Why Does The Smart Air Suspension Require the Tech Package?

Why Does The Smart Air Suspension Require the Tech Package?


AmpedRealtor | August 6, 2013

Silly rabbit, this way Tesla gets an extra $3,500!

I don't believe my P85 that is in production required the Tech Package for the air suspension. The air suspension was included in the P upgrade and the tech package could still be deleted or added.

tgeppe | August 6, 2013

I don't believe it was in my 60 kw version either. They were seperate items when I bought in December.

rocketscientist34563 | August 6, 2013

As of Friday they are a package deal...

AmpedRealtor | August 6, 2013

The plot thickens...

hikerockies | August 6, 2013

I have a 60 kwh with air suspension without the tech package. So obviously one does not need the other.

hamer | August 6, 2013

Because they can

GeekEV | August 6, 2013

They really, really, really want you to get the tech package...

S4WRXTTCS | August 7, 2013

With fog lights it's probably some wiring harness that's needed
With the parking sensors I believe it is a wiring harness that's need.

But, why are wiring harnesses for things people might not buy included with the tech package?

Then we have the smart suspension. Now this could be some future software update that requires GPS. So the car can automatically rise as soon as you get close to a destination.

I can't explain why the tech package is so expensive. They pulled out the HID lights and the HD backup camera and made those standard. They also pulled out the convenience lighting, and made that a $1000 option. So why is it only $250 less than it was?

The only thing left of any usefulness is the Nav, and even that needs a lot of work (things like displaying offline maps on the 17inch, or displaying a map on the dash when you don't have a preprogrammed destination).

nickjhowe | August 7, 2013


olanmills | August 7, 2013

@S4WRXTTCS, the tech package still includes the power liftgate, automatic keyless entry (auto-present handles), LED DLRs, puddle lights on handles, electrochromatic mirrors, and memory seats. I think these are all great features, and borderline essential, imo.

Colasec | August 7, 2013

+1 to olanmillis

I use the power liftgate, the memory seats, and the auto-present handles every single time I drive the car.

Colasec | August 7, 2013

lol, "olanmills"

portia | August 7, 2013

+1 olanmills
wouldn't be a future car without the tech package, or the smart suspension! Get them, don't nick-pick if you have the $$.

Docrob | August 7, 2013

Why do ice creams come in the flavors they do? I want rum flavored ice cream god damn it and they only make rum and raisin but I don't want the raisins.

My point is, it is how it is because that's how the company who makes it has decided to make it. Your only choice as a consumer is whether you are willing to buy the product they are offering. By all means make a suggestion or an offer to buy in a different configuration and see if they can accommodate you, however I don't see much point discussing it with other consumers on the forum or endless speculation of why they have done it a certain way.

AmpedRealtor | August 7, 2013

The simple reason is the truth - Tesla wants to push more people into paying for the $3,500 tech package. This is not driven by a desire for Tesla to want everyone to have the tech package - if that was their motivation, they would have just included it. What Tesla wants is another $3,500 from you, the buyer. The more options they can link to tech package, the more chances they have to sell you on a $3,500 upgrade that you may not have previously wanted. When Tesla ropes you into this, the thought process usually goes something like this... Another $3,500, are they crazy? Hmm... look, if I spend that $3,500 I can also get fog lights for only $500... hmm... maybe that's not such a bad idea... well, come to think about it, what's another $3,500... yah, $3,500 doesn't seem so much considering what you get... okay, let's go for the tech package.

GeekEV | August 7, 2013

@olanmills - LED DRLs used to be standard on all cars and were not part of the tech package. It will be weird seeing the Model S without them...