When is lowest suspension setting returning?

When is lowest suspension setting returning?

Was just in for service and received the latest update. While talking with the salesperson they said you could lower it at 60-75 mph which I thought was a compromise since it was last removed as an option and it is still disabled so nothing has changed. I've yet to let Tesla know some agents are misinformed. I'd really like to know when we'll see this option returned. I definitely notice a change in feel while driving on the highway, changing lanes etc.

negarholger | January 5, 2014

I wouldn't expect it to be back before the NHTSA report.

elguapo | January 5, 2014

My SWAG - never, even after NHTSA report.

Captain_Zap | January 6, 2014

+1 Kleist

gan1812 | January 7, 2014

I just tried it on my car today and i am no longer getting the message that it is not available. Instead i saw the screen showing my car getting lowered.
Vin x06654

gan1812 | January 7, 2014

I did this while stopped at a light.

Bighorn | January 7, 2014

It will go into low when stopped, but will not stay in low if you proceed.

Brian H | January 7, 2014

Will it lower at highway speed?

PatT | January 7, 2014

If you exceed 97 MPH and then it goes back up somewhere below 70 MPH. It is easy to do when using an onramp with light traffic. I used that freeway travel method on an I-5 trip from Seattle, south, last month but eventually I would get blocked by the inevitable pair of semis traveling at 65.

I was mostly interested to see if my energy use would decrease while traveling low. That's when I realized how frequently semis travel side by side.