your age, where do you live, the color you like on your model S... and more

your age, where do you live, the color you like on your model S... and more

Just 50 years, when I hope to receive my SUNSET RED model S in Waasmunster, Belgium ("P1332 EU)

RAFellows | November 24, 2012

57, Washington State - Seattle metro area, pearl white (subject to change), reservation #14409.

joshuaeven | November 24, 2012

36, Portland, Oregon. Not committed yet, but leaning green or blue. Reservation 14,175.

Michael23 | November 24, 2012

30, marina sf, white tan cf performance, 427

AnnK | November 24, 2012

61. Seattle, Wa pearl white,60kwh, I think. Female. 9271

mik | November 24, 2012

Hope i'll still be 46 when mine arrives in Leuven, Belgium (there's a massive concentration in the lowlands of Europe ;-) ) It's a Sig Red Perf, white inside, #S214 (EU).

TheAustin | November 24, 2012

41, New York/Long Island/The Hamptons, Pacific Blue w/grey interior, #2009

Rhyalus | November 24, 2012

Hey TheAustin... 45, Long Island, same colors.... I think you have to move off the Island... there can't be two of us!



mik | November 24, 2012

@ Volker: sorry about that, posted this when all threads were down.

Brian H | November 24, 2012

Uh-oh! Highlander chicken game to the death coming up!

Volker.Berlin | November 24, 2012

mik, no worries. I just thought you might want to look up those existing threads as a means to accumulate more data more quickly.

Volker.Berlin | November 24, 2012

Well, my above reply as well as my posting the two links to existing threads earlier today were actually in reply to the original poster, frank.piessens.

mik, I'm not exactly sure what you apologize for. In any event -- no harm meant, and none taken!