Why not front wheel drive?

Why not front wheel drive?

It is my understanding that the default set up is rear wheel drive and all wheel drive in spring 08. But why not front wheel drive? I live in New York city and I have seen many cars (specially taxy cabs) stuck or in small accidents because they slip a lot in the smallest hill with just light snow on the roads. So if I want this car with front wheel drive, I am forced to wait/buy for the all wheel drive one? Feels off to me that since Tesla is going for the safest cars, we don't have an option for front wheel drive.

Rocky_H | August 29, 2017

Oh jeez. This is my early arguments with $HEWHOSHALLNOTBENAMED all over again. Yes, I know it's not zero. I know it's not "no" weight shift. I know weight shift is a thing that exists.

I was responding to your suggestion that the weight shift from a few miles per hour speed change was causing wheel slippage. It's so small as to be totally unnoticeable, so is practically about the same as none. If you want to claim your winnings from your monumental victory over inaccuracy, please see the cashier at the front window.

RedShift | August 29, 2017


I don't care if your wheels slip due to the car or one of the countless factors involved in this scenario (state of your tires, road conditions, whatever). Go drive a Civic if you get scared in snow. It has so little effect in my life as to be practically unnoticeable.

But to suggest I'm whatsyourname? Well, I need to rethink my whole life now. While I head for a workout. :-)

noleaf4me | August 29, 2017

RWD is simply better! | August 29, 2017

Actually Tesla makes front wheel drive cars. The have a letter P designation. The rear motor of such models goes to sleep when not needed to conserve energy and the car is pulled along by the front drive unit.