Your reaction to the pricing change. (Poll)

Your reaction to the pricing change. (Poll)

If you were ordering your Model S now you would

A) Proceed with previously selected options or upgrade with new features and pay whatever new price
B) Reconfigure my optional features (downgrade) but still purchase Model S
C) Cancel my order.
D) Other

Please pick your option.

wolfpet | August 3, 2013

My own option would be B, btw

Dripps | August 3, 2013

What I did was (B) because in the long run, I don't want to live with regret on a car I hope to keep for a long, long time, but I'm not happy about the choices I had to make.

emoflash | August 3, 2013


mclary | August 3, 2013


And add some of the new available options.

pdx4s | August 3, 2013

well its a difficult decision...unless... Tesla plans to keep increasing the price every month and the model S will become a "$300K Ferrari" in 5 years, then it would make sense to pay the additional >7% price of today as you will be able to sell it for $150k in 5 years, that will be a 50% revenue on your investment from today...but then it will also be capable of flying to Mars so hmm, not sure, maybe c)

phat78boy | August 3, 2013


wolfpet | August 4, 2013

Edited: added possible upgrade with new features to A and clarified that B means downgrade.

cloroxbb | August 4, 2013

A for me, plus adding cold weather package and maybe sensors.

Of course, for me, I will be able to buy the car outright without having to finance it...

CalabasasKid | August 4, 2013

Mostly A but I did delete the leather dashboard and twin charger (added fogs, sensors and cold weather pack)
Not the least bit happy about the premium though)

soren | August 4, 2013

No price chance In Europe - yet

Jesse K | August 4, 2013

I must be missing something. Can someone edify me on this? I configured a vehicle in the Design Studio to match the vehicle I took delivery of last month and the total price is $90,970. My vehicle price was $91,270. Did the cost of the car itself decrease while the options jumped? I have 85, Green, Tech, Pano, Sound, Leather, Air Susp, Shelf.
I know I am going to feel dumb when I get the responses, but for some reason I cant figure it out...

Mark E | August 4, 2013

I'm watching a Model S become prohibitively expensive. I also have to factor in that the $US exchange rate has moved by nearly 20% since the car was supposed to be delivered in Australia in April this year. With the added taxes here on luxury cars every $1 over $77k adds $1.55 or so to the price. Additional price rises are not welcome and I fear that the model S will end up being another $200k car here. That will count me out, I'll keep my Porsche for longer. I want to go electric but there is a limit.

dborn | August 4, 2013

Mark E +1

unclegeek | August 4, 2013

@Jesse K - You probably didn't fully price out the comparable configuration then.. several things have been broken out into "new options" that were bundled into other options before. Tech package went down by $250 and lost the interior lighting features which is now a $1000 option, although it got a bit fancier in the process. The leather seats used to include the leather cabin trim which is now an option for an extra $2500 though the leather seats didn't get cheaper, plus the Wood trim used to be included and now costs $650. Upgraded sound system didn't change but is now priced at $2500 instead of $950... so if you go back through and check those items that have become extra cost options, I think you'll find a higher final ticket now for the "same car". The Tech package "lost" Xenon headlights and HD backup camera as those have become standard on all cars.. shifting more cost to the base car.

Bighorn | August 4, 2013

Did you account for the fact that the configurator has subtracted 7500 from the actual price?

2050project | August 4, 2013

@Bighorn: +1, be sure to include...

And, important to weigh the cost savings against an ICE in decreased service costs too (no pumps, oil changes, fewer parts, etc.) and gas savings:

It's an older website so some info is not up-to-date, but still shows significant savings: Tesla vs. other luxury carmakers:

ModelNick | August 4, 2013

In my opinion, the price increase is absurdly high. Most people on the cusp of ordering a Model S have already made significant investments in time and money for this car. I drove 600+ miles (300 each way) to test drive the Model S. Now, I feel like I’ve been swindled. Today I feel like not purchasing the car at all!!

Generally, Tesla has always had a reputation of good faith – not anymore. I would have understood a price adjustment, but this is far beyond that. It’s like paying $8000 for parking sensors. I wish Tesla would have given us some notice that this was going to happen, as I may have confirmed my order beforehand.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do now. Either not purchase at all, forgo some of the previously standard options, or go with a lower end model.

I agree with others that Tesla needs to give us a grace period to put in our down payment and confirm our order under the old price structure.

carlk | August 4, 2013

(B). May remove active air and/or some interior options.

Sad to see a lot people do not know how to respond to a poll. ;-)

skymaster | August 4, 2013


Plus add on the sensors & cold weather.

DTsea | August 4, 2013

i repriced my car as is and it was about the same. the premium ambient lighting and fog lights used to be in tech packg and are now separate so tech is a little cheaper. there are new options like cold weather.

didnt seem like a big increase when i repriced it. the biggest upper was air suspension which used to be $1500 i think.

RZitrin1 | August 4, 2013

I repriced my Signature and added the parking sensors, and the cost came out to be LESS than I paid. $94,170, after tax break, vs. $97,600 last year.

So what's everyone's problem?


studiojon | August 4, 2013

I am adding all the options, but going with S85 instead of P85. Previously I was only getting the P85 for the alcantara and the seats, so I am very happy with the new structure. Also love the new 19" wheel and tire options.

Personally I think getting exactly what you want trumps "bundling" all day long.


Jesse K | August 4, 2013

Thats It I did not include the tax credit that is calculated on the site. The price I quoted was the price I paid. Makes sense. Thanks!

thranx | August 4, 2013

Those who choose option "C" aren't going to post here...they're already gone.

nonchalance | August 4, 2013

++ thranx

No one who canceled their order is likely to come back and discuss why. I wish (B) was split so as to clarify that some are downgrading specifically due to financing (unless you assume everyone is doing it)

AmpedRealtor | August 4, 2013

A) for me - not making any changes. Given the new pricing structure, my P85 will roll off the line worth $9,500 more than what I'm actually paying. That's worth not getting parking sensors in my book! :)

terrencebilodeau | August 4, 2013

I'm beyond the point of reconfiguring my order, so it's not an option for me. I ordered an 85kw, with tech package, leather, panoramic roof, premium sound, obeche wood matte, with pearl white paint. If people are right about the lighting being $1000 more and previously included with the tech package then to order a similar car now would be $94,220 instead of $90,270, an increase of $3950. I would like to add the parking sensors for $500 but I don't think it's available to me at this point. It's scheduled to arrive August 19th. I'll have to let my financing company know the MSRP went up and see if they let me get away with putting a little less down ;). I wanted to just put down 15% but the bank is asking me to put down $20,000. It's too bad I'm in Texas where Tesla financing is not available.

JPPTM | August 4, 2013

For those of us who own/bought an 'old model' S85 with tech, air, obeche, it turns out that the price increase is not outrageous. Thus choice A works for me.

AmpedRealtor | August 4, 2013

@ terrencebilodea, you can still utilize Tesla partner financing even if you live in a state where it is not officially offered. Call Tesla inside sales, they will tell you how. In my case, they said I would have to sign the final papers in Portland, OR but the car could be delivered anywhere in the US.

ian | August 4, 2013

Just to clarify the extended napa leather option is completely new. Nobody got real napa leather on their doors and dash previously. It was a high quality synthetic leather.

Also, there are conflicting reports as to whether or not the premium sound has been changed or is still the same. Stay tuned on that front.


SUN 2 DRV | August 4, 2013

A, but now I may have to wait a little longer to to buy.

I bought Tesla stock back in Feb and so my Model S will be completely paid for by the tremendous stock growth. So the new prices may delay my purchase by a few weeks until the stock price makes up the difference.

yodasminion | August 4, 2013

A/B here. I'm not a fan that a lot of the options cost more, but I'm very happy that they broke out options a la carte that weren't available before (carbon fiber accents on non-P models). Overall I'm neutral/slightly happier to the changes.

S4WRXTTCS | August 4, 2013

D - My configuration didn't change all that much at least not in comparison to what it would have been had I retrofitted the parking sensors.

I'm still forever stuck trying to decide between an 60KW, and an 85KW. I'll forever be stuck even though I've driven both, and I know all the pro's/con's.

madbuns | August 4, 2013

A. I suppose that I was "lucky" when transitioning into the new pricing plans. I could not completely recreate my optimal car with the new setup, however, to do so would have cost an additional $6,000.

Did I say A. I meant A.


So excited, despite some of the lack of communication.

brycelisah | August 4, 2013

what happened to the p85(PLUS). Are they still offering the plus package? or is it already part of the p85?

wolfpet | August 4, 2013

@brycelisah It's still there

earlyretirement | August 4, 2013

I was going to stick with my configured car. I was quite frustrated and disappointed that they wouldn't allow some of us that were stuck with a confirmed order but a car that didn't enter production allowing us to get the Park Distance Control for an increased fee.

But in emailing with Jerome (VP of Sales and Service) it does NOT sound like retrofitting the Park Distance Control will be cheap OR easy after the fact.

I asked them to suspend my order until they can give me an accurate estimate of how much longer the car will take to add in the park distance control. Even though I will spend a few thousand dollars more, I think it will be worth it to me to have it.

I don't see after market products being clean with an advanced car like this and I do NOT see the retrofit option being cheap or easy. The time and expense and trouble to send in my car later seems like it may be worth it to me to have a bit more patience and reconfigure.

I'll decide tomorrow once he tells me how long it will take to reconfigure the car.

4SUPER9 | August 4, 2013

Option B, I guess.

I have been told by multiple reps (4 different ones so far) now that the premium sound has NOT changed. They each gave me the same line: "We were way undercharging for it before." They just improved the language.

I made multiple changes to my car now. Some good, some not as good. I am definitely paying more. I wouldn't mind, but I am clearly very irritated at how MUCH more I am paying. If I got to keep everything, get parking sensors (a $500 option) and ended up paying $2,000, maybe $3,000 for the same config, it would have sucked it up and remained excited. But $5-$7,000 more?? That was offensive on Tesla's part, and I must say, a little arrogant.

S4WRXTTCS | August 4, 2013

Haha, "way undercharging" for a subpar sound system.

Maybe what they meant to say is "people were adding it in without doing any research on it because it was reasonably priced so we decided to make it insanely expensive to force people to make an informed decision"

I love how Tesla is making thing simple for me.

On the Wheels
My thinking: "Hmm, $3500 isn't bad for those wheels but do I REALLY need it"
Tesla's response "Okay, it's now $4500"
My response "You, can have your $4500 wheels. I'll get some awesome 3rd party set in the future"

On the Stereo
My thinking: "If I get the 60KW maybe I'll get the better sound system since I went cheap with the battery"
Tesla's response: "Oh no you don't. The Stereo is now 2.5x more expensive"
My response: "Ughh, maybe some butt warmers for passengers can be my consolation.
Tesla's response is pending

I really wish Tesla would just pull of the bandage already. Just pull it all at once so we can get over this.

Mark Z | August 5, 2013

A - I would want the original price.

Longhorn92 | August 5, 2013

C - I am one of the luckiest Model S owners in that I purchased one of the rare "40" kWh cars; however, at the current pricing (especially with the options I have on my Model S), I would not be purchasing a Model S.

If I didn't already have my car (i.e. there was no 40 kWh option) and prior to the recent price increase, I may have still been willing to get a 60 kWh version with a few less options than I have, but now, I wouldn't even try to justify the purchase to my wife.

Let there be no mistake: I LOVE my Model S, talk about it to anyone that will listen, and feel that I got an absolutely incredible deal, but I do have limits on what I am willing to pay for any car (even if it is the best car out there). For the first time last night, after I did a quick walk-through of the car with my friend and his family, I ended by saying "although now, I'm not sure I would get the car given the current price."

kashsr33 | August 5, 2013

i was about to put a deposit on the s. having been pleasantly surprised by it on the test drive and really wanted evs to succeed
i was saving up for the down payment and was going to get out of the lease on my present car early when they put the price up of the S last week. it's gone up around 8-10k
my initial reaction is C buy out my currently leased petrol car and forget about the tesla.
or D wait to cool down because i am admittedly annoyed and disappointed and see how i feel again in december. if it has gone up again then then it's a sealed deal at C.

Geoff2013 | August 5, 2013

B - I would still purchase the car, but would have to make some tough decisions.

pebell | August 5, 2013

Actually, I went through something very similar early this year. I will be leasing my MS, and I already had my order in with the lease company before the official price was known in the Netherlands (november last year). The lease company made an educated guess, that wasn't actually very far off the bat, but they made a mistake with some tax rules, and to make a long story short, the "preliminary lease price" based on which I decided on my configuration turned out to be 25% lower than the definite lease price turned out to be a few months later.

For my CEO, who also had one on order, that was reason to immediately cancel the order, not because he couldn't afford it but because he felt that is not how you do business. But I had drank wayyy too much of the KoolAid already, been following Tesla for years, so I went with something inbetween A and B: I recalculated endlessly, until I ended up dropping a few options (air suspension, premium audio) but ending up with a much higher price than I originally budgetted for.

So my heart goes out to all of you being faced with this current price increase - I have felt your pain.

P.S. I have not taken delivery of my car yet, will be 2 months still. But those options I dropped still haunt me. Every time I read a post that the MS is much quieter with the air suspension, or that the standard audio is really crappy, I cringe. If I had to configure again, I would go option A.

fluxemag | August 5, 2013

+1 Longhorn92, word for word.

C for me. Buying my "40" last year is looking more and more brilliant every price increase. That was the main reason I bought the car aside from loving it. I knew the price was too low.

One other comment. If the stuff on the doors' armrest isn't leather, it has me fooled. It's exactly like the leather seats and the center armrest, but different than the dash and the B-pillar part of the armrest (which is obviously synthetic). | August 5, 2013

If only to spite all the entitled little baby complainers on these forums, I am going with A.


TeslaOR | August 5, 2013

I'm concerned how these price increases reflect on Tesla in the press, with investors and with the general driving public. First there were base price increases, then the warranty and now increases for the options. All in 2013.

The world is expecting EVs to get cheaper over time. Not more expensive.

cloroxbb | August 5, 2013


Well, the stock price increased like $6 today, so I don't think that it is going to hurt them. But today is only 1 day...

Colasec | August 5, 2013

A. It'd be only $750 more. I'd definitely add the parking sensors for $500 (so I'd pay $1250 more, +tax), but that's the only thing I would change.

qblack1 | August 5, 2013

A. I proceeded with previously selected options. No changes.

Must have been a tough couple of days for the customer service reps

All in all, I think the tech product cycle is better than the model year that the rest of the industry conforms to. I expect my computer, phone, tablet, maybe TV, game system... and now car to be regularly updated (so purchasing early in the cycle is best). Unfortunately we don't have any data to start predicting when Tesla will spring the upgrades on us.

Keep it coming Tesla!