White vs metallic White multi-coat

White vs metallic White multi-coat

Has anyone compared the standard white next to a metallic white? Comments?

Is it worth the extra $1,500?


carlk | June 2, 2013

Not only worth it but I think the pearl white is the best choice if light color is what you want. Silver is the second choice but plain white just doesn't look that good compared to the other colors. It's of course just my own personal but since someone asked.

CAdreamin | June 2, 2013

Thanks for your reply CarlK

Guess that's why Pear White is found on display at the Tesla store...

rd2 | June 2, 2013

I have the Pearl White. Best choice I made in configuring the car, and it was actually my wife's call. I went back and forth a zillion times between the Pearl and the blue, and even the green. But the pearl white absolutely shines day or night. The flat white just doesn't, IMO. If you can afford the extra $1500, it is well worth it.

nickjhowe | June 2, 2013

At the original Get Amped event in Palo Alto I asked Tesla to put the White and Pearl White side by side. There's not much difference - and in some lights none - but in bright sun the difference is subtle but noticeable. I have the Pearl White and love it.

Superraz | June 2, 2013

I have the same question as CAdreamin, is there really enough difference between the regular white and the multicoat white to justify $1,500? From what I can tell (in pictures), they both look almost identical.

Having said that, I have not seen them side by side in person, so I am not sure. So I am still deciding which White to go with, I have 1 more week till my reservation is finalized

DeanG | June 2, 2013

I have the Pearl White. I was getting a dark color until I saw it in the showroom.

Just a beautiful color and it says I am different car. People gather around wherever we park.

CAdreamin | June 2, 2013

DeanG - that must be fun when people gather around...

What interior color did you go with?

appljd | June 2, 2013

Have Pearl White as well. Definitely worth it vs white.

ramtaz | June 2, 2013

You will not be disappointed with the plain white.
I put the $1500 towards the PANO ROOF.

jandkw | June 2, 2013

I saw both the Pearl White and pure white at the Tesla store in DC and concluded that I can save $1500 and still get the bright color I want. I am driving my MS for 4 months now and never look back.

rlr | June 2, 2013

My wife and I just returned from a drive to the service center to compare the Model S to another vehicle. Luckily, some service guys were working on Sun and had temporarily moved two white ones outside - a "plain" white and "pearl" white...they were back to back and on a mostly cloudy day, I actually preferred the "plain" white...the pearl had a yellowish or darkish tint to it that I didn't care wife, who was staunchly for the "pearl" white, decided there was really very little difference and it wasn't worth the $1,500...I chatted with the service mgr about the "plain" white also being easier to repair/touch up...both are very pretty, but if you're at the top of your budget (like we are) and needing to prioritize options, then the "plain" white may be the way to go...I think it is for us...

CAdreamin | June 2, 2013

Thanks rlr and what color is your interior?

rd2 | June 2, 2013

I have black interior, obeche matte trim, 19"s.

I agree with the others above that the daylight difference between the two is not as pronounced. But the nighttime difference, under lights, is incredible. In just about any light at night, the sheen of the mother-of-pearl flecks in the Pearl White coat are amazing and it stands out quite a bit from the plain white. My wife and I saw both of these at night, side by side at the Palo Alto store. I've seen several since purchase at night, and it still holds true.

The comment above about touch up is also true I think. That plain white should be easier to touch up. There are touch up pens for the Pearl White available from the Tesla store now. Not sure how good they are.

But if you are deciding between Pano roof and the color, that is a tough choice indeed. The pano roof is very nice for a lot of reasons. In that case, I might have gone with black over the plain white.

reitmanr | June 2, 2013

We love our pearl white that just shimmers in various lighting. We got the black leather interior. At the Menlo event today, the difference in bright sunlight was obvious. It depends on your taste and your budget. We also got the pano and we are glad we did for the head room and light. Check out the two next to each other in different lighting and find which you like best. If you really like the pearl, just do it! No regrets later. If it's a wash and the budget doesn't let you get both pano and pearl, I guess get the pano. Most of the time you are inside the car, not outside. And they are all beautiful. Enjoy!

GLO | June 2, 2013

Love our Pearl white..

KOL2000 | June 2, 2013

Love the regular white. Wife thought the pearl was too "lexusey" if that can be used as an adjective.

Previous BMW was alpine white so this was closest.

Getting Amped Again | June 2, 2013

I bought some touchup paint for my Pearl 60. It consists of an opaque white base-coat, a very translucent, metal-flake mid-coat, and a clear topcoat.

Anyone think the base coat of the Pearl is the same paint as the standard white? That would be the most efficient way to produce cars I would think, they look very similar from a distance.

petero | June 2, 2013

ramtaz. "You will not be disappointed with the plain white.
I put the $1500 towards the PANO ROOF." I second the motion.

It is all personal choice. I personally prefer the regular white.

Xerogas | June 2, 2013

+1 petero

I, too, chose to put the $1500 towards the pano roof, and now that I've seen both whites side-by-side, I'm not disappointed. It's a personal choice, and I do love the look of the pearl white up close, but when you're 10 feet away, it's hard to see the pearlescent sparkle, at which point the standard white really stands out because it's brighter in comparison. If you're old enough to know what white-out looks like on a sheet of white paper, that's the difference: the non-pearl is extra-super-white in comparison.

For me, the tan leather interior combined with white exterior and black pano roof combine to make a gorgeous combination! If you really want to save money, and you like the look of the dark roof against the white body, then you could get the black roof (which doesn't cost extra)

And let's face it: there's no wrong choice here...debating colors on a Tesla is like debating which bikini looks best on a supermodel ;)

Fred O | June 2, 2013

I saw both colors side to side on a cloudy day and could hardly see the difference. At another occasion I saw a pearl white in arteficial light. Very beautiful.
(Disclaimer: I chose mc red)

pvetesla | June 3, 2013

I just got a loaner car that is Pearl. Mine is White.

I was happy as the Tesla Rep showed up to my house with the "cream colored" replacement. Next to my car you could really see the difference in brightness of the pure white. Once my car left on its way to the service center I could no longer see the creamy color I noticed next to my car.

So at the end of the day I’m happy I didn’t spend the money.

Just my 2 cents

BYT | June 3, 2013

I was admiring the Pearl White in the garage last nigh. It is gorgeous to me. Ultimately however, I suggest you view them live if you can and decide for yourself!

rc_austin | June 3, 2013

I *agonized* over this decision, having loved Pearl White when I saw it, but never having seen Plain White in person. I ended up going with Plain White, and am very glad I did.

One of my friends put it best... the Pearl White is very "luxurious". The Plain White is very sporty. Personally, I was going for sporty. :-) I love how "cool" it is, similar to Audi's arctic white.

Here are some nighttime photos of my baby:

Pay no attention to the dirt under the hatchback door...forgot to wipe behind her ears. :-)

info | June 3, 2013

I have a pearl white car because I thought it would be much better. From 5 feet away, you can't tell the difference. If it is truly the difference between the pano and the pearl, I'd take the pano. The only time you'll notice the difference in the paint is just before you get in the car. You'll think, "What a beautiful color, too bad nobody knows it but me."
Then you'll look up and not sakee the sky and think, "Nobody knows it but me."

When I got my last car, I knew it was going to be mine for a while and I got a non metallic white because I knew it would easy to match if the dreaded ding, nick, accident happened. If I could take your $1,500 and give you my pearl, I would.

Like several have said before, it's beautiful and looks great at night, just like any white.

Reilly McHugh | June 3, 2013

@rc_austin great pics

Brian H | June 4, 2013


J.T. | June 4, 2013

I believe it's the plural of Sanka . . . he had too much caffein.

info | June 4, 2013

Brian and Jtod-
My laptop has developed an annoying habit of inserting extra letters into words. I think it's because my meathands are hitting the right mouse key. I had typed "see" and later in the post, which I'm sure was very helpful and informative, I typed another word, but sometime prior to finishing, I must have hit the right mouse button and inserted the "ak" into the see.

Of course, sakee is a perfectly good word. It's just misspelled. It should have been "sackee", which of course, is a person who has just hit the sack, or a person who has just been sacked, or....

By the way, a direct answer to the original post is that I would have gotten the regular white and bought 50 shares of TSLA which would be worth $4750 now.

Oh, Brian, do you have another job besides being the forums watchdog. Please don't tell me you're an air traffic controller and post while you work.

info | June 4, 2013

I know Brian, I purposely omitted the apostrophe in forum's.

Brian H | June 4, 2013

Whatever possessed you?

G. | June 4, 2013

My concern was that metallic whites (think Cadillacs and Chrysler 300s) historically have an unfortunate yellow cast. Our Pearl White Model S sits in the garage next to my wife's 2013 E550 in Diamond White -- and it's yet another reason she wishes she'd gotten the Model S instead.

I agree with the comment that Tesla Pearl White looks a little richer (but is still very much a white white), and regular White looks sporty enough to compare favorably with Audi Arctic White and Mercedes-Benz Polar White and whatever that newer white is on 911s.

Jewsh | June 4, 2013

The pearl is beautiful but I didn't bother paying the extra $1500. (Went with the white.) I don't regret not buying the pearl although I do regret not waiting for the P85+!

sidghoshira | July 13, 2013

I went with the plain white vs pearl white as well. Waiting on my delivery next friday. My wife was a bit concerned if the plain white would be too white (like a whitewash). I have seen both side by side and its very suttle. And as previous posters commented, its a personal choice. Maintenance would be easier on the plain white and much easier to get fixed, god forbid, should there be a dent here and there.

I think the real beauty in Tesla is the technology, the drivetrain, the batterypack, the overall design. Exterior color is the personal choice we make.

phat78boy | July 13, 2013

I went with plain white myself. The pearl white had slight yellow tones to me and I preferred the plain white.

I know it's all preference, but to me this car is beautiful in white. The contrast with the pano roof and nose cone are fantastic! For those who like darker tint on the windows, it makes the whole car stand out in a different way. Add dark/black rims and the whole package is absolutely beautiful.

ramtaz | July 13, 2013


narkose | July 13, 2013

Got the pearl white & body armor. Quite pleased.

Jtsai22 | July 22, 2013

What is your recommended interior for Pearl?

pgiralt | July 22, 2013

I went with black. I'm not much of a fan of tan and I thought the grey was too light. Probably would have done grey if it was a bit darker.

nickjhowe | July 23, 2013

I have Tan with Pearl and CF accents. Love it.