Will Model 3 have a spare wheel slot?

Will Model 3 have a spare wheel slot?

Hey guys :)

I know it's a bit late to ask this question, but will Model 3 have a spare wheel slot?

I just learned that the Model S doesn't have one.
A spare wheel can be a life saver if you are stranded somewhere with a flat tire and you know how to change a wheel ;)

leskchan | October 19, 2016

Most likely not as It takes up space. That's what runflat tires are for those emergency situation.

dd.micsol | October 19, 2016

Call AAA-taken care of.

leskchan | October 19, 2016

P.S. You have to do provide your own.

leskchan | October 19, 2016

No need to call AAA. It's covered under Tesla Roadside Assistance protection because of the lack of spare. I just had to use it last night.

Somewhere I ran over a lag screw, much bigger than a nail. I felt something was wrong but the tire held. When I got home I found the lag screw right in the middle of the tire. Called Tesla after 4pm. They offer to flat-bed my car or swap out a loaner wheel. I opted for a loaner wheel. Flat-bed came at 6:30pm to swap the wheels. Service Center will call once it is repaired or replaced. No costs.

leskchan | October 19, 2016

Also my other car had run flats and they rode hard. At replacement time, I opted for regular tires instead for a softer ride. I bought a cheap rim and cheap tire for spare. I take the spare only on long trip.

jordanrichard | October 19, 2016

Just FYI, a lot of cars today come without a spare. It saves them cost, reduces weight (helps with MPG) and it creates more cargo space.

I have the Tesla air pump/goo kit. Knocking on wood after 2 1/2 yrs and 55,000 miles, haven't needed it.

Linemanap | October 19, 2016

Just throw one in the frunk

leskchan | October 19, 2016

Frunk won't fit a spare on the S if you all dual motor. I would assume the same for X. For 3, I would speculate that it wouldn't fit a spare with or without dual motor.

lilbean | October 19, 2016

No. The Model S and X are larger and still there is no spare. There is a tire repair kit at the Tesla store for $50.

DTsea | October 20, 2016

almost certainly not

ftarnay | October 20, 2016

Just drill a hole and bolt the tire to the back like a Jeep