Why did you reserve?

Why did you reserve?

I tip my hat to all of you who dropped $ down on a car majority of you have never seen, besides on the website.
What tipped you into the category of purchasing without even sitting in the vehicle? I love the MS, but am debating about going for the MX, I am 6'6" and over time my back might like the idea of not bending down as much to get into the MS. Thoughts???

barrykmd | September 3, 2014

I haven't purchased anything. I put down a refundable deposit. if I don't like what I see, or the price, I'll ask for my deposit back. I'm hoping I like what I see.

NumberOne | September 3, 2014

I liked what I saw when the car was first revealed, but it took a while before I actually took the plunge and made my reservation later that year. I usually get a new car every decade or so, and my F150 is getting close to nine. My intention is to drive the Model X for as long as I can since reliability over time should be superior to ICE vehicles. I also think that the Model X would be more fun to drive and easier to park than my FX4. I planned on making the purchase once the car was available if I liked what was being offered at that time.

I can still wait, and my reservation is refundable. The only real reason for me to have made the reservation when I did was to be relatively early on the list, rather than waiting longer for something I was going to get anyway.

aljjr2 | September 3, 2014

I have had the same Audi Q7 for nearly 8 years. I saw the Model X and believe in Climate Change. I asked, should I get another Audi or be able to hold my head high when my Children and Grand-Children ask... "Why didn't you all do more to help save the planet."

So yes, sight unseen. However, I did drive the Model S to get a feel for the vehicle. Surprisingly, I like the drive, but found some things I wasn't used to or fond of. None were terribly foreign or overly objectionable.

Unless the "revealed" Model X turns out to be a minivan, I will get the Model X. If it is too minivan-esc, then I will get my deposit, and await the 2016 Audi Q7 or figure out how to bridge to the 2017 Q8 EV.

USCRXDR | September 4, 2014

i know how you feel about the Audi, i have a Q7 tdi and love it, and i have a sig deposit on the X model, and my wife said they we have to keep the Q7 also because she feels secure with it.
Have you noticed how similar the model X and the Q7 look?

babstude | September 4, 2014

i re-iterate the thoughts/comments of leonardd and alijjr2 above ;-)

aljjr2 | September 4, 2014

@babstude and uscrxdr Understand the affection for the Q7. I think after Audi introduced the Q7 in 2006 (USA), all the other SUV began to have a similar roof line and profile.

I drove several SUV's before buying the Audi. Built on the A-6 Car chassis, it had the best ride, appointments and handling.

I understand your Misses feeling safe in the Q7. With the stance, braking (60mph to 0 in 143 feet), visability and functional features, it is the best on the road.

I hope the Tesla X keeps pace.

pvetesla | September 4, 2014

I have an MS40 and absolutely love it. I can't wait to have the long range on the family car.
I've already been pushing the range on my 40 since I hate driving anything with an engine now. It's been the best road trip car I've owned.

Orthopod | September 4, 2014

Save the ******* planet!