Will MX production be delayed due to recent push for M3?

Will MX production be delayed due to recent push for M3?

Does anybody know if all 3 models are manufactured on the same line? If so, is there much re-configuration needed to crank out each of the models?

My MX order was confirmed only a few days ago on Saturday, 6/30. Reports from the forum suggest I should have an expected delivery date in my online Tesla account, but I do not see anything. Also looked at the emailed contract and nothing is mentioned there either. The local showroom folks hinted at an August delivery, but I am speculating if that date will be pushed out due to all of the pressure Tesla is under to crank out the model 3's.

lilbean | July 3, 2018

My guess is no. There are plenty of Model 3s being stockpiled in parking lots.

jlmuinonen | July 3, 2018

Totally separate lines between Model 3 and Model S/X (these two share a line), although they *might* share a paint room but I am not sure on that. And our Model X was ready as estimated. Order date confirmed May 18, with a July delivery estimate. And even with the big push to get the Model 3s out before the end of Q2, our model X finished production and in transit as of July 2. We were never given an expected date, just "July" when we placed the order. It took about 3 weeks to get our VIN, then another 2 weeks to enter production, then a week in production. Start to finish it looks like we will be 2 months from our order date to pick-up, depending on how long shipping takes.

bob | July 3, 2018

According to the official Tesla Projection numbers:

"Q2 deliveries totaled 40,740 vehicles, of which 18,440 were Model 3, 10,930 were Model S, and 11,370 were Model X. Model S and X deliveries are in line with our guidance provided on May 3. As we previously noted, we are in the process of changing the quarterly production pattern of those vehicles for the various worldwide regions to ensure a more linear flow of deliveries through the quarter. Both orders and deliveries for Model S and X were higher in Q2 than a year ago. Our overall target for 100,000 Model S and Model X deliveries in 2018 is unchanged."

So, to answer your original question -- Nope.

jimglas | July 3, 2018

Elon took people off production lines of X/M to meet the 3 production target.

davidahn | July 4, 2018

@jimglas, +1.

While MS, MX and M3 are built on separate production lines, I read that workers are being pulled off the MS and MX lines, and that MS and MX production is behind schedule.

davidahn | July 4, 2018

@ctn, Our MX 100D order was finalized 6/30 as well, August is the only date I have.

jimglas | July 5, 2018

I switched from a M3 to an MX because i didn't want to wait the 18 months I was told at the time. the order was finalized 6/4. I have heard nothing since.

dvanlier | July 5, 2018

I think profit margin wise the Model X gives Tesla much more money so they’d want that prioritized first.

Anzir | July 5, 2018

If you have been to Tesla Motors Club under Ordering,Production,Delivery subforum in the X forum there is a spreadsheet where people have been putting in their dates so that you can get an idea for when to expect delivery. On average production takes 7-9 days, and everything else depends on Model ordered and where you live. People in Fremont have been getting their cars the day after production is finished.

jimglas | July 5, 2018

@dvanlier: one would think so, but I think they are more worried about meeting their predictions about M3 production for the time being. I wish I had kept my M3 order now, it was placed a while ago, then I was put in the back of the line for a MX at the beginning of june when I switched. They were quite nice about refunding my deposit for the M3.