wrong car delivered

wrong car delivered

Very disappointed. Friends, family and 4 folks with Model S reservations all watched with excitement as my car came off the truck today in Atlanta. First I noticed the wrong wheels, then the wrong interior, then, oh my - wrong VIN! My VIN is 3126. This car's VIN was 3162. The truck driver said 3 people are involved in checking the VIN when it's loaded on the truck. He's the last one and so also made the mistake. He said one of the TESLA guys job is to do nothing but check VINs. wow... It's Sunday and so it took a few calls, but I finally got through to someone at Tesla who is trying to find my car. I've hardly slept for days and have a Tesla party scheduled at my house this afternoon. What a bummer! If your car is VIN 3162, your car in in Atlanta.

Velo1 | January 6, 2013

Hard to believe 3 dyslexic people checked your VIN. Keep a stiff upper lip, and hope you see resolution ASAP.

rlpm | January 6, 2013

Sorry RobS, what a bummer!
I really hope they fix this, soon!
I'm sure they will.

Velo1 | January 6, 2013

I told this story to my wife and she said "he shouldn't worry, I'm sure he'll get the right car in a few weeks." And here I thought she got it when it comes to owning a Tesla. I am uninviting her for my maidan drive next week. She's not worthy.

nickjhowe | January 6, 2013

Bummer! Sorry to hear that Rob. Some people laughed when I put "check paint color, check wheels, check VIN" to the delivery checklist. Guess it was pretty obvious in your case something was wrong.

RobS | January 6, 2013

Yes - I had a printout of your checklist with me. We all joked about "check your VIN" on the checklist after the fact. What wasn't included was - what happens when you're VIN is wrong!

jat | January 6, 2013

Yikes - I did check mine when presumably the same driver dropped it off at 10am, and the driver was joking "what, are you afraid they sent the wrong car?". I guess he won't be joking any more...

Sorry for your troubles.

JZ13 | January 6, 2013

I just clicked on the "delivery checklist: and it said access denied. I am a pending owner who's car is in production. I've also had a problem with the link to the "to-do list" of due bill issues. Did Tesla block this or is it just me having a hard time?

PS, I am sending an email.

kjayaram | January 6, 2013

That's my car. I'm in San Antonio. Crap. Need to make a call ASAP.

Liz G | January 6, 2013

Weird. I'm expecting my delivery this week. Had a dream last night that the wrong car arrived. Hope it wasn't a premonition.

Sudre_ | January 6, 2013

Well look on the bright side.
They haven't started European deliveries..... it could be much worse!

kjayaram | January 6, 2013

RobS-was it beautiful at least. Pearl wht/black interior right?

jat | January 6, 2013

@kjayaram - I saw it when mine was unloaded, though it was all the way in the front of the truck so hard to see well -- but it looked good from what I could see :).

When were you expecting delivery?

kjayaram | January 6, 2013

Jat-any day. Had no received a call from driver. I called Tesla-he says that our car was "tracked to Nevada". I assume that is robs' car.

drp | January 6, 2013

Sorry for your troubles. I know these are growing pains. I would be OK with it but I really hope quality does not suffer. It is my biggest worry. Nonetheless, I feel your pain.

RobS | January 6, 2013
- yes, your car looked great! Had 4.1 installed. Grey wheels, black leather. I guess the good news for you is that it's on the truck and as soon as the driver is told what's up he'll be heading to Texas. Oh - but no temporary tags. You may as well get working on that.

Captain_Zap | January 6, 2013


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adurstewitz | January 6, 2013

To put a "small" positive spin on this... At least it wasn't the correct VIN wi all the wrong parts. :-/

Hopefully Tesla will have UPS expedite your car to you.

Desai | January 6, 2013

Sorry to hear - let's hope they get this resolved for your quickly!

nickjhowe | January 6, 2013

@JZ13 - here's the direct link to the Google Doc to get around the 'private thread' issue:

RobS | January 6, 2013
Photos and movies of your car! Notice the Tesla grin on my face (in orange coat) from when I thought it was my car on that truck :) There were several reservation holders with me who had not yet seen a MS in person. They were happy to see yours, but disappointed they didn't get their ride today.

c2tb | January 6, 2013

I received my car on 1/2. I asked the driver where they were headed and the y suggested Chicago after delivering the wrong car to Louisiana. I double checked my VIN even though the exterior fit the bill. I would suggest the extra 30 seconds would be worth it

djm12 | January 6, 2013

Too bad you guys can't just meet each other in the middle. One drives east and the other west.

sanctuary | January 6, 2013

one of the TESLA guys job is to do nothing but check VINs.

You had ONE job!

kjayaram | January 6, 2013

Thanks for the pics.

yoda | January 6, 2013

kjayaram, robS - hang in there. On the positive side, a delay will be but a small price for a story you will be telling for a long time to come....

dsmith2189 | January 6, 2013

So if they deliver something you didn't order it's free. Right?

JZ13 | January 6, 2013

@nickjhowe thanks so much for that link. I have emailed them but not expecting a swift response.

Cattledog | January 6, 2013 and RobS - I am expecting my car to be delivered tomorrow in San Antonio, my DS said 9:00. I'll see if this is the truck with Rob's car.

Rob - I assume yours is white? What interior and wheels (know the VIN, but don't know if I'll be able to get to see others' VINs.

RobS | January 6, 2013

Cattledog - my car is pearl, perf., pano, grey leather, matte obeche, 19" wheels. Thanks for taking a look!

mw | January 6, 2013

Rob S - Great car, same config except I got non-perf when Sig VIN 211 was delivered 10/2. You'll love it. Atleast you guys have a good attitude about this. I'm sure very dissappointing, but it will be a heck of a story to tell and laugh about later.

stephen.kamichik | January 6, 2013

I ordered a regular production model S. If they delivered a performance model S to me by mistake, I would keep it!

prash.saka | January 7, 2013

@RobS, initially I thought you were joking. But, I feel your disappointment. Bummer, bummer, bummer.

@RobS and, I hope Tesla will add a personal note of apology and some goodies (like a T Shirt or a water bottle) as a thanks for bearing with the mishap. I hope things are much smoother from here.

@Velo1, you are uninviting your wife? Seriously?

I can't believe three people didn't get it right. May be their source (the print out perhaps) was wrong and that is why all of them got it wrong. If this is the case, Tesla has bigger problems.

~ Prash.

jat | January 7, 2013

It is really easy to read what you are expecting, especially when it is similar, rather than what is actually there.

kjayaram | January 7, 2013

RobS-when I talked to Tesla they stated that VIN 3126 was in Nevada ("my car" which is actually your car).

kjayaram | January 7, 2013

Cattledog-get your car? where in san antonio do you live?

anthonytesla | January 7, 2013

Sorry for your troubles, but it will be a "story for the ages"!!! My VIN is 2949 and, despite paying for the car on 12/28 and sitting in a lot an hour away (so I am told), I still don't have it...maybe someone else does??? :) Hang in there!

mklcolvin | January 7, 2013


There's only about two of us MS reservationists in Louisiana (as far as I know), and neither of us has gotten a car yet (we promise!). ;-D

edcalis | January 7, 2013

Had you had the same taste in cars, Rob would be driving kjayaram's car and kjayaram would be driving Rob's car and no one would have ever noticed the difference, until of course the DMV catches the mistake. :))

Big Tex | January 7, 2013
Michael37 | January 7, 2013

I related this unfortunate tale to one of my friends, and I thought his reply was spot on:

"I can't believe they're not using a barcode scanner."

Velo1 | January 7, 2013

@parsh - no, not really. The wife can make it up to me by paying for dinner.

RobS | January 7, 2013

@Big Tex - wow, you made my day. My wife and I are laughing out loud!! Thanks to everyone for your good cheer.

@prash.saka - I have to say that I wrote to my DS and said that to make it up to me I would like a note address to me saying "Enjoy your model S" - signed by Elon. He was silent on that request. Really - there are a fair number of mishaps that we all are accepting as part of being early adopters. It would be a mighty nice gesture on Elon's part to spend a few hours writing a short note like that to those that have had subpar experiences. I, for one, would frame it. After all, the reason I'm getting this car is that I believe if anyone can make a difference in reducing CO2 emissions, it's Elon Musk. Bottom line, I'm investing in Elon's vision and getting a fine toy in return.

To all - they tell me my car never left the factory. It should be loaded on a truck today and I should get it next week.

DouglasR | January 7, 2013

It reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon years ago: A ship has crashed on the rocks, the captain looking up, shaking his fist at a completely dark lighthouse. The guy in the lighthouse yells down to the captain, "What? You never made a mistake?"

kjayaram | January 8, 2013

RobS-vin 3162 was delivered to San Antonio today. Driving rainstorm but we r happy. Driver shared your disappointment. Still feel bd for you. Hopefully yours is on the way.

RobS | January 12, 2013

Sorry, but I just have to vent. After waiting all week for delivery "take 2", which was supposed to take place today, I found out that my car is on a truck that has had mechanical problems. For the last 24 hours the truck has been stuck somewhere 12 hours away going nowhere. I'm guess I'm waiting - yes impatiently -a few more days. Ironically 2 other cars were delivered in ATL today - one less than 3 miles from my house. - so glad you're enjoying your car!

trydesky | January 12, 2013

Hang in there RobS! As a 60kwh guy, I know how painful waiting can be.


Vawlkus | January 15, 2013

Murphy's law seems to have it in for you RobS -.-
Hang in there.

RobS | January 15, 2013

The truck with my car on it has been broken down now for 4 days. Where's the leadership that was supposed to make the delivery experience something special? Come on George, find a way to take care of problems like this!

prash.saka | January 15, 2013

If the damn truck has been broken down for 4 days, use another truck. How hard is it to use another truck?

~ Prash.

hfcolvin | January 15, 2013

Hmmm... Update my delivery checklist.

#1 - Check VIN

#2 - If VIN different from mine, check car package/options

#3 - If better than mine, quietly drive away ....

Sorry for your hassle.