What's your favorite easter egg feature?

What's your favorite easter egg feature?

It gets old fast, but every few months I'll turn on Rainbow Road / Cowbell and it makes me smile.

(If you don't "get" the cowbell easter egg, see

The one I see every day happens because I named my car 42.

However, my absolute favorite, and I use it frequently, is "Keep Summer Safe" (if you don't understand where that comes from, see

M3phan | December 13, 2019

Monty Python egg

PTdenver | December 13, 2019


M3phan | December 13, 2019

How to access Cthulhu?

Magic 8 Ball | December 13, 2019


dmastro | December 13, 2019

Old school, so drawing on it with the clear crayon before dipping it to create a cool image or message