Windshield Washer Jets

Windshield Washer Jets

One of the (very few!) things that bothers me about my TS is that the windshield washer jets hit very low down on the front windshield; maybe 3-4" from the bottom. There is no way to get the top of the windshield clean. Spoke to a representative at Tesla who told me "that's the way they are meant to be".
Anyone else have a similar problem or know of a way to adjust the angle?

jbunn | March 27, 2013

Usually with a pin.

olanmills | March 27, 2013

What would also be nice is if the spray was better. It's kind of too much on the side of "squirt" rather than "spray".

Brian H | March 27, 2013

Apparently the angle of the windshield is so extreme the spray can't be raised a lot.

bp | March 28, 2013

With a small pin, you can adjust the nozzles. I've had to open the frunk to do this - so it can be time consuming to open the frunk, adjust each nozzle to a new position, close the frunk, spray the washers and then repeat the sequence until it's acceptable.

It is possible to adjust the nozzles so low that they won't hit the windshield or so high that they'll shoot over the roof. So there's plenty of room for adjustment - which can make it trickier to get adjusted to an acceptable position.

Wonder if Tesla has a tool that can easily set the nozzles to the desired position - avoiding the above trial-and-error technique...

CarlE_P439 | March 28, 2013

Just guessing: washer fluid + open sun roof= wet people.

Manta | March 28, 2013

I had mine adjusted at the service center and the tech used a special tool (with the frunk closed). He also said the spray is jet-like (as in German cars) and designed for use at high speeds vs. fan-like (as in American cars) which is better used with the car stopped.

L8MDL | March 28, 2013

It would be nice if future models had the spray coming from the blades instead of a single point jet spray. It would be a minor change with major benefits.

noel.smyth | March 28, 2013

I had mine adjusted at the service center as well. its a 5 minute fix....

Sander | March 28, 2013

The Tesla rangers fixed mine when they came out for another issue

noshird | March 28, 2013

Thanks everyone!
I was able to adjust mine successfully with a pin. Took just a few minutes to make the adjustment- once I found the right sized pin to use. A pair of washer jets sits underneath the frunk lid on each side. Each jet appears to sits in a ball and socket type joint, so it can be moved gently in any direction. Less than a mm adjustment required.
Also found this helpful video that describes the process exactly: