winter tire question

winter tire question

first I love my 21 inch turbine wheels
love the handling and road feel ok with road noise I know they may or may not last longer than 10, miles
second I have not been able to find a compromise 19 inch staggered wheel winter tire combo for the price
that I really love
third I am in cinci where the winter months are not that many, and snow is not bad most years, but at times can be bad but it is cold
I plan on driving alot to Michigan with much more snow and even colder

thus I need a winter tire

I read on some other board someone was doing something like this:

front pirelli winter sottozero 2 245/35/21

back pirelli scorpion ice and snow light truck tire 285/35/21

any issues changing tires off rims frequently, will the above combination drive OK or really bad
will my summer tires be "injured" changing them frequently (they are going to be dead at 10,000 anyway

howard red p85+ in cinci ohio

jat | November 16, 2013

Regarding changing wheels frequently, I have dedicated wheels/tires for track use and have swapped them about a dozen times so far in the last few months - no problems (none expected either).

You might also consider 20" wheels which have more winter tire options -- I am running 20x9 BBS CH-Rs for the track tires.

cfOH | November 17, 2013

@Howard: If you want to swing by or meet up some day to check out my new winter setup, I'd be happy to let you see and drive them.

cfOH | November 17, 2013

To your question, I strongly recommend getting the same kind of tire on all 4 wheels, so I wouldn't mix Sottozero and truck tires on the same car at the same time.

I, too, was unable to find a 19" combo that fit the MS that was appealing to me, which is why I went with a 20" Vossen setup (9" all corners) with slightly wider Pirelli tires on the rear (255 vs 245 on the front).

For the past 9 years, I've swapped my wheels/tires twice a year and had zero negative side effects (apart from the unused wheels & tires taking up a bit of space in the garage). It only takes about an hour, twice a year, so it's not a huge burden.

howardb33 | November 17, 2013

Thanks Craig!

I will have to meet up with you soon.