What's the deal with PA superchargers?

What's the deal with PA superchargers?

Last time I asked a tesla employee, they said superchargers were in PA, just not open yet. I tried looking online, and it seems there have been plans for these superchargers for a while now.

Anyone have any more info on these superchargers in PA? More specifically, superchargers between Long Island and Harrisburg. I'll be making that trip quite a bit beginning February next year.

Bighorn | November 22, 2015

look at for permitting and construction data

fi488249 | November 22, 2015

Perfect, thank you.

s.grot | November 22, 2015

There was a SC on the map back in 2013 'coming soon'; now nothing. I could use a Harrisburg SC. Travel Tyrone to Delaware 220 miles. There is a Chademo charger in Harrisburg but I haven't sprung for the adapter yet.

nib | November 22, 2015

I have the Chademo adapter, but the charger at the Sheetz on Carlisle Pike doesn't seem to be very dependable. On my last trip I wasn't able to get it working and limped home with 12 miles left in the battery. Now that the weather is colder, I'm not willing to bet on it.

When are we going to get a real Supercharger in Harrisburg?

UnshodBob | November 23, 2015

Could the more Orthodox Amish be preventing these new-fangled chargers from being deployed? It may threaten the existing horse and buggy industry. JK ;)

Bighorn | November 23, 2015

You mean the Amish mafia?

tes-s | November 23, 2015

Allentown should be perfect for that trip. Soon.

fi488249 | November 23, 2015

Yea, I noticed that Allentown one. I found a post about it online and someone posted pictures of the site 2 days ago and construction hasn't even started yet. Who knows when it'll be ready

tes-s | November 23, 2015

I do. I told you when in my previous post. :)

PhillyGal | November 23, 2015

I called the Red Robin (Tilghman Square, Allentown area) last week to ask if construction has begun in the parking lot. No dice.

The problem started last summer with JC Penny wouldn't give right of way for underground conduits or some such at the Lehigh Valley Mall. Once that got scrapped, it was back to the drawing board.

Tilghman Square is an even better location. The township zoning board had to approve it and met about it in August. Some miscommunication led to them not being able to vote on it, which delayed it another month. At the September meeting, it was approved. I know the goal was to have it live by Thanksgiving but I think that was when they thought they would have zoning board approval in Aug.

I'm not holding my breath for Christmas either but do think some ski trips will still be possible before ski season ends.

plusplusjames | November 23, 2015

No SC love in PA.

PhillyGal | November 23, 2015

I spoke with one of the owners of the Breaker Brewery in Wilkes-Barre PA today about getting involved with the destination program.

They are going to consider it and I plan to bring the car up there Friday to show it off and see how much charm I can offer. I had not actually heard of this place before but honestly was just looking for restaurants in town that had parking lots and weren't chains.

Once I feel out whether this is an actual possibility, I may come back and recruit some fellow forum members who may actually use their HPWC if available to call them and tell them so.

alex | November 23, 2015

Speaking as a former PA resident, Harrisburg badly needs a supercharger. The trip from Pittsburgh to Philly is almost impossible without one, particularly for older S60s.

mikepisko | November 23, 2015

Harrisburg, Allentown, State College, Scranton, Tesla please build something!!!!!

rlarnold | November 24, 2015

Echo Alex and Mike. P85D here. PA Turnpike trip across the state is impossible without a supercharger near the Carlisle or Harrisburg interchanges.

No blue dots on Bighorn's map...

Half Dollar Bill | November 24, 2015

We'll be in town visiting family. Let me know if you want company at Breaker's. We can get an early Xmas colors picture.

alex | November 24, 2015

There's already supercharger construction in the works near Allentown and (kind of) near Scranton. It's the Harrisburg area I'm most worried about. It's a gaping hole in coverage.

fi488249 | November 24, 2015

As of November 18th, the "construction" in the works at Allentown were some colored flags in the ground.. That's it..

PhillyGal | November 24, 2015

All I want for Christmas is this charger live.

@HalfDollarBill - Yes! They are open from 12-9 Friday and told me to come by any time. Seeing 2 cars would be really cool.

Shoot me an email:
ElectricJen(digits of Philly's primary area code) at google's email client.

PV_Dave @US-PA | November 25, 2015

Harrisburg and Allentown were both on the 2014 map. And the 2015 map. I understand the mess in Allentown, and at least it's back in action, even if no ground has broken yet.

But Harrisburg? It's critical to the PA Turnpike, and missing in action for two years now.

cchouston | November 25, 2015

I live in Carlisle,PA and it would be a logical choice for a SC, being at the intersection of the PA Turnpike and I-81. Tesla recently had a test event at the Carlisle House Bed and Breakfast (a Tesla destination charging location) and the Tesla representatives said that Tesla has lots of issues in PA, from a permitting perspective. I can speak from personal experience that PA is not an easy place to do land development, due the fact that there are so many local municipalities, each with its own unique land development and zoning regulations.

MDTesla | November 25, 2015

This is great news for a soon to be MS owner -- delivery is end of December. Does anyone know where the SC in Allentown will be? I read there are flags placed -- am I correct that the flags and location we are discussing are at the Red Robin at Tilghman Square? Thank you all for sharing what you know.

mikepisko | November 25, 2015

Being patient but it seems like Allentown & Harrisburg have been talked about for years. Closet supercharger to Philadelphia is Newark and it seems like from what I read it does not have enough stalls and people are complaining. With the Devon service center and King of Prussia store I would think PA has a lot of owners. I thought about another S or X but forced to keep an ICE for non aggravating trips to Pittsburgh, State College, and Scranton. Hope more PA owners jump in and comment and Tesla listens. My model S is the best car I have owned and love it. Just want to be able to take some long trips with out having to worry about plugging in overnight.

s.grot | November 26, 2015

I'm in the same situation as Mike P will have to cancel my X order if the PA supercharger hole is not filled. My 85D can just barely make my usual 220 mile trip to DE; and the X has even less range.

Anthony J. Parisio | November 26, 2015

Just for everyone's information, there is a CHAdeMO charger on Columbus Boulevard. It is at the gas station/ car wash right before the entrance to I95 South. If one were on I95 And needed a quick charge get off at Columbus Boulevard exit and turn right. It will be on your right in about two lights. Of course you will need a adapter to connect to it and there is a cost for power. This is also good for people in Philly who have no way to charge at home but want a Tesla.

teslaliving | December 6, 2015

Still far too few options in PA. I'll be driving an ICE car for the holiday trip to PA from MA yet again. Thats 2 years I'm leaving the S behind. I wonder how many more?

nib | December 6, 2015

@teslaliving - I feel your pain. I need to go from Baltimore to Harrisburg and then on to Newark NJ next week. The Chademo at Sheetz in Harrisburg let me down last time, so I can't depend on it as the primary charger for this trip. It would have been great to take the Model S, but it looks like I'll be in a Toyota Highlander instead. That's a bit of a downgrade.

The supercharger situation in PA is ridiculous. Without dependable charging near Harrisburg it's really not possible to use the MS as your only car in this area. Travel up and down I-95 is great, but stray from that and the options drop off quickly.

A supercharger on Route 11 in Mechanicsburg or Carlisle would be ideal. There is plenty of commercial development and it has easy access to I-81, I-83, and the PA Turnpike.

When is Tesla going to plug this obvious hole in the charging map?

Red Sage ca us | December 6, 2015

Apparently Tannersville and Allentown just went under construction in the past few days.

teslaliving | December 16, 2015

@nib i'd definitely like Carlisle.

I dont havre the Chademo adapter but wouldn't trust it in the areas i've seen it in PA. Its very rural there..

Dofpic | December 18, 2015

Tannersville is up and running!

fi488249 | December 18, 2015

Awesome! Can't wait to hear that Allentown is up and running!!

Bob.Calvo | December 20, 2015

One Supercharger strategically placed in the Bellefonte area near State College would open up Pennsylvania dramatically. On I 80 for east west travel and accessible to I-99 and Rt. 322 to the south, this one addition would open up Tesla Travel through Pennsylvania faster than any other one addition could.

Using's radius circles shows that a 170 mile circle about that point covers the whole state. More Superchargers over time would augment but that one addition would help to fill a huge hole just like one Supercharger in Charleston, WV would dramatically fill the West Virginia void.

Red Sage ca us | December 21, 2015

I love it when a plan comes together.

teslaliving | December 22, 2015

@Bob.Calvo I agree, State College or Harrisburg. Either I think could help me get from Boston to Pittsburgh.

Looking at a 10 hour drive tomorrow in a gas guzzler. First time ill be pumping gas since my last Christmas trek to Pittsburgh :(