Wish List for Next Update

Wish List for Next Update

Automatic volume control for the radio - Road noise increases with the rate of speed and makes it necessary to increase the volume of the radio and vise-versa when decelerating. My old Chevy Malibu had a feature that would automatically increase/decrease the radio volume with the speed of the car. That's old technology, so why isn't it included as standard on Teslas. It would save me from having to take my eyes off of the road to adjust the radio each time I accelerate/decelerate my Model 3. Seems like a no-brainer and low lying fruit, so can we get this feature in the next update?

A suggestion box is needed. Not sure that this Forum leads anywhere, but the people at Tesla Service said this may be the best place to submit suggestions????

jimglas | January 16, 2019

Adjust the volume with the left thumb wheel. No need to take your eyes off the road

mbirnie51 | January 16, 2019

1) I think @tsecrest's suggestion that software update is better solution than using scroll wheel. I too had a Chevy Volt that auto-adjusted volume.
2) give us a pedestrian/bike horn that we can use to alert folks that we are about to come close. Again, my Volt had that, it gave a reduced volume audible sound from the existing horn system. I used it alot in the streets of Seattle.

g.chrisk | January 16, 2019

1) Open and close windows thru the app
2) Adjust charge current thru the app

jordanrichard | January 16, 2019

better solution than using the wheel!!!? Afraid of a muscle sprang in your thumb........

The problem with this feature is that if you want to have a conversation in the car, you end up turning the volume down anyways and then turn it back up. | January 17, 2019

Rare to see suggestions that haven't been arround before:

@tsecrest - it's been a high rated desired feature (I submitted it back in 2012)

@mbirnie - popular desired feature since 2013:

@g.chrisk - Windows - unlikely to happen as it's a safety concern. We used to have it in the fob, but removed I think in 2013. Here's the desired feature to vote on:

and .. Charge limit desired feature:

thomaserty1234 | January 24, 2019

When I was going to check for the updates suddenly the browser ran into some problem and it has now crashed. I have checked for help and really got to know more out of it.

manosoul177 | January 26, 2019

Why does Tesla not have Apple Car Play? When deciding on or selecting a Playlist or song, I have to pull to the side of the rode (if possible) to safely select the item from my phone. If one does not pull over, this is definitely distracted driving (very unsafe). Sometimes I can use "Hey Siri" to pull up the song or playlist, but sometimes I have forgotten their names. I know there is Slacker, etc., but I prefer my songs and playlists that I am paying Apple for every month. When the availability of other premium electric autos (i.e. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc.) becomes competition for Tesla, and the others are offering Apple CarPlay and Google Play, Tesla may lose customers to them. I know this because when I was looking to replace my Saab convertible, with another convertible those that did not offer Apple CarPlay were not even considered. In a year or so I will be in the market again to replace my wife's car with an electric vehicle. I want it to be a Model S. However, if the others are offering CarPlay and their electric autos are close to being as nice as my Model 3, they will have my business, not Tesla. I can hear some saying why consider such a trivial item as one of the factors in selecting a car? But hey everybody is different. What is trivial to you may not be to others and I would hate to see Tesla miss out on sales for something so easily addressable. And, if not easily addressable, why?

kishorekv | January 27, 2019

@manosoul177 "Why does Tesla not have Apple Car Play?"
Maybe because Tesla has ambitions to have an app store of their own in the near future? | January 27, 2019

@manosoul - Some owners hate carplay, others want it. Lots prior threads on this topic and it's not at all clear it is easy to add as they are not using some generic OEM head-end as quite a few automakers use. Here's the entire rundown:

nizam | April 16, 2019

Wish Tesla will make it possible to review the dashcam footage recorded in the USB stick on the display screen. Also record all cameras including the rear camera like it does in Sentry mode,

btucker49256 | April 16, 2019

There needs to be more and better voice command capabilities. At some point the screen will be old technology and people will be using only voice commands to operate the car. Be the first Elon.

cshenderson | April 17, 2019

I would like to see a feature to lower the volume if ANY scroll wheel is suddenly turned when the car is in park. A lot of times, I park first, then realize the volume is too loud.. then the steering wheel is upside down or sideways and I have to think about it. I would like to just spin and wheel any direction and the volume mutes or decreases enough that open a door dosen't wake the neighborhood. | April 19, 2019

In the new update, I would like to get more possibilities for entertainment, for example to play blackjack for real money as it described in the article and maybe some more voice commands to be prepared to any situation.

Rod.Wright | April 19, 2019

Need for passenger assist handles/grab handles.

Now that Tesla is moving closer to self-driving / ride-sharing services... they need to address a serious design omission... lack of passenger assist handles/ grab handles.

I had a stroke on Christmas Eve and cannot drive for at least 6 months. Meanwhile, I've been forced to use Uber ridesharing to get around. EVERY one of those ridesharing cars I've seen, has passenger assist handles and they are essential for seniors and handicapped. Tesla needs to add those to all future production and to offer them as a dealer installed upgrade to those of who are already owners. I'd be happy to pay for that modification

Tesla2018 | April 20, 2019

Ability to set a/c or heat to predetermined temperature a t specfic times each day.

I forget to use the app to turn the ac on before leaving in the morning or coming home at night since the phone is the last thing I take when I leave home or work. Since I have the same schedule on specific days and weekends, it would be nice to automatically come on. Cabin overheat only makes the interior temperature go down to 100 so its still hot inside the car most of the time.

NKYTA | April 20, 2019

@Tesla2018 more time with your car will help.

c_birkett | October 1, 2019

My wish list prioritized:
1. Better voice interface. At least find any car control by voice.
2. Voice searching of manual.
3. Reduce wind noise. I added epdm seal but still could be better.
4. Something to put on my dash in front of me - custom displays, flexi screen. I'm think lots of bobble heads for now.
5. Cooler steering wheel (sorry, my GTI had a much cooler wheel).

marie.neal | October 2, 2019

Just one thing for now:

Make it so that charging starts whenever power comes on even after the charge cable has been plugged in and the car is "asleep". We use an off-grid solar setup for charging that powers on whenever there is enough power available and it's annoying that the car won't just use power when it's available. This would also be useful for using "night rate" electricity when it cuts in at night and would mean not having to play guessing games with the charging timer. Our other EV (Nissan Leaf) does this by default, so it seems odd that the Model 3 doesn't (M3 is a much nicer car :-) ).

gjraham9 | October 10, 2019

I am a businessman whose short on time and I lose a lot of time while my driver drives around to my office. I would like the new upgrade to consist of a backseat LED screen through which you can access internet along the way. I want to stay connected with my business anywhere in the world. I have online stores like and lots of others, and it is very critical if I lose my clients because of no connection medium. So this will serve as a great tool for me to stay updated with my stores and not lose any clients. This should be a potential upgrade in all models!

Stargazer222 | October 10, 2019

My previous 2006 Prius had the innate ability to automatically lower the media volume whenever the navigation app audio was active, thus bringing the navigation audio to the fore. This simple, ancient technology, so obviously missing in my "luxury" Tesla, is an important safety feature. If I miss the navigation audio, I will need to look at the screen to try to figure out what was just said, distracting me from the task at hand (driving the car!) Anyone else have this issue?

PhilMB | October 11, 2019

Comprehensive online dashboard with past charge & travel info, car settings etc. Basically a streamlined in-house TeslaFi system. Love the data availability and would much rather get it from the manufacturer than a 3rd party.

PhilMB | October 11, 2019

Display the side repeater cameras on the display when parking =) Why not ?

jerrykham | October 11, 2019

How about just the ability to have text messages show up (and be read to you) like other cars do? I'd swear I saw that this was supposed to be there in v10 - but it isn't there.

PrescottRichard | October 11, 2019

Stargazer- no. No problem with hearing navigation.

The volume is adjustable, both on the Nav screen and when the Nav is speaking to you. I enabled Joe mode and it is still crystal clear.

JohnRogerH | October 12, 2019

Ability to set different heat vs A/C temperatures. The car would stay between the 2 temps. Auto-mode would only use the fan on comfortable days. I think this could save energy. My home thermostat does this.

Horst Schlämmer | October 13, 2019

suggestions for improvement:

--Recognize live speed limit signs (use camera to detect speed limits)

--Show all charging stations, not only Tesla Supercharger. e.g. IONITY 350kW/FastNed...

--Waypoints for navigation

--Battery "percent SOC" / mileage" quick toggle - or show both at the same time

--Navigation specify desired Charge Level at destination;sort=popularity

beachmiles | October 15, 2019

Wish there was a heater off button / a Nest like temperature interface.
Ability to set heater off, level 1 free battery heat. Level 2 added cabin heat with a user settable max kW usage dedicated to the cabin heat.

Xwm | October 15, 2019

Hope can save "cabin high temp protection" as driver profile; so far need disable other function which only used while driving then can active it each stop, why?

tesla3 | October 15, 2019

Add the ability to automatically close the windows if it starts to rain (improvement to "Vent" control).

tesla3 | October 15, 2019

Add a setting that allows the user to enable or disable the diagnostic logging that is wearing out the eMMC flash memory chip(s) on the MCU motherboards of all Tesla models. As a software developer I understand how easy it is to just "leave" a bunch of debug logging as the default, but when it destroys the hardware for no purpose it should be disabled!

tesla3 | October 15, 2019

Change how the automatic high beam settings works. Fix it so that if the driver clicks the stalk to turn on high beams they come on and stay on until the drive clicks back to low beam. There are many times when the automatic high beams refuse to stay on if you try to use the stalk to turn them one even if there are no other vehicles in sight, etc.! Irritating when you need them and can't have them.

tesla3 | October 15, 2019

Make and adjustment to the "following distance" so that if driver wants to risk it they can follow even closer to the vehicle ahead of them. Give us a "0.5" or maybe a "-1" setting. In intense city traffic the minimum following distance is ridiculously huge and only invites car after car to jump in front of you and makes the Tesla brake some more.

tesla3 | October 15, 2019

How about an "Automatic Horn" setting that will cause the horn to deliver two very quick conservative beeps whenever another vehicle gets extremely close to the Tesla. This should happen for other vehicles parallel parking and getting too close (front or back). Or drifting into your lane from the adjacent lane. There are many other use cases, too many to mention here.

tesla3 | October 15, 2019

How about an "Automatic Horn" setting that will cause the horn to deliver two very quick conservative beeps whenever another vehicle gets extremely close to the Tesla. This should happen for other vehicles parallel parking and getting too close (front or back). Or drifting into your lane from the adjacent lane. There are many other use cases, too many to mention here.

tesla3 | October 15, 2019

Would like to see an email sent to my Tesla account email address that is a list of every video file name saved for Sentry Mode events to the thumb drive each time Sentry Mode is turned off.

tesla3 | October 15, 2019

Would like to see the default behavior for "Sentry Mode" and "Dashcam" to become mutually exclusive. Meaning if the Dashcam is on (car in Drive) the Sentry Mode is off. If Sentry Mode is on (car in park) then the Dashcam is off. I can think of no case where both should ever be on at the same time. Additionally, since we now have Sentry Mode I can think of no time when Dashcam should be allowed on if the vehicle is in Park!

tesla3 | October 15, 2019

Add a "Weather/Radar" icon toggle to the map right below the existing one for Traffic. Make it dynamic but super slow. No reason to have repeating animation, just the single current "latest" update and location based. Then replaced with the next update when it comes along. Way better than none at all.

Takeo McCauley | October 15, 2019

NEXT UPDATE- Add the ability to set the "Summon Distance" for a vehicle backed into a garage.

CURRENT STATE- The "Summon Distance" can only be set for a vehicle pulled forward into the garage. Over half-of-the-time I back into the garage. IMPACT- Summoning the vehicle out of the garage either pulls the vehicle out of the garage the correct distance (when it backs out of the garage) or too far (when it pulls forward out of the garage). In the latter case, I have to manually stop the vehicle before it goes beyond our driveway into the public sidewalk.

Ayates394 | November 5, 2019

My wish for today: Traffic light information technology to tell drivers how long they need to wait until the traffic light turns green. The countdown is displayed directly in the car’s dash panel. It will also saves energy. Accelerating toward the next light, braking to stop, and accelerating again burns more energy than casually coasting.
On a secondary but more lasting level, FSD vehicles will have the ability to test traffic lights in order to map out their next move. This will make them safer, while ensuring passengers necks aren't being jolted.

andy.connor.e | November 5, 2019

"It will also saves energy. Accelerating toward the next light, braking to stop, and accelerating again burns more energy than casually coasting."

Try being more patient. You save zero time by inching forward in anticipation for the green light. And more often than not, your reaction time is reduced because you're wasting your attention on inching your car forward. Where if you just waited for the green light your quicker reaction time would save you more time than inching forward could ever have gotten you. And even so, we are talking about as little as a second or less "saved".

Phantom_Menace | November 6, 2019

Loving my car but some nice to haves that will probably be coming anyways.

1. 360 degree parking view.
2. Ability to read text messages.
3. Premium connectivity option to get satellite maps and visual traffic.

blakamp | November 6, 2019

1. Double Tap for Details. Double tap on Presets / Favorites to open details page, without interrupting currently playing item... Double tap on a favorite podcast to open the podcast listing. Double tap a station and go to a station page (that has recently played listing).

2. Expanded Favorites. Allow Spotify albums, artists and playlists to be added as Favorites, with Double Tap for Details.

Horst Schlämmer | November 8, 2019

suggestions for improvement:

--Recognize speed limit signs

--Show all charging stations, not only Tesla Supercharger. e.g. IONITY 350kW/FastNed...

--Waypoints for navigation

--Battery "percent SOC" / mileage" quick toggle - or show both at the same time

--Navigation specify desired Charge Level at destination

teslu3 | November 8, 2019

Two settings for rearview mirrors, one for daylight and one for night.

northreal | November 8, 2019

Homelink icon needs to be moved close to the driver side of the display in Model 3, possibly also in the X and S. Occasionally, I backup and drive forward before the Homelink automatically opens or something else happens to make the auto open and close feature not execute properly. When that happens I have to reach all the way over to the far right to manually open/close the garage door opener. Simple fix...Happier customer!

spsheridan | November 16, 2019

Use geo-fencing so car does not automatically lock while parked in my garage. I can't count how many times I've gone out to my car to get something only to find I forgot to bring my phone with me, requiring another trip inside and back out to the garage. Very frustrating.

anton.mans | November 17, 2019

Autopark - two requests.
1. Allow parking to slots on both sides. Here in the UK the car looks for slots on the left, but it can obviously also look to the right, as it does so in the USA. Some UK car park roadways are one-way, with access to slots on both sides. UK slots are narrow, but autopark does a really good job of them.
2. A bit quicker, please! It's holding up other people who are trying to get around.

wfickas | November 21, 2019

Alas, I have to park outside. I'd like an Ice Mode. When in park: mirror auto fold should be overridden, mirrors should be unfolded, and wipers should go to the service position. If there are any tricks it could do to release the door (i.e. release the window) that would be great too.

nukequazar | November 21, 2019


noushadamir08 | November 22, 2019

At the point when I was going to check for the updates all of a sudden the program ran into some issue and it has now smashed. I have checked for help and truly became acquainted with increasingly out of it.