Yellow band along borders of touchscreen

Yellow band along borders of touchscreen

I got my car in January of this year and the main screen has developed a yellow band along the top and two sides that is visible in the daytime but not in night mode. It is very uniform in width. Rebooting did not make a difference.

A web search does not show any reports of this and I'm wondering if any of the owners here have had this happen to their cars.


sr.smr | January 20, 2018

So far no problem with the screen. But my eight month old 2017 needed replacement of both side view mirrors and a door handle. Now HomeLink doesn't consistently work and I need to reboot every couple of weeks to restore the distorted rear view camera video.

I want Tesla to succeed in the worse way because despite all the quality control problems it is the most exciting car I ever owned and can't imagine ever going back to a gasoline stinker.

spatters805 | January 30, 2018

Just noticed mine about a week or two ago. Scheduled for routine 12.5K service in a couple days. Hopefully they order the part and fix it sometime afterwards. Bet it was part of the bad batch of screens.

reed_lewis | January 30, 2018

I asked about the settings and was told that all they replace is the screen. They do not touch the computer with the settIngs. So I kept t everything that I had. The only issue was that they left the protective plastic on the screen. I had to have that removed before I left.

chris_kinman | February 3, 2018

I'm so glad I read these things and watch YouTube. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I have a MS75D manufactured 2016 that is only 7 months old since purchase. Yellow band just came out in the last week or so. Going to schedule replacement. This forum is invaluable. Just wish SC was more proactive.

steven | February 3, 2018

Still waiting for the screen to be replaced for about 3 months now. Nearly impossible to get the screen in EU. :-( But indeed, the screen itself is all they will replace. Computer, and thus settings, remains.

Teslapalooza | March 17, 2018

I too have started seeing the Yellow frame around on the console. Dec 2016 delivered. I have contacted service. They said they will order a replacement screen, but they said no change is needed to the MCU hardware.

Teslapalooza | March 26, 2018

They replaced my console screen today. It looks good now. No mo yellow frame.

Ddowns2050 | March 26, 2018

@Teslamania Did they have to reset the computer? Did you lose any info or settings?

Teslapalooza | March 26, 2018

No change to MCU. I did not lose any settings. All were preserved.

Teslapalooza | March 26, 2018

They sent a mobile tech to my home and it took 1 hour from start to finish.

znino | March 28, 2018

this afternoon the same yellow band just started happening. My car is Arpil 1, 2017 so a few days from its one year birthday. At least some comfort knowing it has happened to others and Tesla replaced with no issue.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | March 31, 2018

January 2017 S60. Just noticed the same yellow border problem. I’d live to have it fixed BUT do any of you think I have a shot of getting the new MCU2 If I wait to report it ? Eventually they’ll run out of MCU1’s!!!

Bill_75D | March 31, 2018

No, they will only change the screen.

xfactor973 | April 5, 2018

My wife just came back from a drive saying she thought she was seeing things. A yellow band on each side of the screen was showing up. June 2017 S75. Guess I’ll be asking the service center to replace it soon. :-/

alexhinds | April 18, 2018

I have a Dec 2016 Tesla Model 2 and after around 6 months the screen went yellow and it was replaced. Unfortunately, they messed up the dashboard when replacing it so I had to take it in 2 more time for them to fix the dashboard. Now the replacement screen is going yellow again and I am contacting them to replace it.

Ddowns2050 | April 18, 2018

They replaced my whole MCU and screen. They said they could get that quicker than just the screen. All my settings were flashed and saved. I didn't have to reset anything. It was the old MCU not the newer version.

jolov | April 30, 2018

I just noticed this on my 3/17 S 75D. And I just had it in for service last week!

Miyasat | April 30, 2018

The same thing happened to my screen (March 2017 build), Yellow border after the screen rebooted.
The service center is ordering when I asked if I could get the new MCU2, but they said they are only ordering the screen replacement.

BONNIE | May 9, 2018

We have a year old Model X and it just developed the yellow band issue. I am taking it in tomorrow.

bill | May 10, 2018

I picked up my 90D Dec 30, 2016 and it just developed it. Wonder if I wait for the MCU upgrade Ican get a discount?

wtbryant | June 5, 2018

The yellow bars showed up on my MCU about a week ago. I have a 75D, July 2017. Per the service center, they have ordered me a new MCU and will be replacing the bad one on Thursday. I was assuming it would be replaced with a new MCU2, as why would you replace it with an old MCU that has a known "yellow bar" defect when your current MCU is a much better unit, but it sounds like (from other comments) that this is what they will be doing. I will verify on Thursday.

reed_lewis | June 5, 2018

It is NOT the MCU that they are replacing.. They are only swapping the screen itself. Your MCU is fine. It is the LCD screen that is bad. | June 5, 2018

I'll also add if they do replace MCU1 (for any reason), it will be with another MCU1. Currently there is no retrofit to install MCU2 into a MCU1 car due to different wiring, new antennas, etc. There was talk of a retrofit option, but no word when and at what cost.

There have been a few cases where they replaced the MCU, but normally only the display is replaced as others pointed out when the display has this issue. It may be some service stations are not equipped to replace the display as it requires some disassembly of the MCU, and those stations just replace the entire MCU.

BlufftonBob | June 5, 2018

I have a June 2017 MS75D and after reading this thread I went out and checked my screen. Sure enough there are barely noticeable yellow bars on each side of the screen. So what is the severity of this defect? Yes I just made an appointment with the service center here in Columbus. But does anyone know if this defect will get worse or will it remain like it is?

reed_lewis | June 5, 2018

Mine got progressively worse as time went on.

Eryx | June 5, 2018

I just had this issue corrected at my local service center, I believe my S was manufactured around 11/2016. They mentioned the entire unit was replaced, not just the touch screen. Things do appear to be much snappier from the touch screen though.

djlott | June 26, 2018

Well, add my Nov 2017 Model S to the list of yellow band defects. Hoping I can get mobile service in the bay area as someone else mentioned earlier.

I'm thankful for this thread. When I noticed the yellow band around my screen it was subtle. But I immediately remembered that it was a fixable issue because of this thread. Thanks all.

tom | June 27, 2018

Just noticed yellow bands and thought I was seeing things, then read this thread! Wow thank you, calling for replacement, dec 16 model

tom | June 27, 2018

I live in SoCal and just called Costa Mesa SC to request a ranger service call to replace my screen. Guy checked and said I would have to bring it in as they had to replace entire MCU. I if I would get the new one and he said only if I paid $2k for it, otherwise I would get same MCU for free under warranty. What would you do? Any reason to pay for new MCU?

RedJ | June 27, 2018

So I had my whole MCU replaced last August for the yellow band before it was widely reported. In the last couple of weeks it has returned. Has anyone else experienced a re-occurrence of this issue?

amitnahata | July 7, 2018

I had my mcu replaced once about 5 months ago due yellow stripe now just appeared again! Having it replaced for second time. Def an ongoing issue. Won’t be happy if this happens again at 50.1k.

rschulze | July 18, 2018

I saw yellow bands on my screen today.
They disappeared when I shaded the bezel with a piece of paper. I hope the link shows them. They were on both sides, but not the top or bottom.
Is this what people are seeing?

MNGreene | July 18, 2018

bumping the English posts

RedJ | July 19, 2018

@rschulze not in my case. The yellow band goes all the way around the screen. At first I thought it might be reflection from the bezel, but it doesn’t change with shading of the bezel or changing light conditions in general. It also gets progressively worse.

Uncle Paul | July 19, 2018

I have the yellow bands around my screen, but otherwise it works perfectly.

What is the reason I should have it replaced?

Tropopause | July 23, 2018

Today I noticed the yellow bands on my screen. I remembered this thread so thought I'd chime in and say I'm going to wait to handle the problem since I have ample warranty remaining. Curious to see what becomes of the yellow band as time goes on.

jerrykham | July 24, 2018

I've had the bands for about 3 weeks now. I am using it to see how Tesla service does. I am almost due for my 12,500 mile service - so I scheduled it on the web. They ask why you are coming in. So I put in the form that it is for 2 things - the 12,500 mile service and to replace the MCU screen due to yellow bands around the border.

I've seen several posts on the forums here about how people will schedule their appointment, tell Tesla what is wrong, get there and they have not ordered the part. I get that - people probably misdiagnose issues so often that it is not economic for Tesla to believe what they actually need. But, since they ASK why you are coming in - and I gave them a whole month in advance - my expectation was that they would contact me and ask for something - pictures, etc. - something that would let them determine whether they needed parts and which ones they would need. Since they have not, I now expect to take the car in and they will likely just do the 12,500 mile service and then order parts and I will have to return again to fix the yellow bands. We will see. Perhaps they will surprise me.

p.c.mcavoy | July 24, 2018

@jerrykham - I think experiences likely vary greatly by location.

My most recent experience is I had faults pop up suggesting an issue with front drive unit which is what initiated my arranging service. I did not do this via the web, but called roadside assist as actually disabled my car, although I was able to reset faults by exiting/locking/then unlocking the car. I also had a couple other issues which I'd noticed, including both headlights having failures of the LED bands, so had them put those on the list for items to service. This was about 5:45 pm local time, shortly before the service center I use (50 miles away) closed for the day.

By the time I got home and could check my email, I had email from the local service advisor asking for details on my faults so they could pull the logs. In my reply I sent photos showing both headlight issues, so when I arrived to drop off my car for service, they informed me they actually already had the headlights in stock and would be replacing both of them. You may find out that something like the display they actually have in stock already, and the yellow band issue has been common enough on latter 2017/early 2018 builds that they didn't need further confirmation from you.

Now on the flip side, it took 1.5 days to fully diagnose my drive unit faults including corresponding back-and-forth with engineering before they decided from drive unit replacement was needed. It then has taken 6 days for them to get the parts for that repair. If all goes well, I'll be returning the 2015 MS P90DL I've been driving for a week-and-a-half late this afternoon to finally pick my car up.

bill | July 24, 2018

@tom "I if I would get the new one and he said only if I paid $2k for it, otherwise I would get same MCU for free under warranty. What would you do? Any reason to pay for new MCU?"

What are the differences between the old and new MCU?

Is the $2,000 replacement an option in general? I know Elon tweeted they wouls make it available but I don't think he commented on price"

Farfield | July 30, 2018

I had my display replaced a while ago after the yellow band showed up. All was fine until a few days ago when I noticed it happened again, on the replacement display. So I made another appointment....

mac_slvr60 | July 30, 2018

I too had my MCU replaced about 6 months ago when the yellow banding first appeared on my April 2017 MS. As a few others have noted, the bands have appeared on the replacement screen...will be scheduling another appointment. Has anyone who has gone through two screens heard an explanation as to why this is occurring? Also, have they modified the replacement so that this hopefully does not become a recurring problem every few months?

bhansen34 | July 30, 2018

Have a mobile tech coming tomorrow for First year service on my Sept.2017 100D. After scheduled the appt.
i noticed the yellow bands. Called and they told me they will replace the MCU while here at my home for the annual service. Disturbing to hear that multiple owners have had to replace the MCU more than once for the same yellow line.

Katie Blue Dog | August 3, 2018

I can not believe it, I am joining the yellow band club! My car is supposed to have the new MCU, and was manufactured in March 2018? I am stumped! Just noticed yesterday.

bp | August 4, 2018

Add our March 2017 S 100D to the double-fail list. Had the MCU/display replaced around end of last year. Noticed today the yellow bands are coming back.

Within 500 miles of the 25K mile service - and will get them to add MCU/screen replacement again (last time, this was right after the 12.5K mile service).

Teslapalooza | August 7, 2018

2016 MX 75D. Had Yellow band a second time in a span of about 4 months. Got it replaced. They said they will not change the MCU.

jerrykham | August 12, 2018

After my previous comment in this thread about how I was going to see if they would get the part ahead of time (since I scheduled an appointment via the web and asked for two things: 12,500 mile service and MCU screen replacement due to yellow border issue. I had expected they would look at it and then order parts - causing me to come in twice. But no. They exceeded my expectation. When I arrived they already had on their paperwork that they were doing both the scheduled maintenance and a screen replacement and the part was already there waiting. I was able to pick up the car the next day. (Loaner car was a Chevy Impala from Enterprise - I had hoped having an 8 AM appointment would get me a Tesla loaner, but no dice there). Anyway - service was great and was prepared when I arrived. Very pleased with how that went.

Innkeep | August 17, 2018

The yellow bands have appeared on my July 2017 S100D. I’m not in a hurry to get a replacement especially if the bands seem to return. Is there more likelihood for the bands to return if only the screen is replaced and not the MCU?

stevenmaifert | August 17, 2018

As of yesterday, I am a member of both the bubble and the yellow band club. Because my car is a 2012, the entire MCU had to be replaced for the bubble problem. This time I'm hoping for something less. As long as the bands don't interfere with the operation of the touch screen, I can live with it until my annual service in January. I'm out of warranty. Glad I purchased the Extended Service Agreement way back when. The first screen replacement cost me the $200 deductible. This one should be free.

Tropopause | August 17, 2018

My yellow band has not gotten worse. Still waiting it out.

inconel | August 17, 2018

I also got the yellow band about two months ago and have not found the time to schedule and bring the car in yet. And I have almost forgotten about the issue now, the yellow band does not interfere at all with operations of the screen.