AlMc | January 9, 2016

@MarkZ: It is in 7.2 for California customers is my understanding.

vperl | January 10, 2016

Californicators, are special, spending hundreds of millions on one boondoggle after another, then wondering what happened.

larmorfreq | January 10, 2016

This thread, known to the State of California can cause idiocy...

Mark35 | January 10, 2016

LOL (from a Californicator)

Pbfoot | January 10, 2016

OK, glad to give people some laughs. Saving some testicles and kidneys would have been even better, but what the hell.