Why is there no search on this forum?

Why is there no search on this forum?

trx430ex | March 24, 2018

The reason is to make your brain pause,,,,History only rewards to a known point.

tomnijsen | April 5, 2018

I also want to search, because I need info about issue on my PW1 since oktober 2017, Tesla is not providing any solution uptil now!!!

mkhodash | April 8, 2018

these forums are not useful without a search function

guyonphone | May 27, 2018

It's silly that there is no search, im using a google search modifier in the meantime query

SUN 2 DRV | June 14, 2018

You can use to search the Tesla forums...

jc | August 2, 2018

Browsing the Tesla forums, I get the impression that they are an incompetent company all around. The lack of a search feature for their forums is just one more example of extreme incompetence.

I was initially impressed by their marketing materials for the Powerwall, but after monitoring these forums for a year, seeing their (total lack of) progress at coming up with a TOU solution to resolve peak demand billing issues, I've decided to move in a completely different direction. Tesla seems to be long on promises and short on delivery.

sashton | August 2, 2018

JC I think incompetent is going too far but I do feel they seem to pay little heed the domestic energy side of their business. Which is strange as it may end up more profitable than their car business.
I know this is scrap paper estimation but.
Assuming 50% the cost of an EV is the battery whereas it is probably more than 90% of the cost of a PW.
The cost per kWh for both batteries is the same.
A 60kWh M3 costs less than eight times a PW - at least a basic one.

So the basic margins work out roughly the same but there is so much more infrastructure required to sell cars than Powerwalls … so whey don't they prioritise domestic energy sales?

I'm sure there are glaring flaws in my reasoning - hopefully someone will point them out.

lilbean | August 3, 2018

Because they want us to read everything.

davbui | August 5, 2018

You can search this forum by using the site google search feature. For example, if I wanted to search for a topic that had the word sonnen, I would type in the google search bar the following: sonnen

Replace "sonnen" with your search key word.

alienglish121 | August 13, 2018

its just because there is limite topics and you can easily find all that in few pages.


alienglishbond | August 18, 2018

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