What's the future?

What's the future?

I have a December 2016 MX90D, which I love. I leased the car because of the pace of improvements - I didn't want to be caught holding an outdated model that pales in comparison to the updated version. So, my lease is up in just over a year. Do you have any ideas about updates coming in the next 12-mo? I really like the sparse interior of the M3. What I'm hoping for is, whatever is coming, it appears before I give my car back. Worst scenario: enter into new lease just before the car becomes the "old" model. What's your prediction of the future?

lilbean | December 25, 2018

It’s hard to keep up with the changes because they are so frequent. I will say that I am very happy with the 3.

raffidesigns | December 25, 2018

Tesla is unlike tech manufactures and other auto companies. Tesla's focus is all on FSD and improving their vehicles via software updates. There have been rumors of a refresh/redesign. Elon has debunked these rumors, however that can be a lie.

If Tesla is going to make changes, it would be minor, such as new interior colors. Elon did state that he was looking to bring red into the mix.

Saxman | December 29, 2018

Speaking of FSD, I recently read that Elon is coming out with Hardware 3.0 which will take advantage of new neural network. This is necessary to accomplish FSD.

Elon also said that anyone who purchased FSD, prior to HW3, will be upgraded, at no additional cost.

Has anyone else heard of this development?

jimglas | December 30, 2018

Thats what I heard. Thats why I purchased FSD, for he pending hardware update.

kaisei.94 | December 31, 2018

Yes. 215 in MX. I always try to verify a car maker's claim on mileage. Note: no AC/Heating involved. In all my Priuses I was able to obtain the mileages Toyota claimed for over a month's worth if driving.
I was also disappointed that my suggestiin to Elon Musk (when he asked for ideas for improvements on Twitter) to include an analysis bar of the consumption (i.e. motors, heating/AC, BMS, lights, accessories etc) was not included in V9. That option display would definitely solve a lot of puzzles. Hyundai Kona-e has that and it helps a lot.

lilbean | December 31, 2018

I predict that the spamming douchebags will forever plague the forum.

jjgunn | December 31, 2018

I've asked Tesla to let me be forum Admin. Haha. Not getting a response.

bp | January 1, 2019

Tesla uses a continuous improvement process for upgrading their vehicles - so it's likely we'll see changes in S/3/X in the next 12 months.

S/X are likely to shift over to the newer batteries used in the 3, which could reduce the cost/weight of the battery pack and possibly provide some improvement in performance or range. The new battery packs may be required to support V3 supercharging, which should be much faster than the V2 supercharging available today.

For AP3 (or "HW3"), there will be a much faster AP processor, and Tesla could make some other changes to the sensors (incorporating sensor improvements since AP2 was introduced in 2016).

There have been rumors of some interior changes to the S/X, but those will likely have fairly small impact. The biggest interior changes to all Tesla models will likely happen once FSD is operational - and Tesla can de-emphasize the driver controls, and shift focus to entertaining/supporting the passengers, with the AP system doing the driving.

There are a number of other features we've been waiting for - such as better smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or 3rd party screen mirroring) and continuing improvements to the AP, navigation and media player apps - but those changes are all software, and will likely be rolled out to all S/3/X vehicles - not just the new vehicles, which is what other manufacturers will do.

There's always something new that will be introduced each year - and if you keep waiting to get the latest and greatest, you'll be waiting forever. Unlike other manufacturers, which introduce changes yearly, usually with advance notice of what's coming - Tesla often quickly introduces the improvements shortly after development has finished, so you can't predict if/when new features will be added.

We purchased our first Model S in early 2013, and every time Tesla introduced new features, we'd go through a brief period of "feature envy" when we missed out on getting items. And then we'd get back to enjoying the car for the reasons why we purchased it in the first place. And when we traded it in a few months ago for our new X, with 95K miles on it - it was still a fantastic car.

So... If you're interested in a new Tesla - take a test drive of the current S/3/X vehicles - and if you like them, then get one. If it's missing a key feature, then wait until Tesla has what you want, though how long you may wait will be uncertain - could be months or years...