Whistling spoiler

Whistling spoiler

As soon as I go over 45 mph and the spoiler drops to "aerodynamic" position, it starts to whistle. It's clearly the sound of the wind hitting it. What I'm curious about is whether other folks can clearly hear this inside the cabin, or if there's some defect with a seal somewhere in my X that this sound is so clearly audible.

To be clear, I know that it's the spoiler making the sound because I can watch it start to drop at speed and the moment it locks into position the sound starts.

Anyone else with this issue?

Big T | April 14, 2016

I don't know, we always have the music playing. I guess I'll turn everything off and listen for it.

Gary an Rachel | April 14, 2016

Nope, I'll give it a real hard listen to next time but driving the car without radio is how I like to drive. Hear the drive motors spool up is a sound I like, but no whistle at this point.

carlk | April 14, 2016

No never noticed that.

paradis | April 14, 2016


elguapo | April 14, 2016

I haven't noticed it either.

USCRXDR | April 15, 2016

I noticed a squeaking sound when the spoiler extends and when i brought it up to service they were afraid to do anything to it since they say they don't know anything about the x and don't want to touch it.

EE | April 15, 2016

My X had a whistling spoiler until I took it to the SC and they filled a gap with caulk. It is now inaudible.

speyerj | April 15, 2016

Went down to SC today and they confirmed that some of the spoilers early on were not well sealed and air gets into the spoiler and causes the whistle. They are not caulking mine though, they tell me they are ordering a new part and will install it and redo the seal.

rossRallen | April 15, 2016

No sound from my spoiler.

vperl | April 15, 2016

Did anyone have a spoiler that hummed, or sung?

vperl | April 15, 2016

Did anyone have a spoiler that hummed, or sung?

Kitmin | April 16, 2016

My X did have a squeak initially when I got it but it has since been corrected at the service center. And I don't hear anything when I am driving it.

vperl | April 16, 2016

Warfin works wonders

Muzzman1 | April 16, 2016

None here either. For the last 2 weeks there's been not a single glitch!!

darlin | April 17, 2016

Nice Muzzman1. I am hoping for the same thing someday.....

mercc3650 | April 18, 2016

I never heard it, but probably didn't pay attention with the premium sound system on full blast most of the time.
Interesting that the SC said they had to replace the rear spoiler when they were fixing other minor issues...maybe they noticed it or were made aware of it.

vperl | April 18, 2016

I want mine to hum, "America the Beautiful"