Why not add 15kw generator

Why not add 15kw generator

15 kilowatt generators are cheap, very quiet, and efficient (1.5gl/hr consumption max, maybe even 1.0).

Commonly used on bus and motorhomes to power their systems and recharge their huge battery banks. Cant one of these be fitted (or modified to fit) in a tesla S with a fuel tank (diesel, 12 gallons). This will extend the range of the vehicle. If I know I desire to drive 500 miles, I could set the tesla to start charging once battery starts to deplete. I understand that 15kw will NOT be sufficient to keep the vehicle fully charged forever, but it should slow down the discharge such that we effectively are getting 600+ miles of range.

And it would even be possible to fill up before a night's rest and let the generator charge the battery -- i estimate it would take about 8 hours -- with some engineering (building muffler like a standard vehicle), it could be very quiet 60dB or less that it would not even be noticeable if it was running unless you stood next to the vehicle.

The idea of charging stations is not the future. This can be an option because i recognize it would probably add about 8-10,000$ to the cost, but I think this would be a huge winner

Volker.Berlin | October 10, 2011

The idea of extending range with a combustion engine (inside the trunk or on a trailer) has been discussed at length in this forum. Here is just one thread that may be worth reading:

Similarly, the idea of a gasoline powered auxiliary heater has been discussed and almost unanimously dismissed:

Vawlkus | October 11, 2011


Elon has already thrown the dice, and there is no way to add gas or diesel tech to Model S: there is NO ROOM for it. Besides, Elon has also said none of his cars will have ICE's in them. Goes for diesel as well.

Brad Holt | October 11, 2011

For reals! It's like hooking up an industrial fan to get your windfarm spinning!

sergey15p | October 13, 2011

You can just carry one in the trunk and let the car charge on every stop. That way you can travel long distance, will need to stop a lot but at least you can drive somewhere on vacation.

Volker.Berlin | October 13, 2011

Sergey, if you like going on vacation in nowhere land then the Model S is not the right vehicle for you for many reasons. Try a Land Rover, and take an extra canister of gasoline with you.

If you're on vacation in the civilized world, why not pull over at a restaurant and plug in while you have a snack or a meal? Or make a stop at any touristic location on your way, take a walk and some pictures -- and plug in meanwhile. Spares you the hassle, the weight, and the space of carrying that weird old loud stinky thingy.

I agree, this scenario assumes that there are chargers available at restaurants and at touristic locations, which is just a little bit futuristic. But as far as we can foresee by now, a year from now there will be a lot more chargers available than today. Particularly in the locations I mentioned, because they want you to stop and leave your money there.

Paul.s | October 13, 2011

Hmm a fuel back up like the GM volt has a lot of appeal for nowhere land like Australia , where an 800 k trip is common place between the civilized spots on the main highway, already have 2 four wheel drives, but I don't need to tear up $ carbon , fuel and heavy tyres on on a solid bitumen road
A roo bar would be handy (:-)

Volker.Berlin | October 14, 2011

Paul.s, agreed. There are certainly purposes for which the Volt is better suited than the Model S or a Range Rover. If this is a regular situation for you, you should not hesitate, go with a Volt (or a Prius). Once the life span of that car is over, you can return and see what Tesla's got to offer in the meantime. Maybe we have 1000 km range by then.

Volker.Berlin | October 14, 2011

... or maybe, you can just get those 800 km of road paved with an inductive surface ... :-)