Where to Sell Your Tesla

Where to Sell Your Tesla

I am waiting on a new Model X and wanting suggestions on best place to sell my 2015 Model S. It has been a great car but in my older age want something easier to get in and out of.

Xerogas | November 30, 2019

@Scoopok: Private sale, or CarMax are some options

slf1881 | November 30, 2019

I purchased my used Model X 2019 from"Only Used Tesla" web site. I searched daily till I found the right one for me and I would say give it a try.

Xerogas | December 1, 2019

It’s a car. Sell it the same way you’ve sold cars in the past.

Scoopok | December 1, 2019

Thanks slf1881. In the past I was able to get a decent trade in but not from Tesla.

AnglaGadapee | December 2, 2019

Are you willing to sell it at any online sale? or online auction? I don't think Craigslist is right option for Tesla.

yamerof775 | December 3, 2019

We have different options where to sell our services as per my opinion don't stop on one thing Try to sell different things on different platforms. As i am managing a site of resutls and updates all the results to my followers.

andy.connor.e | December 3, 2019

Facebook Marketplace is actually alot better. I know someone who tried Ebay, Craigslist and FB MP, and facebook not only had better inquiries, but thats where they ended up selling their car.