Would you buy base 85kwh or 60kwh plus Tech / Sunroof / Fogs / Supercharge

Would you buy base 85kwh or 60kwh plus Tech / Sunroof / Fogs / Supercharge

Which would you guys pick?

I know Supercharge comes with the 85, so it's bigger battery vs gadgets.

I plan to keep the car for 10-15 years, so I am thinking I should go with the 85 option?

I don't drive long trips often, but for the occasional time I do the extra range would come in handy. I am in between Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Also, I would get a bit better performance in the 85.

I wish the auto-presenting door handles was included or available on its own as an option. Best part of the tech package in my opinion.

Thanks guys!

AmpedRealtor | October 1, 2013

Go for the S60. You will get a lot more fun and enjoyment out of the extra bling (tech package, sun roof, fogs) than you will out of the added 60 mile range of the 85. I wouldn't trade those options for 60 miles of extra range.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | October 1, 2013

I agree. I've had my 60 since March, and I have almost 15,000 miles. I've taken long trips, and would have had to stop and charge an 85 at some point also.

PaceyWhitter | October 1, 2013

One thing you might not have taken into account is the 85 comes with the Michelin Primacy tire upgrade as well.

If you do go with the 60, I have one question, fogs over parking sensors? Not sure about that choice.

dbaskara | October 1, 2013

THere is very little performance difference between S60 and S85 IMHO

PapaSmurf | October 1, 2013

If the price point is the issue for you, I would go with the 60 kwh, enable the Supercharger option, then use the extra $8,000 for the extras.

1) Tech package is must have.
2) Definitely get the parking sensors.

Bernard Hong | October 1, 2013

get a loaded 60 IMO, there are stations across PEI to Vancouver on the highway. Check out the Sun Country Highways

JoeFee | October 1, 2013

I think you would be much happier with a fully loaded car with less range….rent a car if you need more range.

cfOH | October 1, 2013

If the 60 makes the car unusable to you 1% of the time (1 out of 100 trips), I think that would make the 85 upgrade very appealing unless you have an ICE car to use instead.

I do not have parking sensors and I don't miss them, possibly because I've never owned a car with them.

To me, the Tech Package is a must-have. Google Maps nav on the center console is hugely useful, and the auto-present door handles puts a little Star Trek into my day...I can't estimate what that's worth to me, but it's a lot.

Fog lights are nearly useless...I wouldn't spend extra money for them. Free Supercharging may be more and more valuable as SC stations become more ubiquitous. And who knows how much that will cost to add later on?

hamer | October 1, 2013

I bought the 85KWh battery and only the leather seats for an option. Although I mostly use it for around town, I want the option to drive it a long distance. When I bought it was before Tesla started unbundling options and switching them around, so the leather seats included heaters and mirror adjustment included in the personalized settings

Gizmotoy | October 1, 2013

If it were me I'd be concerned about the resale value of a Model S without the Tech package.

The driver profiles, at a minimum, should be standard on any luxury vehicle. Add to that navigation, LEDs, power liftgate, and more, and you're left with an option you pretty much have to tick, IMO.

A few weeks back there were nearly identical S60s for sale here. Both close to base, but one had tech and leather, the other nothing. Similar miles, the latter sat listed for another week or more after the first sold, and was listed $9k lower.

Longhorn92 | October 1, 2013

I had to make the same decision that you are making, and I went with the smaller battery pack but many options (tech, pano, air suspension, stereo). I am very happy with my decision because I don't need the extra range and I thoroughly enjoy the options; however, if you think you will need the range, then it might be worth looking at the base 85 (I still have a 2nd car for longer trips).

Devin B | October 1, 2013

I have had my 60 for 1 month.

I am not planning on keeping the car past 4 years / 50k mile warranty. If you are planning on keeping it for 8+ years I would get the 85 (unlimited miles warranty) with tech (love the door handles), lighting (love the lighting) and parking sensors (wish I had them).

AmpedRealtor | October 1, 2013

@ Devin B - Why are you not going to keep the car after the warranty expiration? Have you had poor reliability?

Kaboom | October 1, 2013

i thought the warranty expires after 8 years regardless of miles

Doug H | October 1, 2013

That's exactly what I did. I've had my 60 since June. Chose sc/tech/pano/leather/paint over 85kwh battery. You are right, the auto-presenting handles are the coolest option.

I have 13,500 miles in just over 3 months. I've driven to Chicago and Detroit. I've also take about 8 200 mile trips.

On a daily basis, of course the 60 is plenty.

Kaboom | October 1, 2013


Order will confirm in mere hours.

Had heart set on the stripped down 85, becuase i love the extra power and the range security. So i put down the order as such.

But the 60 will handle my daily driving no problem, but occasional weekend ski and cottage trips will be very close to full range for a return trip...its about 175km one way. But i figure there will be stations to get partial fillup along way in near future. So i can get tech and sensors for my 60 and still save $6000 over the naked 85.

I figure maybe i shouldnt compromise my everyday driving enjoyment just for range anxiety for just 8 times a year weekend trips.

How much slower is the 60 than the 85 though?

To the other previous poster, the correct comparison shouldnt be between a souped up and naked 60, should be between stripped down 85 and stacked 65...figure it might carry even appeal on resale

BenKimball | October 1, 2013

My advice is: don't buy a Model S without the tech package. If that means the 60, by all means get the 60. 5.9 seconds to 100 kph is still a fast sedan. :)

hingisfan | October 1, 2013

I find it weird you guys think Tech package is worth it...

I am in Canada and it's $3900 here. Plus 13% tax.

Navigation is cool, but won't I have access to Google maps anyway? Or just use my phone for the odd roadtrip for GPS?

LED daytime lights and cornering lights I don't really care about.

Lighted handles and heated mirrors aren't a big deal.

Even driver profile and power liftgate aren't deal breakers to me.

Even sunroof, I have it on my car now, and while I like the glass roof I really NEVER open the roof.

Now auto-presenting door handles are very sweet, but I don't think I can justify 4 grand if that's the main feature for me.

I could see spending $550 on the parking sensors. I also think I like the bigger battery for long term, just in case the battery capacity starts to fade after extended use. Just gives me much more headroom to play with.

With no tech, you can still get in the car without touching the fob right? You just click the handle in and then it presents? I assume all 4 doors do this?

hingisfan | October 2, 2013

Ahh...I see parking sensors require with tax I am up to 5 grand for tech and sensors. If I were to get tech, sensors, and supercharging, I am well over half the cost of going with the 85, which gets me supercharging anyway, plus a bit better performance, tire upgrade, and the bigger battery.

I think I just made my decision. Either save the cash and just get the base 60, or upgrade to base 85. Leaning towards the base 85.

AmpedRealtor | October 2, 2013

@ hingisfan - By not getting the tech package, you don't get the features that make this car attractive to so many. This car is all about technology. Don't get the parking sensors if you don't need them, but definitely get the tech package.

skymaster | October 2, 2013

To me, this would be a extremely difficult choice. I would wait a bit more and save up to get a loaded 85.

hingisfan | October 2, 2013

For me it's a choice between options on a 60 or no options on an 85, and I just don't see the value of the tech package for what they are charging for it. I can see more value in a bigger battery.

hingisfan | October 2, 2013

Thinking of doing a base Silver 85 with black roof instead of silver.

amish.bhatia | October 2, 2013

I see much if my own anxiety in your posts on what to do. I decided to get the options as well as the 85kwh. It's been about 2 weeks of having the car and I don't regret it. I plan on taking trips but not too often. Either way it's a little more comfortable always floating around 200 miles (for an 80% charge) rather than 150. Just eases my mind in terms of capability because I also drive a bit harder than 306 wh/mi (350 ish) which causes me to lose range. If you have the capability just get the things you want. If money is really that tight it's a judgement call. Basically think of it as 8000 to upgrade for a bigger battery (and a couple other perks) because of supercharging.

Hope this helps.

AmpedRealtor | October 2, 2013

If you are paying cash, the tech package adds only 5% or less to the cost of the vehicle depending on configuration. If you are financing, the tech package adds $50/mo to your loan payment on a six year loan. If you are putting 20% down on a base 60, the addition of the tech package adds about 5%-6% to your car payment.

For such trivially small amounts considering the overall purchase amount, I think you should get the tech package and all of the goodness it offers. You will regret it otherwise.

hingisfan | October 2, 2013

I think I am decided on getting the 85 over the debating if I can justify 5 grand for tech and parking sensors.

I can value 8 grand for the bigger battery no problem.

5 grand for GPS, lighting, power trunk, and fancy handles is tougher for me.

AmpedRealtor | October 2, 2013

@ hingisfan - The tech package is only $3,500, not $5,000. It's $3,500 for GPS, LED lighting, power trunk and fancy handles... It's only $5,000 if you add parking sensors and interior lighting, which are not part of the tech package and which you couldn't get anyway if you didn't order the tech package. Those additional $1,500 in options should not be included when you evaluate the cost/benefit of the tech package. If you were going to get it anyway, it opens the door to other options, but it doesn't sound to me like you were considering those other items earlier.

hingisfan | October 2, 2013

Actually in Canada it's $3800 for tech, $550 for parking sensors, plus 13% tax, so $4915 total.

hingisfan | October 2, 2013

Sorry $3900 for tech, plus the $550, plus tax, $5028.

hingisfan | October 2, 2013

I think I would value pano roof over tech, it's $2800 here.

Kaboom | October 2, 2013


I just finalized my order minutes ago, and I just went through same decision process

I was set on the naked 85 with a twin charger thrown in.

But I was almost going to switch last night to the 60 with tech, sensors, and the twin charger also as a must so i could charge the 60 quicker on roadtrips as i expected to have more low mileague recharge situations over the years with the 60.

But then it didnt make sense at all to me.

If i drop the twin charger from the 85, that saves me 1600, which i can put towards the tech package instead, bringing my incremental cost for tech to just 2300, but i will have best of all worlds.

No more range anxiety, more power, tech, more resale value in future, not to mention supercharging and better tires. Twin charger an easy sacrifice to make given the much better 85 range.

hingisfan | October 2, 2013

Ya for sure you made the right call. Twin chargers would probably be the last thing I would get. I think to take advantage of it you need the Tesla wall charger anyway, and when you are at home you can charge longer while sleeping anyways. Not very often you are going to come home from a long trip and need to leave again in a couple hours on another long trip. Not me anyway.

Been looking at some pano roof pics and vids...nice to get the extra headroom, but as the driver the glass is pretty much behind you anyway, so I don't know if it's gonna be for me. Hopefully when I go to the store in Toronto they have one of each so I see if I like the pano roof enough to get it.

I am totally decided on the 85 over the 60. Still thinking on tech with parking sensors, and pano roof, but I may decide to just go base. Would love upgraded audio as well, but way too pricy, and reviews on it don't seem spectacular. For the same money I think you could do an aftermarket upgrade and get a lot more bang for the buck in terms of audio quality.

amish.bhatia | October 2, 2013

pano roof is sweet :) I have the upgraded audio (got it at the older price) .... not too happy with it. very front heavy sound and on top of that, bass coming through the front sounds really bad and vibrates (doesn't sound clear)...I'm having them look at it, but its not worth 2500 in my opinion. I hear really good things about Reus

mikefa | October 2, 2013

AmpedRealtor makes good sense... tech and sound package makes it fun to drive... pay for the bigger battery only if you need that extra 60 mile range.

hingisfan | October 3, 2013

To each his own I guess....many are saying audio upgrade isn't very good. Tech doesn't have much I care about for the price. I'll take the 40% bigger battery. Come to think of it, being 40% bigger battery, shouldn't there be a bigger difference in range than the listed 110km? Should be closer to 150km I would think.

tcoyle | October 3, 2013

Had my MS for 1 week. I went with the 60, pano, tech and parking sensors. Very happy with my choice. I am betting on the ability in the future to upgrade the battery. I will also pay for the Super Charger upgrade only when I need it. For now, no long trips scheduled. I look at the battery pack as a commodity. In a couple years the technology will be better and I'm hoping the swapping stations give me the ability to upgrade to a bigger pack if needed.

One note on the pano roof. I never liked sunroofs. Never opened them due to the wind and noise. The pano roof is amazing. It is very quiet when open and doesn't seem to create a lot of air disturbance in the car. It also make the car feel bigger inside. Very happy with the upgrade.