What's the name of your car?

What's the name of your car?

Just curious, have you named your car? What is it, and why?

Originally I named mine Ninja for stealth, speed, and black. It went cold as it's not personable.
Then I named her Stela, same letters as Tesla, and famously linked with the word DESIRE
When I got the car, the size and power simply do not match the name Stela.
This morning, I like the name Nelson - Nelson Mandela is in SA as EM was from, he's black :-) and he changed the world; Nelson Piqué was an F1 driver, and he's fast.
Hope this one sticks.

How about you?

UPDATE: The above was from summer 2013. Fast forward to December 31, 2016. I just traded in Nelson for......

NELSON II ( pronounced Nelson the second, like Henry the eighth)

When the comment was made about needing to make up my mind or it would not come if I called, I had no idea that "the dog" would actually come one day!

For a moment, I had the weakness towards a white one, would have named it " Princess Leia " referencing the first outfit & hair; but white did not survive the test of time. Here I am, with another black one, with its enhanced sophistication, capabilities and the cup-holders that the male customers screamed for, but without the innocence, sense of adventure, adorable flaws, and teen-age-like excitement , that was Nelson the first.

JoeBadge | September 2, 2013

Teslanator.... | September 2, 2013


Hey, its your car so you can call it whatever you want :), but I do buy into the cars-as-ships female thing. All my cars have had girl names. Most nav and audio control prompt use female voices, so that reinforces it. :)


NomoDinos | September 2, 2013

Amped - my wife's Range Rover is "Grover". Yes, I know... Grover the Rover (he's also blue)

tes-s | September 2, 2013

Ours is known as "The Telsa". When we get an X, we will probably call them "The S" and "The X".

chadrchristensen79 | September 2, 2013

I thought for sure there would b a few Carmen's .

odenator | September 2, 2013

Cleopatra Schwartz (from the Kentucky Fried Movie).
Sexy as a Nubian goddess but sensible like my Jewish accountant.

nav66 | September 2, 2013

Our P85 is "Lunokhod".

Jim T in VA | September 2, 2013

Hate to be boring, but as soon as we got her, it was obvious: she is Tessie.
(And my teenage daughter refers to my key as "Baby Tessie")

fritzlan | September 2, 2013

Tessie as well. Wife's Leaf is Electra.

rbgliny | September 2, 2013

Call ours Frankenstein - plate says FRNKNSTN. Get a lot of favorable responses to the plate.

NomoDinos | September 2, 2013

rbgliny - is that because it's a monster, or because "It's Alive!!"?

diamondshark3060 | September 2, 2013

We named ours Jarvis - iron Man's computer assistant- somehow it seemed appropriate.

NomoDinos | September 2, 2013

Diamindshark - nice one. Of course Tony Stark (Elon Musk)'s car should be Jarvis!

michaeldhemerson | September 2, 2013

We named her "Tess".

JOED | September 2, 2013

I ve been watching soprano reruns
I call her

Newampster | September 2, 2013

"Tessie" - it is simply the right name.

Mathew98 | September 3, 2013

@jbunn - 'Even my wife who thinks ive lost it for naming the car, remarked one day "this car has a big butt" '

I hope you didn't ask da wife for a Tesla logo tramp stamp. It would be priceless to see the reaction...

jbunn | September 3, 2013


A Tesla "T" would make an ideal tramp stamp! OMG... I wonder if there are any out there already?

judimasters | September 3, 2013

"Midnight" because she is deep blue! Her license plate is "BZZZZT"

Litennn | September 3, 2013

LiteNNN Watch the video to see why.

Darmok | September 3, 2013


highfalutintodd | September 3, 2013

"Nikola," for obvious reasons. ;-)

Since cars and boats need feminine names (to me, at least) and I knew a female Nikola in school it seemed like a no-brainer.

lnxcar | September 3, 2013

WATTson :) unfortunately the license plat wasn't available ah well. lnx car is the license plate but WATTson's the name :)

Xeelee | September 3, 2013

Mine will be Jarvis ( getting it tomorrow)

youlikeadajuice | September 3, 2013

My black on black S is named Nadine...reference to an Afghan Whigs song of that name ("There goes Nadine, head to toe black")...great song and completely fits the attitude of the S!

youlikeadajuice | September 3, 2013

^^^^not the Afghan Whigs....Frank Black! I'm confusing myself.

Cindy I II III | September 3, 2013

Hubby came up with a name for blue cars, like the one on TMC site for tire/rim commercial - crystal blue conviction (one of the old song titles)

dnew92130 | September 3, 2013

Sheila. The nice lady in the battle tank.

And what's with all these dragon names? Of all the stuff a Tesla breathes, fire is not amongst them.

Mireille and Conan | September 3, 2013

@ dnew
Dragons are awesome & powerful ;)
Also a nod to SpaceX.

Amped | September 3, 2013

Black on black with tint

Brian H | September 4, 2013

That would be "lightning". No "e". With the "e", it means getting lighter, as at dawn.

Brian H | September 4, 2013

mclary | August 31, 2013
White Lighting

You mean instead of that yellowish incandescent stuff? ;p

Brian H | September 4, 2013

"Doc", as in WATTS UP, doc?

ddruz | September 4, 2013

Naw, not all cars are female. All my cars have been male.

A number of people have ridden in my silver Model S and exclaimed, "It's like a spaceship" or "This is a spaceship!"

So I now just call him "Spaceship."

sdstrat | September 4, 2013

BIG RED (the color obviously)

But also connotes fiery, forward, aggressive, etc. In other words, it connotes a Tesla S.

madbuns | September 11, 2013

Margaret (Maggie or Mags)

After M. Thatcher

Politically balanced, understated power with the ability to change millions of lives.

'nuff said


willardb | November 16, 2013

PEARLY MAE-after my mother, who died at 101. It is pearl white with black interior and a sheer delight! May she live as long as my mother.

rodhoffman | November 17, 2013

Named "Tess" - plate AMPED in Colorado

Chipper | November 17, 2013

Mine is due in next week and her name will be Belle. But in this case she is both beauty and the beast! Also, because she is blue and Blue Bell is without doubt the best and sweetest ice cream on earth.

hjzebra | November 17, 2013

Pegasus - The winged horse in classical mythology:)

lnxcar | November 17, 2013

WattSon... son of Watt :)

Brian H | November 17, 2013

Pigasus, the flying porker? ;P

Primus | November 17, 2013

@Brian H

No, Bijlee means either electricity or lightning and is a feminine noun. Both meanings are entirely apt here. The true Sanskrit word is 'Vidyut' which also feminine and the 'electric car' would be 'vidyut vahan', a bit too long.

Just got my blue lightning this week. I am calling mine Bijlee too. It could also be spelt simply Bijli but in common speak the last syllable is stressed a bit more especially if used as a name (not that uncommon, so the former spelling is more apt.

Interestingly, some Bollywood movies have had female characters with the name Bijlee, usually a gangster's moll kind of person and for obvious reasons.


kk7p | November 17, 2013

I have never given a name to an object, but my daughter absolutely insisted we name this car.

We settled on Ohmadeus...

Fordy | November 17, 2013

We pick up our MS and I tell my wife how much my dad would have loved this car. Take my mom for a ride, "dad would have loved this car"...take my brother for a ride..."dad would have loved this car...So, it was done our MS is "Howard"....

gasnomo | November 17, 2013

Model S

PJDoty | November 17, 2013

Nikki(fem). Inspired by Nikola.

judimasters | November 17, 2013


judimasters | November 17, 2013


EssDub | November 17, 2013

this is a great thread! love the originality..