Window Tinting

Window Tinting

I have a few more months before I receive my Model S but was curious about getting the windows tinted. I talked to several Tesla staffers who provided mixed suggestions. One staffer told me I must be very careful when taking it to a window tinting shop as the Tesla is such a unique car they may not know how to properly pull the windows out. Another told me it is no different than any other car getting their windows tinted.

Has anyone had the windows tinted in their Model S? If so, how did it go? Has anyone heard anything specific from Tesla regarding the window tinting process?

nickjhowe | November 5, 2012

"Pull the windows out"???

When I got my Range Rover done they just eased back the strips along the bottom edge of the door as they slid the film into place. No "window pulling" necessary. I'm planning to get my front windows done by the same guy.

ViewAskew | November 5, 2012

I've actually had it done both ways. Most high end places won't need to take the windows out. My Sig "should"arrive in the next week or so. I'll be getting the tint done right away. When I do my pricing that will be the FIRST question I ask.

TikiMan | November 5, 2012

Me too. Most professional window-tinting shops should never have to remove the window. As far as I can see, the Model S windows are no different than any other vehical on the market, thus it should be no problem for a professional.

Superliner | November 6, 2012

Pulling Windows ????? WHAT ??? Have had window tint on numerous cars, window removal was NEVER required. To my knowledge our local tint shops are NOT! "High End" ?? operations. My current daily driver cost $164.00 to do all windows four years ago and the tint is still in excellent shape.

Being in southern AZ. tint is not an option it is a requirement lol!!

kelly | November 18, 2012

I opted to NOT get the factory installed paint armor because of the visible line across the hood. I've got a silver S. Instead I had Protective Film Solutions (in Santa Ana, CA) install the 3M Clear Bra. They wrap the entire hood, front fenders, back side of mirros, bumper, headlights, fog lights, and front spoiler (but not the black nose cone) and it looks awesome. The film wraps all the way around the edges of the hood so there are no lines.

I also had them install the 3M Crystalline window tint, which I highly recommend if you are at all concerned about UV protection and minimizing in cabin heat gain. It's about twice as expensive as a quality brand of normal tint, but I think it's well worth it. It's amazing how much cooler the cabin stays when the car is sitting in the direct sun!

Here's the website:

where you can check the specs on the tint performance and also find dealers/installers in your area if you are interested in the 3M products.
Also, note that Protective Film Soutions has a shop in the Phoenix area and is opening a shop up in Los Angeles at the beginning of the year, so if you are in these areas I can recommend them. (They were completely wrapping a Rolls Royce Phantom when I was in there with my S....amazing what they can do with plastic film these days.)

skystream3.7 | November 19, 2012

what did you pay to get all that done?

Brian H | November 19, 2012

If you have to ask ...

kelly | November 19, 2012


The 3M window tint price quote was $550.

The Clear Bra (which I think is also a 3M product) quote was $1,495.

The windshield film quote was $225.

But these prices might be negotiable ;-)

The 3M Crystalline window tint is apparently pretty expensive. it's 200-300 layers of nano-technology...whatever that means....$$$$, but it works. I was quoted $195 for just the window tint at another local place using SolarGard, which is supposed to be a quality tint, but I wanted minimal heat gain so I went with the 3M install.

skystream3.7 | November 19, 2012

thanks that helps

Michael Emrich | November 21, 2012

I'm in favor of 3M "Black Chrome" which is a metallic foil. Does this metallic foil prevents me from using my cell phone in the car?

Also, when I pair my cell phone via Bluetooth with my car, do I still use the built-in antenna in my cell phone or does the car has an antenna somewhere which will be used to communicate with the wireless beacons?

Where is the antenna of the cell phone built into the 17" touch screen?

Thank you for your answers.

TikiMan | November 24, 2012

Just finished tinting my windows today using a super-high quality ceramic tint (professionally installed). My car almost looks like my fob now...LOL!

Tiny warning... Because the rear window is at such a low flat angle, when you look through it at night (with a dark tint), the defrost wires tend to distort other vehicles headlights behind you. This doesn't really bother me, however, if you have never owned a car with a low almost horzontal rear window, you might want to make sure you will be ok with this, before doing it. Again, I am only seeing this with the dark tint I had installed, and it might not be a problem with the 3M crystalline tints.

Velo1 | November 24, 2012

TikiMan, if you don't sharing, what does this treatment cost? I am looking at the same tint, but haven't talked to any stops for a quote.

TikiMan | November 25, 2012

I paid $400.00 total (all windows tinted, except for the front windshield).

mrspaghetti | November 25, 2012


How long did it take for them to do all the windows?

Mark E | November 25, 2012

@Michael Emrich, the Bluetooth connection is only to extend the controls and speaker from the phone - the phone is still doing all the work. The location of the antenna is irrelevant.

TikiMan | November 25, 2012

About three hours to complete.

Velo1 | November 26, 2012

Thanks, seems reasonable, too.

digitaltim | November 26, 2012

I had mine done as well last Friday using 3M Crystalline - cost was 2-3x regular tinting - I did front, sides and rear. I will eventually post a pic.

skulleyb | April 12, 2013

In Los Angeles I went here, they did a great job!!

Sunshield Glass Tinting

4704 Van Nuys Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

NOLEK SUM | January 28, 2014

Huper Optik is the gold standard for tint. It's heat rejection is astonishing. I have had it on previous Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW's. Forget all that nonsense about 3m Crystalline. The only place you can get in the Phoenix area is from Supreme Mobile Window Tinting, 602-550-8468. He did my Model S - $499 sides and back, $150 windshield, and JR comes to your home and does it there. He installed Huper for Mercedes for 24 years and does beautiful work. The product you want is Huper X Treme Performance Drei 35. He puts 70 on the windshield [Lower the number, darker the tint. 35 is the AZ legal limit].

gthollis1254 | September 29, 2014

Huper Optik is definitley the way to go! You pay for performance, not a name. No dyes to fade and take performance with it. 3M is deceptive. They tell you that their film blocks 97% of infrared. They do but its only between 900-1000nm. The entire ir spectrum is between 750-2500nm. Huper will block into the high 80's percentile of the ENTIRE spectrum.

here is a durability comparison also:

psrenv | September 29, 2014

Had photosync tinting done at Exterme Autowerks in Cerritos, CA. Great job. 3 1/2 hours. Around $1,000

gthollis1254 | September 29, 2014

Photosync is ok but its a coated film. Meaning that there is an Infrared rejecting Dye that most of the performance comes from. over time that dye will fade and the coating will dissipate, taking performance with it. Huper optik is a true ceramic. The composition of the film is different at the base. The add more ceramic layers to achieve the color that they want, and not a dye.

vm | February 3, 2015

Any issues with electrical or radio interference with the Huper Optic Drei? Apparently it's a metallic tint vs. some of the other tints are ceramic. Trying to decide between this, 3m, or photo sync tints. Thanks.

KennyB@US-FL | February 3, 2015


The tint shop I've been using for the past 10 years is recommending photo sync to me for my car.

eye.surgeon | February 3, 2015

Just imagine how much your range will improve when the actual torque sleep update is released instead of this bug fix update.

joseph4203 | November 21, 2015

I just had my S tinted this week and I love how it came out! I went to a shop in Union City Ca near Hayward called Auto Sound Specialists. I shopped around a while to find the best deal but also good quality. I found nothing but good reviews on yelp and the best part about it was they were hundreds of dollars cheaper than some other guys. They had a few options to choose from including ceramic film that was a little pricier but decided to go with their Johnson window film brand that comes with a lifetime warranty. I also asked beforehand if they had to take out the windows and was assured that they do NOT remove any glass. After it was done they told me I had to keep the windows up for 3 days until it was completely dried. After the 3 days I was super happy to roll down the windows and find that the film went all the way up to the edge and I could barely tell theres even a film applied. I had other cars tinted in the past at other shops and never liked that there was a large gap between where the edge of the glass and where the film began. Overall im very glad I decided to get the tint job done after procrastinating for so long. They also install the clear bra paint protection which I will go back for later. Hopefully this helps some of you out.

CADUCEUS | December 13, 2015

New 2015 Model S with Huper Optik window tint installed by Glistening Perfection in Aliso Veijo, CA.

Just over a week ago I picked up my brand new 85D Obsidian Black Tesla and have been smiling ever since. Just like with any new luxury item I buy, the first thing I do is research fully how to care for it and
treat it right. The Tesla was no different. I knew I wanted to tint the windows but how can you know which quality item to use and who to have install it correctly? I mean how many of us have seen those cars with the window tint bubbling up and peeling off - no thanks, not for my black beauty. So, with the help of forum, and the web, I went through every review and came down to the choice of Photosync vs. Huper Optik. They are both great products but obviously vary to some degree. I decided on the photosync and started calling around for quotes and availability.

Moe with Glistening Perfection is one of those resources that is HIGHLY regarded on many forums and in the industry itself. Tim with Adonis Detail (phenomenal individual) in Carlsbad, CA thinks highly of Moe and vice versa. When Moe and I first talked on the phone it was easy to tell right off that he knows all of the products. His approach is to tell the client the details of each product, the honest truth regarding good and bad, and then let the customer decide which one is best for them. Like I said, I was leaning towards Photosync but honestly didn't want the "blue-ish hue" that is reported, therefore I settled on the Huper Optik. So, Moe and I scheduled a time to get my car in.

I am in the medical field and therefore my schedule can be a bit chaotic. Moe was as gracious as anyone could ask. I literally delayed and then cancelled my appointment within hours of our arranged time. Moe understood and just kept coming up with solutions until it all worked out. On first meet, the guys who work for Moe were energetic and extremely professional. There was another Tesla getting prettied up and several high end vehicles awaiting their turn. They asked me many details about my car, and were extremely patient in addressing all of my questions, concerns and thoughts. Moe arranged to have the car washed afterwards and my heart skipped a little beat with how immaculate it looked!!!!! I mean it was so professionally done it was like it came right out of the factory. Moe took the time to explain the curing process for the tint and how he wants to see me back at later date to evaluate that all is perfect. Can you ask for more service than that??

In the end, I am just a guy who likes nice things and goes to great lengths to ensure that others who touch them have the passion to be OCD about detail. Isn't that what we are paying for?

If you are looking for tinting options for your Tesla in California, Moe at Glistening Perfection is as capable, professional and enthusiastic enough to take care of the job properly. You can trust him and you will not regret it!

Ken_Myszkowski | December 13, 2015

I am looking for a window tinting service in the Manhattan Beach area, anyone have any suggestions?

wave | January 27, 2016

Would you mind letting me how much you paid for your service? Also, did you have your windshield done as well?
I'm also in MB and looking for the service as well. Have you gotten yours done?

3Gs | January 29, 2016

My son-in-law owns a tint shop and I brought the car to his shop right after I took delivery. There was no need to remove the door panels nor "pull the windows" out which I believe is standard practice for most cars. He said with the Model S, it was not necessary. I had to help him by pulling slightly on a suction cup from the outside as he slips the film in between the glass and rubber strip.

garmango | May 2, 2016

Does anybody have experience with window tinting in Tampa Bay/St Pete/Clearwater?
Any recommendations for service, products??

TaoJones | May 2, 2016

Ken/Wave: Consider Extreme Autowerks in Cerritos. Ask for Derek or Bing. They've done hundreds of Model S and are quite familiar with Photosync as well as other options.

I recommend Photosync 35 all the way around with 75 for the windshield. If your cars are registered in CA, do note that both options are not necessarily in accordance with state or local regulations. That said, the majority of owners who have had their Model S done thereat have chosen 35. Having said that, the 45 looks good as well - however, for the money, it seems that 35 represents the best bang for the buck.

If I ever remember to do it, I plan to go back to get the front Pano panel done as well.

Lastly, I haven't noticed any blueish hue with Photosync, and I've had the tint for over a year now.

Jazer | September 5, 2018

No matter what you need to choose nano-ceramic tint. Blocks up to 99% of UV and IRR rays (heat). I got mine from a new company based out of Los Angeles, MotoShield Pro. Check out pre cut tint packages for Tesla models here: