Which options are you NOT getting?

Which options are you NOT getting?

There are a few options that to some are essential and others not necessary. Just curious to see out of the ones listed, which ones are you NOT getting?

Supercharging (obviously applicable to 60 kWh only)
Air Suspension

For me, I'm planning on skipping out on the Air and Tech. Only getting supercharging, leather, and pano.


archibaldcrane | December 11, 2012

At the moment, I plan to only get air suspension, 60kwh, no supercharging.

cablechewer | December 11, 2012

I skipped the twin charger, HPWC, the rear facing child seats, Performance option and 21" wheels. There were several items I debated, but decided I might as well get them in the end.

Electron | December 11, 2012

Skipped the premium audio, the HPWC and twin chargers. The only thing I'm slightly unsure
of is the twin chargers, as there are trips down the 101 in CA I like to make and I guess
Rabobank has 70 amp (?) chargers at their locations.

The Air Suspension was a toss up for me, but seeing as it a) brought the delivery date in b) was the only thing I test drove, and thus the only reference point and c) the non-air hasn't been demonstrated to anyone and is the only thing they are building, I went for it.

ir | December 11, 2012

These are not on your list but...

Skipped the premium audio - what is the point of 7.1 sound if there are no sources for "true" 7.1 audio? Pro-Logic doesn't count. XM is 5.1 at best.

Skipped the paint armor - getting a 3rd party full body paint protection because I hate the seam on the hood and want door panels covered. Also, noticed the showroom car (Santana Row w/ paint armor) has already chipped / worn through the paint in the door handle well from all the opening & closing. Paint armor doesn't seem to cover that (tsk tsk!).

stephen.kamichik | December 11, 2012

I am not getting pano-roof, child seats, sound studio, twin chargers, paint armor, wall charger and 21 inch wheels.

Lou in SoCal | December 11, 2012

For those opting out of supercharging, are you skipping out because of availability of stations or simply cost?

Motoring | December 11, 2012

85 non-performance; tech package, pano, twin chargers, 19 inch (practicality); air suspension, premium paint blue,leather. Looking at prepaid additional 4 years service when delivered w/ Ranger service, since live about 100 miles from nearest service center.

lajollan | December 11, 2012


cablechewer | December 11, 2012

Lou - Only one person has said no to Supercharging so far (on this thread). Were you referring to the Twin Chargers? They are only needed if you want to accept more than 50amps of AC charge. The SuperChargers don't utilize the car's on board chargers as they feed only DC.

I said no to the twin chargers because the number of AC chargers that exceed 50 amps out there is very small. Also the HPWC is a little pricey for home use. Most of the time my car won't need a lot of charge and it will be sitting all night so the faster charge would be unnecessary.

Lou in SoCal | December 11, 2012

@cablechewer I meant the supercharger. Was looking to get input from anyone that skipped out on it. I considered not getting it initially but decided to opt for it.

I said no to the twin chargers and HPWC too. Even the Tesla sales folks advised that it wasn't necessary.

gary.greene | December 11, 2012

Yes to air suspension (faster delivery),60 kwh battery with supercharger, 19" wheels, pano roof (wife wanted this), tech package, blue paint, and leather seats. No to all other options-sound should be fine and don't listen to music alot, no kids at home, and agree that twin chargers and high power wall plug not needed.

jbunn | December 11, 2012

No twin charger, 21s, premium audio, 80kwh

Did get leather, pano, supercharger, air, metalic paint