Worst Decision Ever

Worst Decision Ever

Just received my Model X and this is my third Tesla. Purchased a Model S three years ago and bought my wife a Model 3 a year ago. Bring my new Model X to my lake house only to discover that it does not come with a 220 volt plug!! Now I find out that they do not even have the adapters in stock so I am only able to charge with 110 volt which means I can't return home for at least a day. I cannot begin to tell you what an awful decision someone made. I'm beyond pissed.

lilbean | February 3, 2020

You don’t check for this before you leave for a trip?

Scoopok | February 3, 2020

I would assume they would supply the car with the same adapter they have for the past 5 years!!
Like I said i had 220 installed at two homes and work for this purpose. I don't think the majority of people charge with 110. Fortunately I have free supercharging so I can use that on the way to my bakehouse until they have the adapter. It will cost Tesla much more in electricity than the $35.00 adapter. I never checked my new ICE cars to see if they reconfigured the size of the inlet either.

lilbean | February 3, 2020

I’m glad you can get to a supercharger. :) | February 3, 2020

@Scoopok - Better check your ICE cars again. Diesel vs. gas have different size inlets :)

I agree it does cheap to not include the adapter, but for those that don't buy the WC, there are a lot of different adapters. I use the NEMA 6-50 myself, which was never included and had to buy. I expect most people get the WC, so no adapter is needed.

bryan321 | February 3, 2020

Thanks for reminding me...

lowtek | February 3, 2020

How did that assuming work out for you?

Scoopok | February 3, 2020

Assuming did not work out so well. Both the Model S I bought and the Model 3 I bough a year ago had a New 6-50.

I am still surprised that they don't supply it and that currently I am unable to buy one because they are on backorder.

They can't give me a guess on when they will be available which I do not understand.

artc1688 | February 3, 2020

Scoopok i encountered the SAME this last year also, when they did not include the 14-50 plug and we almost had to cancel our trip if weren't for the kindness of a Tesla owner loaning me their adapter
crazy to think Tesla wants to charge you extra $35 for the adapter for the $120K car you just paid for...
I was told Tesla removed the adapter one month before I purchased the MX....... SIGH

Pungoteague_Dave | February 5, 2020

Um, they do include the standard level 2 adapter. There are so many 14-50 and other alternatives, with such little usage, hat it makes no sense for Tesla to try and supply any other adapters. My Sept '19 Raven X UMC is still in shrinkwrap and I suspect will still be when we dispose of the car. A lot of this stuff is just vestigial tails from early adoption.

I have a container with about 10 adapters and dongles from our '13 S85 that were needed in pre-SC days, when we never knew whether we'd be hooking up at a campground, marina, friend/relative's dryer outlet (3 options there), a welder outlet, or even 110. I don't even bother taking the kit off the shelf for long trips anymore. If you have a specific use, buy the adapter. You don't need one from Tesla - there are many sellers out there. Tesla guessing about your specific need and providing one with the car would just be wasteful for 95% of users. I think they should consider eliminating provision of the UMC given the ubiquity of charging options. Most people no longer need any adapter beyond Level 2. Need CCS? Buy it. Need Chademo? Buy it. Need 30-amp marina hookup? Buy it, etc.

Vawlkus | February 5, 2020

Not anymore Dave. They stopped giving the 14-50 adapter away last year. Maybe it’s only for the 3’s, but that’s confirmed.

solarguy01 | February 8, 2020

Just go to Home Depot and buy one. no need to wait for Tesla to ship one.

Uncle Paul | February 8, 2020

Maybe Tesla should just include one adapter, of the buyers choice, with every new car purchase. Could include a numbered certificate in the glove box that could be exchanged for buyers choice of adaptor.

I kind of agree with Tesla, that including millions of free adaptors, that might never be used by a customer, is probably more efficient.

Most other EVs don't include any sort of 240V charging accessories. G/F's i3 only came with a 120v cable. Getting 240V was a very expensive option.

Passion2Fly | February 8, 2020

Just get one on eBay, for god’s sake, and stop bitching about it... you have two other Teslas at home and you didn’t manage to take the right adapter with you?....

Bighorn | February 9, 2020

Quite the drama over an adapter you could have bought had you been keeping up. Do you not have the adapter at home already or had you sold all the other Teslas? I don’t understand why you aren’t charging with the adapter/cable that you already own. You sound like an idiot with the title, so maybe you didn’t realize.

Pungoteague_Dave | February 10, 2020

@Vawlkus "Not anymore Dave. They stopped giving the 14-50 adapter away last year. Maybe it’s only for the 3’s, but that’s confirmed."

I wasn't referencing the 14-50 adapter, which I know isn't provided anymore. They do still provide a Level 2 adapter ( J1772) for use at most public chargers, and no adapter is required to use a Supercharger. So most people have zero use for a 14-50 and Tesla should not waste either the money or the added weight providing them in the UMC kit. IMHO they should get rid of the entire UMC, as many (most?) will never be used for folks who have HPWCs at home and use the SC network on the road. Reminds me to pull mine out of the trunk well and store it on a shelf with the Tesla floor mats that await the next owner.

Pungoteague_Dave | February 10, 2020

OTOH, I might swing for a CCS adapter if Tesla ever gets around to making one for MS/MX. | February 10, 2020

Sounds like other EV makers are making the MC optional, like the $170K Taycan. Still, I hope Tesla continues to include it. I find it handy on some travels.

kgs | February 11, 2020

I was stunned when traded my 2017 S for new X that 14-50 adapter not included. I have the Tesla charger at home. It is 14-50. Why not included? I was lucky the delivery center had one. I thought pretty cincy of them to charge me for it on a $100K car. | February 11, 2020

@kgs - Be happy Tesla includes the MC cable and the adapters are only $35. For a $170K Porsche Taycan, the cable is a $1200 option. Perhaps the more expensive the car, the less you get.

lilbean | February 11, 2020

Welcome to the generation that wants everything for free.

Bighorn | February 11, 2020

It'll be funny to see if the $200k Porsche buyers are as whiny about what is their god-given right.

Madatgascar | February 11, 2020

The change in policy needs to be pointed out at delivery. I traded in my old Model X for a new one, and they almost skipped this little detail. When they mentioned it, I snagged the 14-50 adapter from my old X. “You won’t be needing this then!”

Mrotr565 | February 13, 2020

Lilbean and bighorn should go get lost. These guys are hired by Tesla to demean folks with serious quality issues. You two are the biggest trolls this forum has ever seen.

Scoopok, I’m sorry you had to go through this. And I have to tell you the service and quality of this car is not only poor but Also pathetic. There is a huge inattention to detail by Tesla and the people who “work” there. Although the incompetence I’ve seen I’m not sure anyone is actually working.

Vawlkus | February 14, 2020

They’ve both been here for YEARS troll. The only one that needs to get lost is your short selling FUD filled ass.

jimglas | February 15, 2020

FUD troll flagged
On multiple threads

Pungoteague_Dave | February 15, 2020

@kgs "I was stunned when traded my 2017 S for new X that 14-50 adapter not included. I have the Tesla charger at home. It is 14-50. Why not included? "

If you have the Tesla charger (HPWC) at home, you do not need an adapter there. If you are using the Tesla-provided UMC at home (which isn't a charger, only a connector to the chargers built into your car), then you may have installed a generic 14-50 outlet, which can be used to charge any EV. However, the UMC plugs into many other formats and the 14-50 is by no means universal, so it makes sense to buy the one(s) YOU need for your specific application. Many people have 14-30 or 10-30 outlets. I'm not sure what the big deal is on the 14-50 being provided with the car - certainly fewer than 10% of owners would ever use it. I have one, haven't had a chance to use it in many years. And none of the 240-volt adapters will add more than 20 miles per hour except the J1772, with most plugging along below 12 mph.

MyXinTx | February 16, 2020

Curious... My 2017 MX 90D was manufactured in June '17, initially purchased all options except for FSD.

In additional to the standard wall charger and the original set of adapters, I have the "upgraded" internal charger that allows my HPWC to deliver up to 72 amps/hr. The rumor was this was supposed to be phased out, possibly updated to something better.

But apparently not, or is that higher rated internal still available?

If not, why would Tesla do something so "back-assward".

Was there a downside to a higher home charging rate? Unless I have to do a quick charge, I usually limit it to 50 amp/hr under the typical battery charging recommendation of "slow and steady".

Scoopok | February 16, 2020

I just think they should have notified me since it was a change in policy from the past five years. And bighorn is an arrogant jerk and most of us know it.

Bighorn | February 16, 2020


Geico | February 16, 2020

Let me get this straight, you bought a $80,000+ vehicle and Tesla doesn't include the adapters to charge on very common outlets?


And yet they profit around $14,000 per Model X...... Wow. Just Wow.

Geico | February 16, 2020

Who the hell is making these Dumb@ss decisions at Tesla?

jimglas | February 17, 2020

mabuck is a troll
ignore it
flag and move on

sfurg73 | February 17, 2020

For what it's worth, it was suggested by my Tesla Advisor to contact the Parts Department at the Service Center to see if they have any 14-50 adapters. I'm picking up my MX on Wednesday and they are setting one aside for me to get when I'm there to get my car.

If you need a NEMA 14-50 adapter contact your local Service Center to see if they have them in stock, mine indicated they had plenty. Might be a better way to get one rather than wait for the website to restock them.

Ddowns2050 | February 17, 2020

I will have to admit I would have been caught off guard by this also. I have currently own a 2017 S100D and a 2019 X100 and have owned a 2013 S85, 2015 S85D, 2016 MX90, and my parents own a 2018 M3LR and all came with the 14-50 adapters. I have 2 of the 14-50 outlets in my garage. I guess I didn't catch when they changed this.

I think they definitely should point out they have changed this. I know several tesla owners and they all use the 14-50 outlet to charge.

When did this change?

Pungoteague_Dave | February 18, 2020

Why not switch to HPWC at home? Way cleaner, faster. Where else would you use a 14-50 these days?

Ddowns2050 | February 18, 2020

I don't use it anywhere but home. And to answer why not change. Because this is what Tesla originally recommended and I already have 2 outlets for what come with the cars I have and it works fine. By the time I would buy 2 HPWC's and have installation done I don't see spending at least a couple of thousand for a different set up. Plus I have a large open garage and there isn't a good place to put the HPWC's. I have 2 - 6 gauge extension cords to make what I have now reach.

When I buy a new car I will get the adaptor in lieu of changing what I already have. I'm just glad I now know it doesn't come with the car.

sfurg73 | February 19, 2020

So just as a general FYI, I picked up my MX today and went to the service area and asked to purchase a NEMA 14-50 adapter and they just gave me one. They had several in stock. For those that want one, just call your local service center and ask.

adkmd | May 1, 2020

I too was flabbergasted that the 220 volt adapter was not included with the car, as it had been for my 2015 Model S. But more disconcerting was the lack of notification. When ordering the car we are asked to make multiple decisions about the battery capacity, vehicle color, wheel style, etc, knowing that there is a price associated with these decisions. I was even asked by the sales person how I intended to charge the car (I have a 220 volt dedicated line). But I wasn't aware that a 220 volt adapter was not included until 1 week after picking up the car and going to charge it. From a PR / sales perspective, this is flagrantly stupid and I am embarrassed for the sales staff who have had to weather my wrath, and the wrath of all those who have found this blog-site and have offered their own similar views.

hilliard528 | May 1, 2020

My store was very clear on what I would get and I had the correct adapter and outlet installed! My car was delivered 2 weeks after ordering. Have to be on top of things dude. Loving my X

Enzodriver | May 1, 2020

Buying my X was for me a really good decision, I also like to make my own luck as far as I can by before any journey of distance always check that I have any piece of equipment that may be needed in the trunk including charge leads, puncture kit, torch and the necessary PPE. Look at inward before blaming others for short comings.

DelPhonic1 | May 3, 2020

Anyone whom has the ability to buy a 100k vehicle should have the ability to prep everything needed before a road trip. It's easy.