Windows opened itself?!

Windows opened itself?!

After work I went to my car saw wet spot on front passenger seat then realized window was open but I never opened the windows.....

Window opened by itself?!?! During rain lol

Shock | August 20, 2018

I can't find the thread but there was one started recently and it's a problem a lot of people are having, apparently.

mos6507 | August 20, 2018 continues.

Just_Ted | August 20, 2018

Easy Mos, I had this problem. It was me, fat fingering the buttons by mistake. The side of my hand stiles the controls when I exit like an old man.

dragon_summie | August 20, 2018

OMG!! thank you for sharing!!
I just got my Model3 since last Friday and window was opened itself during rain lol
So yea, seat, door and carpet were all wet...

mos6507 | August 20, 2018

Hence, it really does continue, despite the fat-fingering incident.

Magic 8 Ball | August 20, 2018

Sigh, 70,000 out there and just how many "phantom" window issues? I think if windows were rolling down on their own that many more would be reporting on this.

Reminds me of when everyone on the CMax Energi forum was thinking the charge port door was popping open by itself. It took over a year for everyone to come to the realization they were forgetting to close it.

czamara | August 20, 2018

It has not happened to me again. Maybe the latest update fixed it?

dragon_summie | August 20, 2018

@Magic. FYI, i do not open windows when i drive to work, i drive mainly on highway and where i work is a min from highway and i do not open windows on highway! and i normally have my work bag and lunch bag on front passager seat and i would get out, open the passager door to get my bags. so if the windows was open i would of see it!

thank you for your kind words :)

ps. u probably didnt read but two other users here had said they saw other posts in regards to windows randomly open. thank you again for always commenting unnecessary comment :)

Magic 8 Ball | August 21, 2018

All of the Cmax owners that thought charge port doors were opening themselves swore up and down it was not because of them and all finally came around to understanding it was actually them.

dragon_summie | August 21, 2018

I must be blind...Today I got out of my car paid attention confirmed they were all closed. I just went to my car four hrs later, yup same window opened again.

Something about myself, i probably have OCD lol. Each time when we r at restaurant for example. after dining, I check the table twice and under tsble and seats to ensure we didn't leave anything....Every night when I go to bed I checked all doors and windows to ensure they r all locked. Yes even the ones i know they r Not open I still check and yes even tho we never open one single window yes I still check....

So I know it was Not me that opened my model 3 windows and thanks again for ur concern

Magic 8 Ball | August 21, 2018

Could be a problem with your unit.
Did you log a bug report and contact TESLA?

BlueMeanie | August 21, 2018

mos6507 - would you please explain why you continue to hang around? What's your goal? Your endgame?
It seems that you just enjoy tossing crap in the soup and stirring the pot.
Do you own a Tesla?
Do you have a vendetta against Tesla or Musk?
Your criticisms are not of the helpful variety, so I question your motives.

CharleyBC | August 21, 2018

@dragon_summie, I am impressed that you can laugh about your interior getting soaked. I'm pretty sure I'd be annoyed! Good for you for your sense of humor!

I have noticed our right rear window partially down (as little as an inch to as much as about a third) several times. As @Just_Ted said, in my case, I'm pretty sure I'm at fault, inadvertently pressing the window control as I squeeze out of the car in situations where I can't open the door fully.

TranzNDance | August 21, 2018

mos seems like a masochist who enjoys hanging out with people he doesn't like.

Cdotpeterman | August 21, 2018

When I went to disconnect charging this morning, I found the driver side rear window down about three inches. No rain in socal but a puzzling development.
Thanks for posting on this forum and not merely logging a bug report and contacting Tesla. I'll keep an eye on this and of course contact Tesla if it reoccurs.
Meanwhile, I'll watch this thread to keep abreast of the ongoing situation and possible resolution.

cascadiadesign | August 21, 2018

Mos claimed at one point to be waiting to buy the $35k Model 3. Why would someone want to buy a car they felt so negative about? Makes no sense to me. His endgame is anyone's guess. I do know that the expanding number of owners will drown out the FUDsters. People love my car and they'll believe what they see & experience first hand over some BS spread in a forum.

rxlawdude | August 21, 2018

Our early M3 (Dec' 17) has never exhibited this behavior.

mos6507 | August 21, 2018

[ I do know that the expanding number of owners will drown out the FUDsters.]

It's the expanding number of owners who are starting these issue threads or responding to confirm that they too are experiencing the issues.

bradbomb | August 21, 2018

My M3 has had the windows open on their own twice, one time I was nearby, the other I was still in the car.

First time - M3 was at a hand car wash. One of the guys there was drying the exterior and he opened the rear driver door and immediately upon opening the door, the window lowered to 50% and stayed there until he raised it. No one was in the car and no one touched the windows control.
Second time - Parked my car and someone was removing things from the rear passenger side of the car. I had the front passenger window down at the time. When they opened the rear door, that window went to 50%.

I have not had this repeated since, but I do know on both occasions, no one had touched the window controls.

cascadiadesign | August 21, 2018

"It's the expanding number of owners who are starting these issue threads or responding to confirm that they too are experiencing the issues."

Taken in context of how many Model 3 are out there, I'd say Tesla is not doing too bad.

By the way, I used to work in QA for a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer. You can be sure Tesla is collecting warranty repair data and making a Pareto Analysis of the issues. We have seen already several improvements in Model 3 and I expect we'll see more. The real measure of a company IMHO is how they react to issues as they come up.

BlueMeanie | August 21, 2018

mos - you don't have time to answer any of my questions?

dragon_summie | August 22, 2018

@Magic yes I reported to tesla, I was told someone will call so I also emailed them to keep a record

@CharleyBC THANK YOU!! I figure what is done is done. I agree ppl say that model 3 is like driving an ipad. So I understand app/computer has bugs so I just assume its just a bug J plus no car is 100% perfect even if they are a quarter millions dollar. I will just take whatever lol. I actually made up my mind when I go pick up model 3, if it run, even if it has crack like some ppl reported or badly paint I will just take delivery lol I will just take photos, report to delivery specials for record… I know tesla always stand behind their product…but just late lol

@Cdotpeterman I read another post, several other had same issue window opened on its own. They contacted tesla, a services tech told them to reset the windows. U can scroll up see the link on this post

@bradboom thanks for letting me know so I know I wasn’t dreaming haha

I agree @cascadiadesign!!!

gmkellogg | August 22, 2018

This is just a safety feature, thieves won't need to break your window if it just rolls down by itself.

mos6507 | August 22, 2018

[you don't have time to answer any of my questions?]

I'm not on the stand, dude. As I've said many times, if I pull my reservation, I'll stop posting. I'm not like Shock. Until then, I treat whining and banging plates as more useful than fanboism. Tesla needs to know where the pain-points are and not surrounded by blind worship.

wayne | August 22, 2018

Troll alert.

fskott | August 22, 2018

Happened to my car, too. Seems random.

Def not user error, as I've been paying close attention since it first happened, and am now in the habit of actually checking the windows before I get out of the car, and taking a quick look-see before I turn and walk away. Still happens, occasionally.

dragon_summie | August 22, 2018

@fskott I actually started taking photos before leaving my car ha

dragon_summie | August 23, 2018

Happened this morning again

Got to work looked all windows are closed, got out walked to passage front to pick up my lunch bag and work bag, window was half opened lol

I already did the reset window trick I found from another post. I just did the reset screen trick so hopefully this will do

ron369 | August 23, 2018

I’ve been having this happen every few days ... always on the front passenger window. At first, I thought the passenger must have accendentally rolled down the window, but it has also happened even when I didn’t have a passenger. One time, it was rolled down about 1/3, and I am sure I would have noticed that if it happened as I was leaving the car.

dragon_summie | August 23, 2018

Other post said try to reset the windows by open window hold five second then close hold down control for five second

If dun work try to reset screen

gwolnik | August 23, 2018

I've noticed that one of the rear windows will sometimes be open about 1/3 when I did not recall doing so. I finally caught it in the act, when slamming the front driver door closed, the driver's side rear window went down by 1/3. So maybe this happens sometimes when closing a door too hard? If you are not looking at the rear window, you might not notice because it happens very fast and the sound is masked by the slamming door. If you don't slam the door, it often does not close, so now I'm going to watch both rear windows whenever I close a door to see if this is a pattern.

dragon_summie | August 23, 2018

@gwolnik thanks! i am gonna try to see if this is the reason caused my window opened

agkulcz | August 24, 2018

This just happened to my yesterday on the front passenger side - started driving and realized that the window was down about 1/3rd of the way. I have not idea if it was down the whole time car was parked (at a public parking lot) or if it went down when I got in and closed the door - spooky.
@gwolnik I'll have to watch for it carefully now but if what you say is true, it cold be a jolt from closing driver door that activates briefly one of the window switches in the door and causes one of the windows to go down a bit.
Ahh, another thing to get fixed after I just got the glovebox adjusted so that it does not fly open when I'm accelerating - incidentally that also started happening right after I've read about it happening to others on this forum: clearly my M3 is being jinxed by the Tesla Forums and I should just quit coming here so that my car stays perfect as Musk intended... ;)

sgnatiuk | August 24, 2018

Everyone, just start parking at my place so the cameras can see the windows roll down with no one around. Then send the video to Tesla. Also leave the key cards with me for safe keeping.

dragon_summie | August 24, 2018

Lol @sgnatiuk. I have camera outside and my garage too but I only have my car for a week. It didn't roll down itself when I park at home...Both time outside parked at work, one time even was raining yes seats, door inside and carpet r all wet haha

lansingc | December 16, 2018

Happened twice within the last week. Rear passenger window goes down 1/3 and I second guess whether it was me. Happened again...same window, so no coincidence.

I see some have logged bug reports? How do you do this? Is it an email to Tesla support?

Any solutions?


Ryan425 | December 16, 2018

I believe you can use voice commands to log bugs. Haven't tried it yet.

007bond | December 16, 2018

Press voice command, say Bug Report, pause a sec, then say the issue rear pass window rolled down... the car will say thank you and you are done. Logs go to Tesla along with your recording.

langolier | December 16, 2018

Happened to me night before last in heavy rain. Both front windows down about 3 in.

Just thought it was curious when I was certain that I hadn't done it because it was raining when I parked. Didn't discover it until next afternoon. The 'leather' seats dry nicely.