Why Tesla owners get defensive about their Model S

Why Tesla owners get defensive about their Model S

Frequently in these forums someone will say something negative about the Model S and then is surprised at the ferocity level of people defending the car.

This post is an attempt to show why this is so.

Yesterday I had the task of upgrading my nav software/data on my wife's 2011 Infiniti QX56. Here's what happened.

First, I asked my wife why she needed it upgraded, "because I'm tired of the nav telling me to turn right into a brick wall". OK, it's way out of date...

Do a google search to find how to get a nav update. Find the funky Navteq web site, pay $179 for the update. Wait three weeks for the package of DVDs to arrive in the mail. Open the package, scan the installation instructions, 18 small type pages and one badly worded errata page.

Start the install. The first thing is to turn on the engine, disable the bluetooth system, turn off the engine. Wait 10 seconds, turn on the engine, and start the install. Oops, first remove all CDs from the CD/DVD player. While the engine is still running, put in the disk marked 0. Go through a series of badly worded confirmation screens with a rotary dial and push button control interface. It then asks for the activation key. Activation key? Search the packaging, no activation key. Go back to my home computer, search for the now 3 week old purchase email, find the 14 digit activation code, print out the email, bring it back to the still running car.

At this point, I start to get worried about carbon monoxide build up, so I open the other garage door (only had one open initially), and close the garage/house door.

I use the completely screwed up interface to select 14 individual digits for the activation key. The install starts and informs me it'll take 84 minutes. 84 minutes for disk 0? Or for all five disks? Who knows. I leave the car running (software specifically says to not turn off engine) and go do something else.

My son runs in, "Dad, the car's running!" - tell him that I'm doing an upgrade, and stay away from the car, the exhaust the hot, etc.

I go back to check the progress, slip on the water the AC system is pumping out, get back up, software still installing. Decide to turn off the climate control and auto headlights to save some gas, make a mental note to try to remember to turn these things back on when finished. Look at the gas gauge, and worry I'll have enough gas to complete the upgrade.

After about an hour (not 84 minutes), disk 0 is done. After fending off my wife who wanted to shut off the car ("Don't touch it!"), I keep following the instructions, which aren't quite what the car is doing, but I re-enable bluetooth (hoping that my wife's cell phone pairing is still remembered), and start on disk 1. Oh yeah, the errata had two options about what could happen at a point, neither of which occurred, so I just fake it and select what I think are the correct options. A 56 minute estimate comes on now. I wonder why they give these estimates since they bear no resemblance to how long it actually takes. I go through disk 2, disk 3 and disk 4 and all told, it take about 2 1/2 hours to finish the upgrade.

I renable the settings I turned off (headlights, climate control), and as I'm typing this I just realized I forgot to put back the CDs I took out of the CD player.

So ... this, in a nutshell, is why we Model S owners passionately defend our car against detractors...

ORWA | July 12, 2013

I think I know why the doors sometimes auto present and other times it doesn't. If you use the FOB to lock the car and you leave and come back the car won't auto present. If you let the car lock itself the auto present will work every time when you return to the car and get close enough.

hodgeshawaii | July 13, 2013

Thanks for the suggestions about the FOB now that I understand that one negates the other I seem to get what I'm expecting - a simple case of changing expectations. On the UMC it opens when I use the TESLA APP for the IPhone - but fails most of the time with the power cord button. I will try to get back out to see our TESLA service center but timing is everything with our traffic.

Nice comment about "driving the price up" based on so many people's view that the car is perfect - hadn't really thought of that. I know I really hate to post things that are negative as one get's the "why did you buy it", and "Nit Picky go away" comments - but I truly appreciate the suggestions and positive comments. Thanks and Aloha