What's the difference between Keep Climate On and Dog Mode?

What's the difference between Keep Climate On and Dog Mode?

Hot and sunny today, so left AC on while making a stop. I see the new choice Dog after On. is the only difference the temp appearing on the display?

lilbean | June 7, 2019

Climate stays on at the setting you have it on. Dog mode blasts the air.

reed_lewis | June 7, 2019

Both do pretty much the same thing, except Dog Mode displays a graphic on the main screen to let people know that the car is cool inside. When I first got Dog Mode, I left my mother in the car when I went into a store with Dog Mode on. She did not appreciate seeing that her owner would be back soon!

TranzNDance | June 7, 2019

Yeah, the name of the mode could be more species-neutral.

SoCal Buzz | June 7, 2019

Dog mode disables the screen and audio controls after you leave car, which my teenager unhappily reported to me. I think she said it cuts off stereo completely.

barrykmd | June 7, 2019

Reed - Is there a M-I-L mode, so you can turn the heat on when it's 100F outside?

redacted | June 7, 2019

dog mode turns off Sentry mode, supposedly, which is good thinking. It's amusing to use when you leave your wife in the car too, if you don't mind sleeping on the sofa.

reed_lewis | June 7, 2019

Hey, I get along quite nicely with my MIL. She is actually a very nice person and I went on an 11 night Alaska cruise with her (she had her own cabin) and she stayed at our house for a few weeks before and after.

She really likes my Model S. Every time she rides in it, she remarks just how nice it is to ride in.

Tesla - Mother In Law Approved!

Boonedocks | June 7, 2019

I tried it once and if I remember correctly DogMode also has a very mild temperature setting as well. I was trying to keep the car as cold as possible for some grocery stops home on my long commute and dog mode would not let me keep the 62degree setting.

Best I can recall the coldest DogMode would set to was either 68 or 72 but would not stay at 62. | June 7, 2019

Tesla needs more choices - Cat mode, Possum mode, Rat mode, Goldfish mode, Gerbil mode, and I'm sure a few others ....

Then there is Cook mode - Roast that turkey while camping by turning the heater on max! Perhap not such a good idea on second thought.

rxlawdude | June 7, 2019

@barry, are you proposing a M-I-L spec?

dougk71 | June 8, 2019

With FSD maybe you could have the Tesla take your dog to the groomers while you shop or do other things.
Anyway dog mode is a nice thought that other car makers seem to ignore.

cabbower | June 8, 2019

Ice cream mode would be useful :)

ir | June 9, 2019

Ice Cream Mode - Check!

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Tesla:

PBEndo | June 9, 2019

A mode that would keep the pony keg in the frunk chilled would be a nice feature.

gridley1950 | June 9, 2019

What? You didn't get that option? :) I think it was packaged with the "Always Clean" option!

Jmbailey | August 30, 2019

Would simply appreciate full explanation in owners manual.

Jmbailey | August 30, 2019

Would simply appreciate full explanation in owners manual.

EVRider | August 31, 2019

See page 121 in the PDF version of the manual. Not sure what additional information you’re looking for.

Silver2K | August 31, 2019

I think Jmbailey wants to know what M-I-L-F mode is.

barrykmd | August 31, 2019

Silver - are the hyphens because that word was blocked without them?

Silver2K | August 31, 2019

No, I was following rx's form :)

This is just a test: MILF