Will Tesla make a CCS adaptor as well as CHAdeMO avilable in America?

Will Tesla make a CCS adaptor as well as CHAdeMO avilable in America?

As far as DC fast charging goes the dominating standard in the U.S., as of today, is CHAdeMO (obviously excluding the TM supercharger network), but I think that is about to change within the next couple of years, if not earlier. With a list of automakers set to adopt CCS (Combined Charging System) that includes General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Daimler, BMW, and the Volkswagen Group, its highly unlikely that the CHAdeMO DC standard will dominate for much longer.

Since TM just announced that they are coming out with a CHAdeMO adapter for U.S. customers this winter in order to complement its supercharger network, my question is: Will TM also offer a CCS adapter in the near future as the CCS network starts to roll out across the U.S.?

Has anyone heard anything about this? or would care to speculate?

negarholger | October 10, 2013

Only time will tell...
How many CCS installations do we have now? My guess is theat before GM and company get off their butts probably the US will be covered with SCs.

frmercado | October 10, 2013

1 lonely CCS in the U.S. at Fashion Valley in San Diego, just opened a few days ago. Although since the first CCS enabled Chevy Sparks are not supposed to go on sale until the beginning of December I don't think this is so bad. I'm sure that after the BMW i3, which is due in the 2nd quarter of 2014, comes out, and if VW makes good on its promise and launches at the end of next year the e-up or the E Golf, the CCS chargers will start rolling out at an accelerated pace.

negarholger | October 11, 2013

"...the CCS chargers will start rolling out at an accelerated pace..." at the pace of a snail or a slug? So far that is a dead born. You have to realize that the ICE is 5-10 years away to become obsolete... GM & Co simply don't have the vision to put urgency on EVs... today they are fat and happy, tomorrow they will be fat and unhappy.

GeekEV | October 11, 2013

One of our local utilities, SMUD, is planning on rolling out dual head QCs in our area starting very soon.

Word is that the Tesla connector is electrically compatible with the SAE DC Combo plug, just like it is with the J1772. In which case, a similarly simple adapter should be a no brainer. But I have no idea if that's actually a true statement or not.

kbrandes | November 26, 2014

is there any news about a CSS adapter for the Model S? Here in Europe CSS loading is available more and more.

PieterDeBruijn | February 24, 2015

18 Combo CCS charge locations in The Netherlands. Would be great if there was an adapter. It should also be able to charge faster (75kW) than Chademo.