Yacht Floor Option

Yacht Floor Option

Okay found the one thing I am not in love with on the Model S. That is the carpet in the console / storage area. I likely would be a Yacht Floor adopter if it avoided things from sliding around in that area. I am not sure if I can wait for the option from Tesla, or if I can part with the $500+- it might run.
So I decided to make my own "Yacht Floor".
The below is just a template for the real deal which I will manufacture out of Bamboo. I will have non slip strips added to the design, but already the wood is a MAJOR improvement to the carpet.
If it turns out good I would consider manufacturing a bunch of them for resale. I will keep you posted.
Check it out:

Jesse K | August 1, 2013

Update: Below is the bamboo version with grip rails. I personally love the way it looks! Let me know what you think. No more stuff sliding around!

Jesse K | August 1, 2013
JoeBadge | August 1, 2013

Do you have a website or way to pre-order?

Jesse K | August 1, 2013

Thanks for asking. I threw together a quick shopify site, just in case others were interested. I would probably need about 2 weeks to get ramped up to fulfill orders.I have a few adjustments I want to make.
Here is the site (fast and loose, sorry)

Velo1 | August 1, 2013

May we ask how much does it cost to buy one, when ramped up? | August 1, 2013

I've added it to the site in the center consoles section. Let me know if you change the company name or link.

Jesse K | August 1, 2013

Thanks for the interest. I put together a website as you can see above. I think it makes a great addition to the car and adds functionality, so would like to see it used. Around $200 shipped.

Sweet! Thanks for adding me.

thranx | August 9, 2013

Any possibility of making it taller and inserting a cup holder and storage compartment (open or closed)?

Getting Amped Again | August 9, 2013

I a lot of us would pay 1.5-2X what you're charging if you could match the Model S wood trim options. Please?

Getting Amped Again | August 9, 2013


thranx | August 9, 2013

@the most-high-and-talented Jesse K: While the bamboo is lovely, obeche wood is reasonably priced and readily available from sources on line.

Jesse K | August 9, 2013

Thanks for the feed back! I will try and source the obeche. That is what I have in my MS so would like that as well. Obeche used by TMC is stained to look the way it does. Otherwise it is more red in looks. I will keep you posted.

Alex K | August 10, 2013

@Jesse K | AUGUST 9, 2013: Obeche used by TMC is stained to look the way it does. Otherwise it is more red in looks.

Actually Obeche wood is a light colored blond wood similar to maple. What Tesla uses and calls Obeche is actually a composite or reconditioned veneer that uses Obeche wood that is manufactured to look like it is. It can come is variety of colors and grain patterns. Here is an article that discusses composite veneers:

The trick in finding the right Obeche composite veneer is to identify the real type of wood that Tesla was trying to simulate. There are several companies that make composite veneer and trying to match the Tesla Obeche look is hard without getting proper samples. For example, here is a link to company that makes composite veneers: . The Madagascar Ebony, Quartered May be a good match:

Alex K | August 10, 2013

Sorry, go to the link to see the Ebony sample:

Dripps | August 10, 2013

Any options in black? I opted for piano black (it was option that came with textile seats).

thranx | August 10, 2013

In lieu of matching the obeche composition, I would be happy with black as well (black leather option chosen).

2050project | August 12, 2013

@thranx - your recommendation for something like this that's raised w/ cup holder and concealed storage exists in a product called CCI, pix on website show Obeche Wood along with all other trim finishes: - the Obeche used on their product is excellent...

Here are some pix of it installed:

fluxemag | August 12, 2013

Lacewood is also not the color that the Tesla interior has. It would have to be stained to match. But I think Obeche would be a lot harder to match.

My take on it is if I can't get it to match almost exactly, I'd rather do something that doesn't look like I'm trying to match it. The coolest lumber I've found so far is figured walnut. Also might try zebrawood. A zebrawood parcel shelf would be pretty nice in the rear window.