Is Model S going to have Wi-Fi?
I don't have 3G available at my residence.
ATT Edge is the only signal I can receive.
I do have a very strong Wi-Fi signal from
Frontier DSL in my garage.

Carefree | April 14, 2013

It was promised and will be available in the future.

reitmanr | September 11, 2014

OK. I've lost track. Are we getting WiFi? Seems like it was anticipated long ago, but I have not noticed any progress so far. Not urgent but it would be nice.

goehring9 | September 11, 2014

I figure it's got to be on the way, seeing as how GM has just announced they will have it... and one would think Tesla would keep up.

mathwhiz | September 11, 2014

I really don't think Tesla is in a rush to fulfill the promise of Model S acting as a wifi hotspot while they're still footing the bill for the 3G service. I assume it'll come in 2015 sometime...

RichardKJ | September 11, 2014

Wi-fi in the sense of the OP, i.e. for internet connectivity instead of 3G, has been available for some time. In fact it is well known that wi-fi connected cars will get software updates sooner than 3G cars. Also it was announced recently that navigation map updates (not the Google maps of the main screen) will only be available via wi-fi.

What has not been announced and will probably not happen is the car providing a wi-fi hotspot using the 3G connection to allow other devices to connect to the internet.