Wireless 3G provider?

Wireless 3G provider?

Is there any information about which carrier will provide wireless internet in the Model S?

ArieK | October 2, 2011

Green Car Reports has an article up which claims "4G integrated data access". No word yet on a specific carrier.

Brad Holt | October 3, 2011

I spoke with one of the top-end guys a bit before Elon did his thing, and he said they're still negotiating with companies to figure out who they want to go with and how much it'll cost. Seems to be leaning toward Verizon ATM. He said AT&T were very corporate-y and weren't really jelling with the Tesla style.

dasky4eva | October 3, 2011

That's what I was hoping it'd be. Thanks Brad!

gjunky | October 3, 2011

One of the engineers stated that the 4G was coming and it looked like it would be LTE. Pretty much all the providers here in the US are going this route so that doesn't help us to figure out who it would be. I assume they will include some of the cost with the car or perhaps the first 3-12 months as is common with Sat Radio.
On board wifi as mentioned on the new specs sheet would certainly be nice with a good LTE connection. Hopefully with unlimited bandwidth....

Brad Holt | October 3, 2011

I'm sure that'll depend on the dataplan. It'd be awesome if our monthly data plan could be comparable to satellite radio charges.