Will September be an X-tra special month

Will September be an X-tra special month

My gusss a few months ago was way off on the X buy page going up. However I believe that Elon's statement that by late September we will see X cars in the hands of buyers.
So that leaves us with 2 things we know.
End of September there will be cars on the road. (Elon/Tesla would have made a statement by now if they were going to be later than this.)
Elon will be on the Late Show with Stephen Cobert on the 9th.

I say an announcement will be made this week prior to going on Cobert, with the page going up this week. Now let's see if I can be wrong on that.

eric.zucker | August 31, 2015

There are Model X's on the road today, as witnessed by the numerous spy pictures.
Since for most people Q4 starts on October 1st, I now assume the design studio may open sometime during September. Maybe.

EternalChampion | August 31, 2015

I think that all will be known within the next 2 weeks. Probably sooner. | August 31, 2015

The X design has definitely been released for production. The factory build has begun. The only reason for holding back information now is the wait for the first deliveries to Founders. It will likely take two-three weeks to complete the first cars and ready them for delivery. Last week in September is the likely time for the "reveal".

eric.zucker | August 31, 2015

How long does it take for a Model X to go through its entire build process?

Assuming Tesla had all required parts in stock (which is unlikely, most auto manufacturers rely on Just-in-time delivery of supplies as keeping inventory is extremely costly), this would give us an idea how much time is needed from the moment you pick your options in the Design Studio to the car leaving the assembly line.

Further I would assume there is a delay of maybe 2 weeks so you could still change your mind. Maybe time to receive a payment towards manufacturing of the car. With external suppliers, ordering parts and having them manufactured and shipped would add some complexity. For the current series of test MX's, Tesla must have been able to manufacture parts themselves in lower volume ?

From this we could perhaps work out when the design studio needs to open vs the first Sig/GP deliveries?

Trying to move from wishful thinking and speculation to an educated guesstimate... | August 31, 2015

@eric: all the logistics issues are part of the build process. They have started the build,. Therefore all the needed parts are in hand for the initial run. It will probably take a six weeks or more to build the Founders' cars, the Signature models and the demo cars (>2,000 vehicles). They might be able to start building the early (up to 3000?) reservations by late October or so. They could take orders for those in late September, I think. Not sure how they are going to merge U.S. reservations with those from outside the U.S. Efficient shipping is part of the logistics challenge. I believe that Tesla does final assembly for some European countries in the Netherlands. I don't know if they are ready for the X.

Lucythesplainer | August 31, 2015

I know everyone is trying to stay positive, but I have to say that the phrase "two to three weeks" is becoming a trigger phrase for me.
Just sayin...

rlwrw | August 31, 2015

I expect a couple of "X" announcements when Elon goes on the Cobert show.
Model X, and SpaceX.
If they aren't ready, then expect Elon to back out of the show to avoid embarrassment.

socalsam | August 31, 2015

The problem is September 9th is the apple announcement of the new iPhone. Tesla will go before or after so as not to compete for attention. The way things have gone with this company, I predeict after the 9th.

rossRallen | August 31, 2015

Losing patience...

Tesla Bahamas | August 31, 2015


Be patient my friend. To help pass the time, start lobbying for Tesla to open a store in the Bahamas.

ken | August 31, 2015

Today's letter confirms September limited deliveries, which was what Elon said he would do.

Tedsla | August 31, 2015

If you are interested in how long the order to delivery process takes with Tesla, just look at the shortest delivery cycle they achieved with Model S. It was averaging 7 weeks from order to delivery. If you deduct about a week for delivery shipping. They were turning orders into cars in less than 6 weeks.

eric.zucker | September 1, 2015

In another thread, the Design Studio opened for early signature holders 8/31 23:59: