Why does Tesla block navigation in Europe on cars sold in the USA?

Why does Tesla block navigation in Europe on cars sold in the USA?

Perhaps the American Tesla owners will be surprised by this question, but there are countries in which there are no official sales of Tesla cars. Owners of Tesla in these countries have bought their cars in other countries, including in the United States. If a car is bought in one of the European countries, then navigation works in all European countries, but if you brought a car from the USA, then navigation in Europe does not work. European Tesla service centers are not allowed to service American cars! Perhaps this is done to protect the markets.
I am sure that making changes in software via the Internet is not difficult for Tesla.
Prior to version 9, navigation for Europe was done by non official Linux “specialists”, but now this feature is also blocked.
My question is why Tesla needs it? After all, car owners suffer from this, who spent a lot of effort to bring them to their country and paid for them much more cost then in the United States. Let's ask Ilon together. Is this a “thank you” to Tesla car owners who use them on the other end of the earth? Maybe on this forum there are Tesla owners with a similar problem?
Let's make a petition to unblock navigation in countries where there are no official sales of Tesla.

DTsea | December 6, 2018

it isnt blocked. Nav on Tesla cars is from a garmin database. your US car doesnt ha e the european maps loaded because you cannotdrive to europe from the US.

jordanrichard | December 6, 2018

If you import an American spec car to Europe, you clearly didn’t do your research. You will be unable to use any of the European superchargers or probably any fast chargers in Europe.

tes-s | December 6, 2018

What country are you in?

Slavas | December 7, 2018

This is Russia ))). Previously, on version 8, navigation worked, but as I wrote, it was not an official service.
In Russia, there is only one place with 4 supercharger. This is a golf club Roman Abramovich. Three of them are European standard and one for American cars.
In total in Russia now there are no more than 500 Tesla cars and about half of them from the USA

Madatgascar | December 7, 2018

Earlier this year, You You Xue, a Tesla enthusiast, crashed an American Model 3 in Greece while on Autopilot. He had been warned not to bring the car to Europe because it had not been “homologated” to European standards, and would not have an Internet connection. Nevertheless, he blamed Autopilot for his accident.

Tesla has since taken steps to protect itself from this.

Madatgascar | December 7, 2018

Tesla is not ready to release Autopilot in Russia....

tes-s | December 7, 2018

I think you pissed off Elon by invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea, among other things. Don't expect much from Tesla.

Madatgascar | December 7, 2018

Yeah, Elon didn’t have a good time trying to buy rockets in Russia either.

It really doesn’t make sense to import a Tesla to Russia. The Kalashnikov EV is supposed to be just as good....

Slavas | December 7, 2018

Madatgascar - My car does not have autopilot. So please do not confuse navigation and autopilot. My friends have cars with autopilot and they work in Russia. Your videos are funny, but I have not seen such roads in Russia. Perhaps this is somewhere in the regions, but for example in Moscow, the roads are much better than in New York. I do not argue, in Russia there is no such amount of high-quality freeways as in the USA.
tes-s - Not everyone in Russia supports what you are writing about. But it's not that. In Ukraine, navigation on US cars also does not work.

info | December 7, 2018

I was driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Hwy 5. The center line painting on a new area was crooked and weaved around like the painter was drunk.

Also in California, the politicians spent the ear-marked road money on illegals and the roads are worse than Moscow. I am sure the roads in NYC are worse than Moscow.

Slavas | December 7, 2018

I do not know the quality of roads in California, but in Florida the roads are excellent)

rollandng | February 21, 2019

I have just imported in a brand new Model S from UK. I'm able to search for an address, but just couldn't click "navigate". Traffic data and network connectivity has no issue. I'm sure that Tesla is able to activate for Singapore usage.

plusplusjames | February 22, 2019

This thread is full of kompromat.

billUK | February 22, 2019

As far as I am aware USA cars have different radio frequencies to Europe hence USA cars can not normally navigate in Europe. At a guess you may possibly be able to get around that by using a mobile phone connected to the Tesla by Bluetooth. I would imagine that is why they won't service them either as they may be using illegal frequencies for the radio and the keyfob.
It is possible to buy USA type home charging stations in Europe but all the European Superchargers that I have seen have Mennekes type 2 plugs on them.