wh/mile different for different cars?

wh/mile different for different cars?

I have a 40kwh car and the sticker says: 36kwh/100 miles, full charge range is 139 miles (I assume this is EPA numbers).

On full charge my rated range is ~144miles, but it seems my average wh/mile is 327 (based on ~1000 miles so far).

Problem is that my estimated miles based on ~327 w/mile is much less than 139. I'm also hearing the averages others are getting on 60 and 85's are in the <300 range. I don't think I'm pushing the car that hard at all, so, I'm not sure what is showing a 10% diff in w/mile.

Are there any tests to see if I'm not using more energy per mile than I should? or can i get some other estimates of 40's out there now? What kind of numbers are you guys seeing for average w/mile?

jeffaa | July 2, 2013

I'm at 2,600 miles on my 60, averaging 320 wh/mi.

SamO | July 2, 2013

To get below 300wh/m, you'll need to employee hypermiling techniques.

To get best mileage, drop speed on steep inclines.
Coast into stops.
Feather acceleration, use cruise control.

Seen low 270's milking it.

SCCRENDO | July 2, 2013

Question is if you want to enjoy your car or extend the range. I have had the 85 for 2 1/2 months have 6000 miles avg 348 wh/ml. Mostly use it for work 100 mile roundtrip so I enjoy rather than conserve as I have a lot to spare. Average around 380 going to work (gain 700 ft) and around 300 going back. When I take my first roadtrip I will need to range charge and drive like the 60 year old grandfather I am.

mal42north | July 2, 2013

One of the keys to get good WHr per mile is to limit regeneration on the flat. Each time you convert battery->kinetic->battery you lose some energy to heat. I don't think it matters much if you accelerate hard, as long as you then keep the power needle in the positive once you get to speed, and try not to let it swing back into negative regen mode. if you have to stop for traffic, or are going down hill, use regen as much as possible.

TMS Doc | July 2, 2013

I get rated range on my car when I'm doing 65mph on a flat highway, and that happens somewhere near 300wh/m. City driving, hills, or >65mph will give less than the rated range. After 15,000 miles, I am averaging 354wh/m. Call me leadfoot.

TMS Doc | July 2, 2013

A 40/60kwh car may have slighly different numbers as the battery may be lighter.

Brian H | July 2, 2013

Are you charging to 100% (Range/Max Charge)? The difference is probably the Standard Charge, which is 90%, IIRC.

Xerogas | July 2, 2013

After 2500 miles, I'm averaging 309 wH/mile in my 40. Tend to drive with cruise set at 69 MPH mostly freeway. Uphill vs downhill seems to make a huge difference: I get 284 wH/mile going to work, and 320 wH/mile coming home.

david.cheney | July 2, 2013

+1 @mal42north: "limit regeneration on the flat." Makes sense that it's less efficient to use regen if you have to follow that with energy to resume your speed - use regen only when you really need to slow down.

campsalvage | July 3, 2013

I don't hypermile, but i do a lot of under 50 mph driving commuting from south jersey to philly. We have 4600 miles and averaged 279 watt hour per mile since getting it in march. E have a non performance 85.

Mathew98 | July 3, 2013

I average about 400 wh/m since I picked up the car two weeks ago. But that's with lots of quick accelerations. If you sit in traffic often (with the HVAC blasting) it will also consume battery quicker.

Then again, it depends on each individual's driving habit and usage. Do you floor it at every traffic light or are your driving Ms. Daisy on a regular basis?

Carefree | July 3, 2013

This is no different than comparing the EPA mileage on an ICE. When is the last time those numbers were correct? Just drive the car, have fun with it and don't worry about those damn numbers.

Byong | July 3, 2013

@Brian H: I have a 40, so it's always max chage.
@Xerogas: 309 seems pretty good. what is your daily commute?
@carefree: I'm having fun and enjoying the car... I'm just wondering am I enjoying it too much :)

So, interesing thing seems to be that the 85's seem to have generally a lower wh/mile than the 40's. Seems strange to me, or the people that have had the 85's have had them longer and have gotten past the "show off, enjoy the acceleration" phase? whatcha all think?

So as a correlary to this question... just how much energy does running the AC take? and is that recorded as part of the total # watts used in the Trip panels? (or the energy panels for that matter).

defmonk | July 3, 2013

This may fall into the category of software update placebo effect. but, running the same route every day, I've gone from about 350 kW/m down to about 318 kW/m after the most recent update. I swear I'm not driving more gently. Is it the software update (the latest 4.5 something) or some mysterious cosmic shift...?