Will a 19 inch spare for a ModelS fit the X?

Will a 19 inch spare for a ModelS fit the X?

Was considering using it as a spare for cross country trips but did not know if it would fit my new X coming any day now. I am guessing I might not be able to drive on it too far because of balance and alignment problems with one 19 vs three 20 inch tires? Any thoughts?

Uncle George | April 8, 2018

A 19 inch can fit, but it could cause problems. I'm assuming the spare is just 1. if your swapping just 1 20 inch for a 19, that would definitely cause issues and i dot recommended unless you have 4 spare tires.

malbrough | April 9, 2018

The wheel fits fine, but you'd need a bigger tire mounted on it. A 235/55r19 would match the diameter closely, and be 1.1 inches slimmer than the original Model X front tire at just 9.3 inches wide. I'm considering doing this myself, since I now carry a Model X front take off as a spare, and it is 10.4 inches wide. A one inch slimmer tire would fit in the back of my 5-seater quite nicely, as I strap the spare down and put the deck lids back on top of the tire when traveling. The load range is fine on most 235/55r19 tires, but they also come in XL load ranges if desired.

Vawlkus | April 9, 2018

Honestly, I’d doubt it: I got a set of 20” rims that didn’t fit over my X’s brake caliper on the rear, and only barely fit on the front. A 19” in the same type wouldn’t fit at all, although if it fit on the S it MIGHT.

SteveMost | April 18, 2018

Maybe don’t screw with tires. Maybe don’t trade safety for convenience.
Be well.

Model X Guy | April 20, 2018

I have been using 5 Michelin 245/55R19 Premier LTX on my Model X 100D 5 passenger for 15,000 Miles. They are mounted on 19" Model S slipstream wheels. I have had zero problems and have excellent range. They fit fine and I have rotated all five of them 3 times.