Where are the extra cells for Model 3 Long Range battery?

Where are the extra cells for Model 3 Long Range battery?

We are curious as to how the battery packs are arranged for Long Range vs. Standard.

The Standard weighs several hundred pounds less, and weight distribution 47/53 skewed to aft. For Long Range, weight is 48/52.

On the Long Range, does this mean there is an extra section protruding forward from what the Standard pack has?

Or, some other arrangement altogether?

ReD eXiLe ms us | July 30, 2017

Idunno. This is probably filed under 'Proprietary Information' at Tesla. If you refer to the Model ☰ Unveil event video, there is an animation running on the screen behind Elon Musk. That shows a three dimensional schematic build of the car. Early on, just after the wheels appear, you can just make out what appear to be eight equally sized modules inside the skateboard area that would be occupied by the battery pack. My guess is that would be the best clue.

vp09 | July 30, 2017

I also don't know, but I do know that all Model S battery packs are the same size.

Our tour guide last month at Fremont showed us a stack of Model S battery pack skateboards, all the same size, but different kWh.

JayInJapan | July 30, 2017

Why would it be any different from a MS build (cf. 60 kWh vs 85 kWh)? Fewer cells in fewer modules.