Windshield replacement

Windshield replacement

Cracked windshield on a Tesla Model S on a lease. Safelite has quoted me $ 751.00. Tesla quote is $1200+ Also Tesla says it will void the warranty if Safelite does the replacement. Get Safelite to do it or do I go to Tesla?
Thanks in advance

rxlawdude | May 10, 2017

I thought outside installers can install OEM glass, but Tesla SC must recalibrate cameras (if AP equipped). | May 10, 2017

You might want to get clarity on the voided warranty. They can't void the entire car warranty, but clearly can void the warranty on the windshield, as they didn't make/replace it. Hopefully a third-party windshield replacement keeps the mirror and attached electronics (AP1/AP2 if equipped) still under warranty. I'd confirm this with Tesla.

Victorg-90D | May 10, 2017

your insurance probably has separate glass coverage with $100 deductible - check with them first

steve.vukelich | May 10, 2017

I recently had my windshield replaced by a Tesla Certified Repair Shop (Eveland Bros in Kansas City) and the costs were as follows (not including tax): Windshield, $630, Sealant kit $75, Aim Camera/Autopilot 1 hour labor. The windshield cost is what Tesla charged the shop (they did not mark it up).

steve.vukelich | May 10, 2017

I forgot the labor hours to install the windshield: 4 hours. Total cost was $705 + 5 hrs @ $115/hr = $1280.

Jmadhavan | May 10, 2017

Tesla parts were $840 and labor was $ 285 + tax for a total of $ 1210. I asked the Tesla manager if I could get the glass done by Safelite and bring it to Tesla for re calibrating the camera and his very short answer was, NO!! Not very happy with the service at the facility to the point that I am planning to send feedback to the higher ups but not sure who to send it to. I had to call three times in a day to get a quote from them. During the last call, I was quite short with them on the VM and informed them that their service was shoddy. About 15 minutes later they sent me the quote.

Jmadhavan | May 10, 2017

I did check with my insurance (Progressive) and was told that I could go with either (Safelite or Tesla) but I would have to pay the difference out of pocket + deductible!!

tes-s | May 10, 2017

My insurance paid for Tesla to do it - no deductible.

I called the insurance company, told them the windshield was cracked and wanted to have Tesla do it. The only question they asked was would they be paying Tesla, or would I pay them and get reimbursed by insurance.

Tesla replaced it that day. I paid them (credit card!) and got a check from the insurance company 3 days later.

jimstesla | May 10, 2017

I had Tesla do it, paid $100 deductible on my went up 20% the next year...agent said it was due to the Tesla windshield claim (rock hit the windshield while driving on a freeway).

DLebryk | May 10, 2017

Be certain the Safelite glass is the same as your model with the accessories. That's critical - they might not have your exact windshield. Not sure where you live, but winter package is important if you already have it on your car. Your insurance company would pay for the Tesla replacement IF Safelite does not have your exact windshield.

There's no reason to ask if Tesla service would recalibrate your camera. The question is, how much does it cost to recalibrate the camera?

Then you take that information to your insurance company and make them pay for the recalibration. I'll bet the two prices get a lot closer when you count that extra service.

There's no reason in the world to tell the service center you have a Safelite windshield - you have a problem with your camera, and it needs to be calibrated. Simple.

MilesMD88 | May 10, 2017

Do a search on this topic, many post.
A year ago I had w/s replaced. Geico payed the full Tesla replacement cost, around $1200, minus my deductible. Safelite would not touch it due to autopilot.

Anthony J. Parisio | May 11, 2017

What is your Insurance company?

drklain | May 11, 2017

Two factors at play wrt insurance...what is your company/policy and what state do you live in. Various states have different regulations wrt glass coverage on an auto policy (for example, MA has a separate policy/deductible for it while most states include glass in the basic vehicle policy).

Jmadhavan | May 11, 2017

My insurance co is Progressive and I live in OH.

sp_tesla | May 11, 2017

tes-s | May 10, 2017
My insurance paid for Tesla to do it - no deductible.

What is your Insurance company?

tes-s | May 12, 2017

ACE insurance. Besides windshield replacement, others have complained about their rental reimbursement coverage when their car is being repaired. My policy has no limit on the duration for this - just a $10,000 limit.

jordanrichard | May 12, 2017

sp_tesla, it has nothing to do with which insurance company one has, it has to do with which state your in. Like tes-s, I am in CT and here glass coverage has no deductible.

Greenee | May 12, 2017

In Palm Springs, Ca. Tesla sent me to Safelite. Safelite had to purchase windshield from Tesla. Safelite installed glass and replaced the camera. Tesla checked out the camera to make sure it was calibrated. Insurance covered cost minus deductible.

homosapien | January 12, 2019

What I found odd with the windshield replacement in my Model 3 was the 33 miles Tesla drove to "check for wind noise and camera recalibration", which strikes me as excessive. Anyone else notice the miles Tesla drove for their recalibration?

DRFLGD | January 12, 2019

I didn't note the number of miles my car had.