Width of Car/Parking

Width of Car/Parking

Though I'm not sure I have accurate info., from what I've been told the Model X is very wide, approx 82 inches, which is wider than the Hummer H2. I'm concerned about parking in lots, so many of which in LA have mostly compact spaces. I'm wondering what those of you who have been lucky enough to take delivery have found. Is this a big problem??

Tâm | January 8, 2016


It's an SUV, not a sedan, not a "compact" car so you've got to expect its size.

Because it's bigger than a sedan so Tesla expects you might get in a jam with tight parking spaces so it designed the Falcon Wing Doors for these situations.

You can see from the picture below that both a sedan on the left and SUV Model X on the right have plenty of room between the parking space markings:

NumberOne | January 8, 2016

The Model X is only 3 inches wider than my F150. In fact if the measurements in the F150s manual are correct, then the F150 is quite a bit wider, since the measurements indicated in the manual do not include the mirrors.

As it stands, for driving in general, the F150 is substantially wider because of the mirrors. As for parking, 3 inches wider is not a big difference, because it is only 1.5 inch on each side. My F150 fits in most parking spaces, so I do not foresee a problem with parking my Model X. Occasionally the spaces are too narrow for the truck, in which case I simply look for another one. As it is, I intend to park so far away from everything that no one will want to park next to me anyway.

ian | January 8, 2016

The Model X is 89.4 inches wide at the rear view mirror tips. 81.6 inches with them folded. 78.7 inches wide with them removed.

It is also 66.3 inches tall (falcon wing doors closed) and 198.6 inches long.


ian | January 8, 2016

Here's a more comprehensive list:

Overall Length 198.3” 5,035.6mm
Overall width including mirrors 89.4” 2,271mm
Overall width including folded mirrors 81.6” 2,073mm
Overall width excluding mirrors 78.7” 1,999mm
Overall height 66.3” 1,684mm
Wheel base 116.7” 2,965mm
Overhang front 38.3” 973.6mm
Overhang rear 43.2” 1097.7mm
Ground clearance low 6.7” 171mm
GC Std (w/o hitch attachments) 8.3” 211mm
GC Very high (w/o hitch attachments) 8.8” 223mm
Front track 67.1” 1,704.5mm
Rear track 66.9” 1,710mm
Front head room 41.7” 1,059mm
Middle head room 40.7” 1,034mm
3rd head room 37.8” 960mm
Front Leg room 41.2” 1,046mm
Middle leg room 38.4” 975mm
3rd row leg room 32.7” 831mm
Front shoulder room 60.7” 1,542mm
Middle shoulder room 56.8” 1,443mm
3rd row shoulder room 40.0” 1,016mm
Front hip room 55.6” 1,397mm
Middle hip room 59.0” 1,499mm
Gross Vehicle Weight P90D 6,682lbs 3,031kg

Turning circle 40.7'. 11.4m

Posted by vangogh over at


jordanrichard | January 8, 2016

The Front Track is wider than the rear.......?

Remnant | January 8, 2016

Will the rearview mirrors be dropped after the 1st of May 2016, when the video rear visibility rules get to be phased in?

Remnant | January 8, 2016

@ ian (JANUARY 8, 2016)

<< The Model X is 89.4 inches wide at the rear view mirror tips. 81.6 inches with them folded. 78.7 inches wide with them removed. >>

A good reason for me to wait for the mirrorless MX version, possibly available in May.

My garage would not accommodate the current version without multiple mini-collisions, unless I would always use Auto-Park.

EQC | January 8, 2016

"...which is wider than the Hummer H2..."

The Hummer H2, while a large-ish SUV, was not a freak on the road. Its frame was based on that of GM trucks.

However, mentioning the H2 does make the X seem very wide, because many people will actually be thinking of the Hummer H1, which had an incredibly wide appearance. But the H1 was based on a military vehicle, while the H2 was strictly for normal consumers.

Given that the H2 wasn't all that common, and is no longer produced, I wonder why this comparison suddenly came up for the X in so many posts/articles/etc. It would have made much more sense to compare to the very common Suburban or perhaps the Ford Expedition.

I suspect the H2 was only originally brought up by some Tesla hater trying to make people think of the H1...and for whatever reason the comparison has just stuck in people's minds.

elguapo | January 9, 2016

@EQC H2 came up because of absurd SeekingAlpha article. Agree it isn't really relevant here and mentioning is more part of spreading FUD. No on who actually has an C has reported it is too big or difficult to drive/maneuver. But the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate...

elguapo | January 9, 2016

Meant an X, not a "C"

mercc3650 | January 9, 2016

Wider than a Range Rover which is comparable in price and "status" although the X is much better overall and is the ultimate status symbol in my opinion for an SUV/CUV.

NumberOne | January 9, 2016

I just looked up the specs for a Honda Odyssey (2013) and it is 79.3 inches wide which is only 2.3 inches less than Model X. The measurements given in the Honda manual excludes the mirrors, so there is virtually no difference 1.15 inches on each side is not significant IMHO. I looked up this vehicle because I feel it is a close enough comp to Model X and more people will be familiar with it.

Farmer Dave | January 9, 2016

Isn't all this concern moot with OS 7.1 release providing self parking?

Just [let Tesla] Do It!

elguapo | January 9, 2016

@Farmer Dave Does 7.1 do that? I got it on my S this morning, but my S is early 2013, so I don't have AP. My version does open and close the garage door automatically now though, which i assumed was part of self parking...

AlMc | January 9, 2016

@elguapo: The 7.1 does have perpendicular parking but only on sensor equipped cars. It works well.

elguapo | January 9, 2016

@AIMc Thanks for clarifying. I will have to continue to be jealous of newer S owners until I get my X. Sounds like some cool functionality came out today.

AlMc | January 9, 2016

@elguapo: yep....and 2 years from now we will all be jealous of the S2.0 or model 3 P90D with The full AD sensor suite. Life in the fast lane :)

I am sure you will enjoy your X..,,

Farmer Dave | January 9, 2016


Yes, 7.1 provides head-in and back-in self park as well as "summon", which moves out of the parking space.

If the parking space is your garage, the car will open/close the garage door as part of the parking feature.

See the videos here:

elguapo | January 10, 2016

@Farmer Dave Thanks for the I found!

@AIMc Sad but true. Tough life of early adopters. ;-)

don.ferguson | January 10, 2016

Does self parking work when you're in the car? I have a narrow garage door, and would like the Tesla to get itself into and out of the garage while I'm still in the driver's seat.

Tâm | January 10, 2016



It's a requirement that you must be in your car for parking, that is parallel parking, and now perpendicular parking at a curb.

Your car can automatically parks itself at a curb but you need to be in your car.

However, the new feature is not about parallel parking at a curb.

It's about auto-garaging called "summon." It can open and close your garage door and settle in it or move out from it whether you are inside or outside of the car.

So, yes, auto-garage does work if you want to be in your car also.

aljjr2 | January 10, 2016

If you watch the videos at TMC, no one is in the Model S when it parks or summon from the curb parking.

Tâm | January 10, 2016


Those two links are not curb parking function.

Curb parking requires a driver to touch the 17" screen to activate it.

These videos are practicing of auto-garage with a FOB except there's no garage so it won't crash into your garage if something goes wrong.

Auto-garage does not require a driver and it's ok for a driver to sit in and watch too.

FOB= auto-garage (summon)
17" screen= auto-curb parking

speyerj | January 10, 2016

Oh if only the mirrors on the X could be removed at a later date. Generally I'm unsympathetic to folks wanting the newest upgrades outfitted on a car they already purchased, but that would be a great one I'd pay for...

vperl | January 13, 2016

For those that ask questions that Tesla has answered, but you refuse to source answer, read the MX owners manual, reading is fundamental.

I understand how lazy folks are, but the answer you seek is in the manual.

rdainer | April 10, 2016

for those of you who have used summon in your garages - what is the limitation on the clearance on either side of the car for it to park itself in your garage? I read elsewhere in the forum it was 8 inches - but honestly if there are 8 inches on either side of my car, I don't really consider that a tight enough space to require auto-park..

sp_tesla | April 10, 2016

vperl | January 13, 2016
"I understand how lazy folks are, but the answer you seek is in the manual."

We understand how annoying you are!

vperl | April 10, 2016

SP, seems your trying with malice to get a reaction.

I remember someone using a definition to describe such action.

I care less, you may attack all you will, I will just ignore you, as was suggested .

Have fun

NumberOne | April 10, 2016

@drainer, I think you might be overestimating the 8 inches. The door is probably about 4 inches thick. With the door open, that will leave only 4 inches for you to squeeze out. I can probably squeeze out with 6 inches, but no less.

rdainer | April 10, 2016

I see what you are saying @leonardD - I was just quoting what I saw elsewhere in the forum that said you couldn't even use summon if there was less than 8 inches of clearance on either side of the car I was thinking, when I would need to use it would be where there was less than that....and if I couldn't use it when it was so narrow then it would not be useful to me.....hence the question, what is the minimal clearance required for summon to be functional? I looked in the manual but didn't see an answer.